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Over 110 ISIS Terrorists Killed In Deir Ezzor As Govt Forces Repel Terrorist Advance

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Over 110 ISIS Terrorists Killed In Deir Ezzor As Govt Forces Repel Terrorist Advance

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Heavy clashes have been ongoing between government forces and ISIS terrorists in the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor since last weekend.

On January 14, ISIS terrorists launched a large offensive against government forces, targeting their positions at the Dier Ezzor Airbase and the Panorama Military Base. As a result of a series of attacks the terrorists gained some ground in the area, but failed to isolate the airbase, held by government troops. Early on January 16, the army was able to restore control over the al-Assad Hospital and to launch a counter-attack against ISIS units.

In turn, ISIS started to deploy manpower east of the 137 Artillery Brigade Base in order to advance on this strategic defense site of the army.

Over 110 ISIS members have been reportedly killed and wounded in clashes with the Syrian army. The Syrian army’s casualties are estimated between 40 and 60 killed and wounded.

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That don’t look good at all, ISIS may manage to cut off the airport. Is the general with them? Pray for them and lord have mercy on the SAA combatants there, should they be cut off. Damn it, can’t the Russians just carpet bomb all of thurdeh mountain? They can’t do it close to the airport or panorama rndabt, but the shockwaves from thurdeh mountain wont be felt there. That will deal a HUGE blow to isil.


Agreed. It’s time to bring out the thermobaric bombs and not stop hitting Isis positions. The loss of Deir Ezzor will smear Putin s reputation as a half ass. 5 lousy divisions and this war would have been over in December. The world does not need another Armenian slaughter.


Yeah, I’m sure putin can call america’s bluff and send in some of his soldiers to relieve the SAA. Not huge amounts, just some spetsnaz and armored division battalions to help out homs and DEZ. Especially with trump being elected now.


Yes , ignore the American chest beating in Poland and Europe , clean up Syria just without fanfare . The European drama is only to divert Russian attention away fro the Middle East where they are winning big time . Consolidate Syria , Egypt and Iran .

putricia warren

I wish you were right. The European drama is very real.


Very real it is , but all just flash , they are not mad enough to attack . They have no legal or moral right to ask Russia to leave Syria or Egypt or Iran . They know after Aleppo , they have lost in the Middle east big time , because of their immoral use of jihadists against Syria and Egypt , and they know Libya is next . Russia need not sweat , let them waste their time , energy and money banging the drum . By consolidating the south it allows for greater asymmetrical moves in case of an attack , and puts them in a position of confusion .

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