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Over 4,000 Civilians Flee Militant-Held East Aleppo in Northern Syria

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Over 4,000 Civilians Flee Militant-Held East Aleppo in Northern Syria

Photo: SANA

Thousands of civilians have fled militant-held areas of Aleppo city amid the ongoing advance of government forces in the area.


About 1,700 civilians had fled  to government-held parts of western Aleppo over the past 24 hours and about 2,500 to the Kurdish-controlled area of Sheikh Maksoud, according to the so-called “Syrian Observatory of Human Rights”, a pro-militant ‘non-government’ organization aimed to cover the Syrian conflict.

Earlier today, Syrian state television broadcasted images of a crowd of civilians including women and children gathered around green buses that are set to pick them up in Masaken Hanano.

Meanwhile, pro-militant media outlets say that the “opposition” is consolidating their positions in Sakhur to oppose government forces’advance.

Civilians feeling the militant-held part of Aleppo:

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Syrian Observatory of Human Rights????? The old guy, who sits in a 2 bed-semi in Coventry, UK and was last in Syria, way back in the last century?

I am surprised that South Front is citing him.


i can understand the reason why SF quotes Syrian Observatory of Human Rights this time. The guy in Coventry has been used by the western MSM as a claimed reliably news source (he is clearly not, he is a rebel fed propaganda machine).

And here’s the irony, the 40000 civilians fleeing to SAA side now the rebel defense line have collapsed proves a couple things which Syrian Observatory of Human Rights failed to mention and contradict his propaganda bullshit which was repeated by the western MSM

1 The civilians where held hostage by the rebels as a live shield. 2 Most of the civilians deaths are because the couldn’t leave east Aleppo and there death is the fault of the rebels.

while a hospital bombing is reported within 5 minutes or so the western MSM is fairly slow to pick up this time Syrian Observatory of Human Rights claim of 4000 civilians fleeing east Aleppo to the SAA side. I think it’s because point 1 and 2 i mentioned earlier and thus the wester propaganda anti Assad machine is falling apart.


Thanks. It is like a red flag to a bull, whenever I see SOHR cited or photo of those white helmets and same children rescues.

If it is true and there was an article on Sputnik, stating that they might have rescued around 2.5 million, but details will be provided later. Then how on earth are the Western Media going to spin that. Especially if thousands have flocked to Government Controlled Refugee camps?

Nice work and I wish Syria, Russia, Hezbullah and Iran all the best. Hopefully, Syria might soon find peace.

Monte George Jr

Sohr and White Helmets should never be quoted for any purpose; this just lends undeserved credibility to these groups. It’s like quoting Radio Liberty or Radio Free Europe. It’s a shame to besmirch an otherwise good article by naming such sources.

Igor Ochocinszk

…which MSM website is this taken from? “regime” and a quote from the notorious Coventry clothes seller and self-proclaimed leader of moderate headchoppers.


Here is a link to an article on Sputnik:

Syrian Army Frees Eight Aleppo Districts From Terrorists, Evacuates 2,500 People

Read more: https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201611271047905042-syrian-army-alepo-8-districts/


the MSM is in full swing this morning, stating the “facts” served by the SOHR but finishing the “news” with “but thousands have fled to the opposition held areas”. So they report by stating their “news” and then take the news in a totally opposite direction with one final lie. Needles to say that no one can verify their bit of news, this really is shameless, unethical and short-sighted behaviour. They fully deserve what is coming to them in the short future, and they won’t like it at all when they lose 50-75% of their consumers.

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