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Over 1,000 Refugees Returned To Syria From Lebanon

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The news agency TASS reports (source):

More than 1,000 Syrian refugees on Monday crossed the Lebanese-Syria border to return to their homes in Syria, Watania Media Agency reported.

According to Watania, Syrian families are returning home voluntarily. The operation was organized jointly with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

The Syrians, mostly women and children, were taken to the border checkpoints from special centers for refugees organized by the Lebanese interior ministry in Akkar, Arsal, Tripoli, Bourj Hammoud, Saida, Nabatieh, Tyre and Shebaa. At the border checkpoints, Syrian children were vaccinated against polio.

Chief of Lebanon’s General Security Directorate Abbas Ibrahim told the MTV television channel on Friday that some 110,000 Syrians had returned to their homeland since July.

On December 20, about 500 Syrians left Lebanon and headed to the city of Mudamiyat located six kilometers south of the Syrian capital city.

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