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Over 1,100 Russian Troops Are In Karabakh As Deployment Continues

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Over 1,100 Russian Troops Are In Karabakh As Deployment Continues

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Over 1,100 Russian troops and 1600 units of military equipment have already been deployed in the Nagorno-Karabakh region as a part of the peacekeeping mission there, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said.

“We continue to transport equipment and materiel at a rate of 25 sorties per day by the Military Transport Aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces. In three days, 73 aircraft were flown – one thousand 103 servicemen, 168 pieces of equipment were transported,” Shoigu said.

An operational group of the Ministry of Defense has already been deployed in Karabakh, he added.

“Direct communication channels have been established with the defense ministries of Azerbaijan and Armenia, with which the work continues to clarify the parameters of the peacekeeping operation,” Shoigu noted.

The Russian command center was created in the largest regional town – Stepanakert.

The number of permanent Russian observation posts for the region also increased to 17.

“Today we are completing the deployment of observation posts in the South zone of responsibility. There will be nine in total in this zone. Another peacekeeping unit is deployed in the north of Nagorno-Karabakh. Tomorrow we plan to complete the deployment of eight posts in this zone,” Shoigu said in his report to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The total force of the Russian peacekeeping mission in Karabakh will include 1,960 military personnel, 90 armored personnel carriers, 380 units of automobile and special equipment. The core of the Russian contingent is units of the 15th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade.


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Zionism = EVIL

As I had posted weeks ago the end result is Armenia firmly in Russian orbit and Turkeys looking not that great. I doubt it that even half of NK would revert back to Azerbaijan stooges, Now Russia may invite some sort of UN commitment that that by itself is guarantee of a clusterfuck of global proportions. This border war is a solid defeat for Jewcunts and their NATO arselicking agenda.

Rhodium 10

Pashinyan is nothing but a CIA puppet…he didnt use SU-30SM to keep drones away….and to avoid a conflict with Turkey ( NATO)….the most pathetic is to see how friendly Geogia allowed its airspace to Turkish planes loaded with drones while banned the airspace for Russia….also another friendly state ( Ukraine) supplying weapons and AN-22 plane to transport…

Zionism = EVIL

But as I said, this is hardly a great victory for either the Jewcunts or Turkeys, Armenia lost due to treachery and incompetence and not a military defeat as the AZeris had a 5:1 advantage and still could not take Stephankert.

Militarily, Turkey and Azerbaijan had all the advantages in this conflict. They had overwhelming numbers, air superiority, unlimited UAV/drones for most of the conflict and much more. Regardless they were unable to gain a decisive and total victory.

It makes you wonder, what would happen if Turkey and its proxies ever had to face a real adversary with a modern military , where they didn’t have so many advantages. I doubt they would achieve anything significant.

In all these conflicts the Turkish side had satellites, drones, fighter jets, tanks, outnumbering the enemy 5 to 1 at least. The Armenians had a inept treacherous leadership, old tired Soviet era generals, had no air defenses, no heavy weapons, no air force, no real chance in the long run


The lack of air defence wos the main disantvage in this war ,instead of buying su30 they should buy more TOR systems and pantsirs. TOR proved in syria more deadly for drones than pantsir .

Zionism = EVIL

The real issue is that the Armenians simply did not mobilize their military due to treachery. I had suggested on September 28, that they would need close to 100,000 men in both NK and Armenian borderlands to repel the Azeri-Turk offensive. They also need to fight Hezbollah style small unit, ATGM hunter killer teams than move tanks in open exposed terrain, where the Zionist drones had the upper hand. You are right about the AD systems, but that is only one factor. This was colossal treachery by Pashinyan. But this also exposed the limitations of the Turk-Zionist coalition that despite overwhelming air and military superiority they could outright defeat a small isolated nation of 3 million which had a traitor for a PM. Russia is the biggest winner in this conflict so far. This story is far from over if the Turk proxy terrorists use NK as a terror staging area, which is quite likely. Armenia is the cornerstone of Russian and Iranian security and they will not let it turn into another Idlib or Afghanistan.

Rhodium 10

Anyway I wrote here that Pashinyan as a werstern puppet was not allowed to use the force vs Turkish(NATO)…even if they would have 100 F-22 raptor and S-400 and 1000 Iskander…Pashinyan would have been missing!

Fog of War

However, what is the Status of the Armenian portion in NK ? Separate country ? Part of Armenia, autonomous region of Azerbaijan ?

Porc Halal

“and Turkeys looking not that great”…well said even though I would have had used different wording..

Anduin Lothar

Well it mainly depends on how many Armenians return to NK, if there is small number of refugees returning it will end up like Kosovo.

Free man

Russia got exactly what it wanted.


Russia even stopped Armenian military from mass mobilization and wanted a humiliated Pashinyan. He is history soon, much like Saakashvili now living in Ukraine.

Free man

A ticking bomb (A war that was clearly going to happen) was neutralized. Russia wanted and achieved in the Caucasus an settlement that it could live with. Russia has increased its influence in the region. Iran has weakened. And more.

Samuel Vanguard

Russians saved Armenians from the fearless azeris,however pashinyan is all but gone,Soros funded color revolution in yerevan is highly likely


Frankly, the narrow window and timing of a Soros color coded revolution is not suitable at this time. Biden will accelerate that next year.

Porc Halal

Well, the big ottoman goatfucker said that turdish troops are co-opted in the so called “intl” peace keeping mission in N-K…where the fuck are they?!…I fucking see none!


They are going after the goats. Mountainous regions are full of sexy goats.


Russian “peacekeepers” will stay in NK for five years. Six months before the expiration of that period, Azarbaijani side can require termination of the Russian presence. After a five-year period, Azerbaijan will have no border disputes with Armenia. They have some border dispute with Georgia, but it can be solved relatively easy. What will happen then? With no border disputes with neighbouring countries and without Russian “peacekeepers” Azerbaijan will be able to apply for the NATO membership. Of course, NATO will accept Azerbaijan into its membership and nestle between Russia and Iran. With the exit to the Caspian Lake, the way will be opened for them to Turkmenistan and further, to Central Asia. This “great strategic victory” can cost Russia dearly. Russia’s inability to oppose Turkey may prove fatal to the Russian influence in the Caucasus and Central Asia. It would be interesting to read what Mr. Saker has to say about this.

cechas vodobenikov

your wishful thinking=farcical vucic non-thinking


Give me some proofs if I’m wrong. Have you seen news from NK? Happy Armenians are leaving their homes. What’s the role of the Russian “peacekeepers” in NK? They will guard an empty territory. Five years later they will declare win and withdraw.

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