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JUNE 2023

Over 1,200 Saudi-led Coalition Personnel Killed Or Injured During January: Ansar Allah

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Over 1,200 Saudi-led Coalition Personnel Killed Or Injured During January: Ansar Allah

Brigadier General Yahya Sari, spokesman of the Yemeni Armed Forces. Source: almasirah.net

On February 5, the Houthis (Ansar Allah) revealed the human and material losses which were inflicted on the Saudi-led coalition during January.

In a statement, Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, a spokesman for the Houthis, said that 1,283 personnel of the Saudi-led coalition, including 74 Saudi soldiers and 75 Sudanese soldiers, were either killed or injured last month.

The Houthis spokesman went on to claim that six unmanned aerial vehicles of the Saudi-led coalition were shot down in January.

“The Armed Force managed to destroy or damage 92 armoured and military vehicles during January,” Brig. Gen. Sari added.

The Saudi-led coalition does not acknowledge any of its losses in Yemen. Saudi and Sudanese casualties are usually reported by activists on social media.

So far, the Saudi-led coalition has failed to achieve most of the objectives it first declared five years ago. The Houthis are still in control of the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, and most of the border line with the Kingdom.

A day earlier, US President Joe Biden ceased support for Saudi-led military operations in Yemen and halted arms sells to the Kingdom. Despite these measures, military operations continue in the war-torn country.


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Furkan Sahin

I support you all the way for the rest of life you deserve to win war Houthis is a hero you have every right to fight against the devil Saudi Arabia which has destroyed Yemen

Jens Holm

Saudis dont think. The number of winners today in my radio is the 110.000 dead ones, whicvh finally and hopefully can rest in peace.

It seemes many pages in Your history is missing or are censured away. TYher has been hard conflict there again and again for many bad and good reasons even before any Houti Touties existed.

Just Me

Yemenis not to be fooled by US words on ending support for Saudi war: Ansarallah spokesman General Yahya Sari

The only reason senile demented Biden has made the hypocritical statement is that the Saudis are broke and can not pay for US mercenaries. The Americans are still providing all the satellite intel and targeting, but the Saudis are scared on the growing Yemeni SAM systems and only 40% of Saudi aircraft are now serviceable as 6 years of bombing women and children has taken a heavy tool. US is a liar and very devious one. But one this is certain, the Saudi cowards are finished in Yemen and the region.


Well put Furkan.

John Wallace

Perhaps SA told the US they are tired of the war they are losing and Bidet has suggested a way out for them where he gets credit for stopping a war he helped start.

Jens Holm

I dont see the Saudis are loosing. They are not wining as well.


you losing too muhammad Jensi of Tel Aviv.

Jens Holm

thats no comment

Just Me

Saudis are broke and basically US and NATO are fighting the war for them and losing despite committing daily crimes. Saudi airforce is now largely non-operational, most of their Apaches have also been shot down and no country is willing to send mercenaries to die in Yemen for a lost cause.

Jens Holm

I sometimes smile, when I see pictures like that. Dont they have legs anymore:( But everytime Im wrong. People like his kind never dies and are even kept in safehouses.


Frankly, the Ansarallah have beaten the crap out of the Saudi fuckwits. General Sari is a pretty cool dude and his words are worth more than gold.

Fog of War

How many Houthis died in the same time frame ?

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