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JUNE 2023

Over 2,600 Turkish-Backed Syrian Militants Have Returned From Libya – Report

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Over 2,600 Turkish-Backed Syrian Militants Have Returned From Libya – Report

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More than 2,600 Turkish-backed Syrian militants have returned from Libya where they were fighting for the Government of National Accord (GNA), the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on June 19.

“The returnees have received all of their financial entitlements after the recent advance by GNA forces in Libya,” the monitoring group’s report reads.

At least 12,100 Syrian militants are still present in Libya. According to the SOHR, Turkey is now working to deploy even more militants there. More than 1,800 Syrians are currently receiving military training in camps inside Turkey ahead of deployment.

The SOHR also revealed that 300 Syrian militants fighting in GNA forces are minors, between the ages of 14 and 18. Most of these minors were recruited by the Turkish-backed Sultan Murad Division.

Despite the relative calm in Libya, the remaining Syrian militants there are still taking part in combat operations. In the last few days, at least 17 were killed. This raised the number of Syrians killed while fighting in Libya to 417.

The deployment of Syrian militants in Libya boosted the offensive capabilities of GNA forces, enabling them to make gains in northwest Libya.


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Εrdogay can’t afford to keep them on the pay while they do nothing in Libya…

According to current information for Ankara, foreign investors who held $ 30 billion in Turkish bonds a few years ago are now selling them out (they sold another $ 720 million last week), dropping stock below $ 7 billion.

These levels show that Turkey is no longer an emerging market and something very big is coming to the country in the form of economic crash or war.

Usually the “crows” of world capital know much better what is coming to each country more than its politicians or the citizens of each country.

Former Jordanian Information Minister Saleh Al-Qallab also said that Erdogan is the true leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“One day, he will be tried in an international terrorism court,” he and many other analysts say.

Icarus Tanović

International War crime court, that is already for him. Wahhabi protector, Zio player, dump hole.

Mustafa Mehmet

anus anus be gd whore now

Mustafa Mehmet

Only the stupid souflaki girl think like that . only the stupid Greek analysts think and hope. wishful thinking re katsarides….


Shut up turkisis cockroach!

Your days are numbered.

Mustafa Mehmet

I am very scared now I’m going back to Mongolia re





Mustafa Mehmet

Re souflaki katsarides you playing with your computer again. his coming for you to. He’s going to liberate our Islands back. be ready


hahahahaha you silly baboon, there are no islands in the Mongolian desert !


stupid moslems from SA pay stupid moslems in Ankara. it is not turkish money, turkey does not have any, they are bankrupt moslems. all of them live on EU.

Mustafa Mehmet

How much do you need I will send you some dosh…we don’t get anything from your EU you keep it if they got any left. and try not to be racist not very nice my next answer to you not going to be very nice so watch it


Germany has given the Turks plenty of money. Money that Germany got from interests on forced Greek loans !

Peter Jennings

I thought the deal was fight for nato terrorism in Libya and then get a Turkish passport. It seems erdogan will just give those who survive lots of money and dump them back in Syria. The terrorists are so dumb and high on drugs they cannot remember the promises that were made.

When the SAA retake the land the terrorists are polluting they will have nowhere left to return to. That shouldn’t worry too many as they are clearly mercenaries and nato will send them somewhere else to cause chaos and earn their blood money.

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