Over 500 ISIS Members Killed By Iraqi Forces In During Hawija Offensive’s 1st Phase


Over 500 ISIS Members Killed By Iraqi Forces In During Hawija Offensive's 1st Phase


Over 500 ISIS members were killed and over 100 villages were liberated by Iraqi forces during the 1st phase of Hawija offensive, the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) media wing reported.

According to the released statement, the Iraqi Army and the PMU “killed 557 militants, destroyed 46 booby-trapped vehicles and 24 others.” They also destroyed “two booby-trapped workshops and handled 18 booby-trapped houses.”

The report added that “21 enemy’s locations were targeted, while ten weapon stashes were destroyed.”

381 IEDs were defused.

The total number of liberated villages is 103.

On Sunday, the Iraqi military announced the end of the 1st phase of Hawija offensive.



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  • Rodger

    Dead ISIS personnel is nice but it changes nothing. Poor dumb idiots are a dime a dozen. The Saudis will just hire other fools. Go after the money and the weapons.

  • MD Ranix

    victories from both iraqi and russian led coalitions are God sent …. kudos to each one of them

  • IH8Lies

    Well done!

  • Justin

    the more dead isis fighters, the less America and Israel can complete their geopolitical goals!

    Good stuff!