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Over 1,000 Syrian Marines Complete Training in Latakia

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Over 1,000 Syrian Marines Complete Training in Latakia

AlMasdarNews reports: A new batch of cadets completed a rigorous 6 month training cycle for the Syrian Marines on Wednesday, graduating in front of a group of Russian advisors in the Latakia Governorate.

According to Syrian journalist, Eyad Al-Hussein, over 1,000 cadets completed the training and will soon be equipped with weapons supplied by the Russian military.

Over 1,000 Syrian Marines Complete Training in Latakia
Graduation ceremony for the new batch of recruits. Photo courtesy of Eyad Al-Hussein

These 1,000+ recruits will be under the direct command of the Syrian Marines commander Aymen Al-Jaber – a former engineer that later became an oil tycoon alongside his brother Mohammad (Desert Hawks commander).

The Syrian Marines and Desert Hawks are  both well-supplied with Russian military equipment, making them one of the most effective ground units in Syria.

Both forces are currently deployed to the northern Latakia countryside, where they are awaiting orders for their next offensive.

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Gabriel Hollows

Why are they training marines when the fighting is being done deep within Syria?

lol legitimate question. I am assuming they are primarily used for the coastal enclaves and to protect the Russian air base. But I am also sure they will see combat towards the center of the country as well. I believe Russia is training…
#1 Russian Marines are training Syrian Marines.
#2 Russian Air-force is training Syrian air-force.
#3 Russian Army is training Syrian army.
#4 Russian special opp’s is training Syrian special opp’s.
So this was probably just the Marine class graduating. Their are plenty of others.
Also, the Syrian Navy and Air-force engaged in a sea battle against an Israeli Sub in May 2013 I believe it was. Israel was discretely landing land forces on Syrian shores to plant devices and drop off intelligence operatives.
Syrian forces sank a German built Dolphin class Submarine into permanent resting station.
Even US and UK officials have already discussed how to retrieve the nukes that were on board after the war ends.
So the point is, Syria needs Marines to guard the cost from the Zionist invaders who come from Israel to harm and hurt Syrian people.

Articles about this Sub sinking:


Read of the sinking, too. But these stated sources are the only ones available – and VT writes so much crap – one will never know whether this story is a hoax or not.

Jens Holm

According to my other comment:about soldiers versus marinesoldiers Yes, if they are as described all the way from USA and WW2, they are very good to let nobody in at all.

Not good with small groups with semptex on an air- or navy base.


to support the laktakia front soo desert hawks can return to other fronts like hama, aleppo or palmyra i think

chris chuba

Marines are fully equipped to fight land battles.

Perhaps the designation as marines means that they have better training than the standard conscripts. The U.S. Marine Corp was always an all volunteer unit even when we had the draft, maybe the Syrian Marines are also volunteers (just speculating).

Jens Holm

Im not sure of the volunteer version. Think it was only until they needed more troops. Agree of the higher potential. Might be at Vietnam they needed more marineinfanterist and took ekstra in..

have a ncíce day – or as You wish.

Jens Holm

You can say that, but many countries has marine soldiers and they fight just as well as the others – but different tactics and often other weapon types.

Ex ww2 USA: Ordinary soldiers had mainly deep thin lines in small groups in fox holes. the marines had on or two very strong line, the enemy shouldnt pass at all.

If so, they cant be in the same front unless you would try something new, because the old dont work.

think marines had more short range weapons such as machinpistols – assultriffels was hardly invented for US & USSR. More snipers to the ordinary infantery – I think.

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