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Over 2,000 Afghan Members Of Pro-Government Factions Killed In Syrian War – Media

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Over 2,000 Afghan Members Of Pro-Government Factions Killed In Syrian War - Media

Members of the Fatemiyoun Brigade during the Palmyra offensive in December 2016

Over 2,000 Afghans have been killed and about 8,000 have been injured fighting in Syria on the side of the Damascus government, according to media reports.

“This brigade has given more than 2,000 martyrs and 8,000 wounded for Islam,” Zohair Mojahed, a cultural official in the Fatemiyoun Brigade, said in an interview to the Iranian newspaper Shargh.

According to the official, members of the Fatemiyoun Brigade have been fighting in Syria for five years.

The Fatemiyoun Brigade is one of the biggest and most effective Iranian-backed units operating in Syria.  Members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards play role of military advisers within Fatemiyoun units.

The brigade supported operations of the Syrian Army in the provinces of Homs, Hama and Aleppo. Now, the group’s members assist army troops operating in Idlib province.

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These brave souls should be remembered for the contribution that they made to fighting the evil Jew world order menace and helping to free Syria from it. Our world would be a better place without the Satanic Jews. Their evil cult should be outlawed.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Iran does by giving the Martyrs families Iranian citizenship never believe they don’t do anything as that is what the west media wants everyone to think.

Cheryl Brandon

I hear there is a large Armenian community in Iran. Some Iranian armenians/Christains went to Syria to fight with the IRG and lost some souls as well.RIP.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The people of the middle east have seen what colonialism terrorism has been like for decades. There are always those whom fight for freedom of others when the unjust try to enslave others and they don’t use fear and terrorism to achieve it.


May their souls too rest in peace..

Cheryl Brandon

I think they are the Afghani Hezbollah who has remained loyal to old Persian past.

leon mc pilibin

Afghanistan should be on the list of the resistance coalition to clean the zionists out of their country,,one good turn deserves another.

Cheryl Brandon

Indeed, I agree

Solomon Krupacek

too much


whether it’s too much or too little.. the facts is they gave their lives in defense of humanity.. for the rest us to live in peace b4 it spread throughout the world.. And we should always pray for them and the families they left behind for these caused..

Solomon Krupacek

they gave life, because if they are “volunteered”, they families can stay in iran. thats all.

and too much dead. 2 000 from several thousands is giant proportion. they were sent in the first line.

Tommy Jensen


Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Yes ,sad that anyone has to fight a war against terrorism provided by nations whom allegedly support freedom, stability and peace.

Icarus Tanović

That’s right.

Cheryl Brandon

Brave Shia brotherhood;RIP Dead Afghan soldiers.I understand that, there has always been a small community of Shia muslims who has kept loyalties to the old Persian overlords before 1800. They must be the Afghani Hezbollah.


god bless their souls. afghanistani brigades gived about 3000 martyrs in iran,s war against saddam invasion too thirty years ago. they always stand with resistance axis and true islam. compare this heroes with isis and othetr wahabi groups to find out wich one is true muslim.


May their souls rest in peace..!

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