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JULY 2020

Over 200 Palestinians Were Injured By Israeli Forces During Friday’s Protests: Ministry Of Health


Over 200 Palestinians Were Injured By Israeli Forces During Friday's Protests: Ministry Of Health

Protests on the Israel-Gaza border, June 22, 2018. IMAGE: MAHMUD HAMS/אי־אף־פי

206 Palestinians suffered injures, including gas asphyxiation, during Friday’s protests at the Gaza Strip border, the Palestinian Health Ministry’s spokesman wrote on Twitter on June 22.

According to the statement, 44 of these people suffered live bullet wounds.

On Friuday, Israeli forces fired large amounts of tear gas and live bullets east of Gaza City cracking down on protesters that were burning tires to obstruct the view of Israeli snipers.

Protests have been taking place on in the Gaza Strip every Friday since March 30, 2018. The protests are known as the “Great March of Return”. The protests are aimed against the blockade of Gaza, the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and are demanding to allow Palestinian refugees and their descendants to return to the areas seized by Israel.

The protests are taking place amid increased Israeli strikes on alleged Hamas targets in Gaza. In turn, the Palestinian movement responds with rockets strikes on Israeli targets. The most recent encounter took place on June 20.

It shoul be noted that from its side, the Israeli leadership accused the Palestinains, especially Hamas, of the ognoing escalation.



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  • Merijn

    Keep Showing Your True Face of Evil IsraHell…

    • Daniel Castro

      I hope to see these batards routed out of middle east and living in refugee camps in middle of nowhere in my lifetime, the world will rejoice.

      • Merijn

        Let them go back to were they came from….stealing Land is something of the past

  • Lena Jones

    Seventy years under a brutal jewish occupation and the Palestinian Spirit of Resistance still endures. Forty years of overt jewish occupation of DC and the American Spirit of Resistance is nowhere to be seen.

    Tsk tsk tsk.

  • occupybacon

    I don’t understand why nobody calls out Egypt for blocking Palestinian border.

    • Rob

      What kind of weapons the child butchers Netanyahu are using on Palestinian children.

      • occupybacon

        I don’t know, could be phosphorous or anything he wants, but why Egypt is blocking them too?

        • Rob

          At the moment the Egyptian politicians are on deep sleep or on orange pills. They have not learned lessons from Pakistani politicians where chief justice and NAB using a large stick on them. Where there is no humanity then there stick work so good.

    • Thomas Wolsey

      Israel have heavy influence on Egypt government through the US aid package.

      • occupybacon

        Do you think I don’t know that? I was asking why all focusing on Israel which is a lost cause but nobody mention Egypt.

  • Drogba

    Cowardly zionist scumbags, attacking unarmed civilians with live fire,only the Synagogue of Satan could get away with these wars crimes during an illegal occupation of Palestine.

  • Rob

    The child butchers have started their expansion process in Palestine and slaughtering children their. Don’t worry the Palestine children the Syrians and their allies are coming to rescue you from child butchers Trump and Netanyahu.

  • Rob

    On the top of this slaughtering still the world prime ministers and presidents will support the child butchers Trump and Netanyahu to declare themselves certified child butchers, terrorists and thieves…