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Over 30 People Killed In Clashes Erupted Between Militants In Libya’s Tripoli

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Over 30 People Killed In Clashes Erupted Between Militants In Libya's Tripoli

Click to see full-size image, By al-Libyah 218 TV

On August 27, heavy clashes erupted between different armed groups inside and around the Libyan capital of Tripoli. According to local sources, several armed groups that are tasked with protecting the areas around the capital, led by the Tarhona 7th Brigade, attacked the positions of the groups, which are based inside Tripoli.

The Ministry of Health of Libya announced on September 1 that 39 militants were killed and 119 others were injured in the clashes, which are still ongoing.

Adel Karamous, member of the Supreme Council of Libya, told the Russian news outlet Sputnik that financial problems are behind the clashes. According to Karamous, the Libyan Government of National Accord (LGNA) in Tripoli is spending more money on the armed groups in the capital, which triggered anger among the other armed groups deployed in different cities in the western part of the country.

The Tarhona 7th Brigade released a statement, in which its leadership stressed that they are not the side responsible for the escalation. The brigade leadership went on to say that they are fighting to improve the security situation and to ensure equal rights to all Libyans.

“The 7th Brigade aims to eliminate psychedelic drugs traffickers, and those who are responsible for smuggling and illegal immigration,” the Tarhona 7th Brigade said in its statement.

Over the course of the clashes, two ceasefires were reached on August 30 and 31. However, both of them collapsed within hours and the fighting became even more violent with the LGNA air force supporting Tripoli’s armed groups.

The clashes will likely continue in the upcoming days because the LGNA, which is dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood party, appears to be unwilling to treat all armed groups equally.

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LGNA is Muslim Brotherhood and to the west are ISIS, and Al Qaeda, all three Wahhabi Sunnis.
It is no wonder that Col. Qaddafi’s general has taken most of the oil fields in the east.

Hassadnah Abraham

I hope Ghadafi is still alive today.


Tripoli government is made in Washington to split Libya. It is like SDF in Syria or Hadi group in Yemen.

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