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Over 20 ISIS Terrorists Were Killed In Clashes With Syrian Army In Deir Ezzor

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Over 20 ISIS Terrorists Were Killed In Clashes With Syrian Army In Deir Ezzor

Syrian government forces repelled another ISIS attack in the area of Deir Ezzor.

Last night ISIS units advanced on Syrian army positions in the Rashidiyah Neighborhood but failed to overrun government forces defenses and retreated.

Over 20 ISIS terrorists were killed.

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If the Syrian soldiers survive at Deir Ezzor they probably will go insane afterwards like many US soldiers did after the Vietnam war (and other wars). It’s hard to believe that any sane person could live like they do for so many years. Unfortunately they don’t really have any other choice and I admire them.


On the other hand they will live in a country where everyone had a shared same experience of civil war and fighting. So people would understand what they had been through.

For the Vietnam vets, and any other vet ever since there was no shared experience with the ordinary US public. It was even worse because when they came home they were seen as soldiers who fought a lost unpopular war. And in America nobody likes a loser. It’s made evren worse now that Western armies have gone all volunteer. At least with Vietnam the draft made the experience of going to war fall on a larger segment of society then the volunteer army does. Because Western societies are even more insulated from the experience and effects of war, on the one hand governments are getting away with one military intervention after the other, no matter how unpopular or not they are. And on the other hand there is even more disconnect between western society and the vets who fought them. The ordinary citizen really has no clue what it was like to fight such wars, they hardly even had a clue such wars were being fought in the first place. You can’t come home to a thankful country if said country doesn’t even know it has something to be thankful about.

The only time we in the West experience anything remotely what it is like for those soldiers is when Al Qaida or ISIS carries out a terrorist attack. And then we are so ill prepared, surprised and shocked that we overreact. Sacrificing our freedoms for the illusion of security..

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