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Over 1,000 Localities, 78 Oil And Gas Fields, 2 Deposits Of Phosphate Ores Liberated In Syria Over Past 7 Months – Russian Military


Over 1,000 Localities, 78 Oil And Gas Fields, 2 Deposits Of Phosphate Ores Liberated In Syria Over Past 7 Months - Russian Military

A screenshot from the video

Over 32,000 militants have been killed and more than 1,000 localities, 78 oil and gas fields and two deposits of phosphate ores have been liberated in Syria over the past 7 months, commander of Russia’s military group in Syria Colonel-General Sergey Surovikin has told Russian President Vladimir Putin More during this visit to the Khmeimim airbase.

According to Surovikin, 67,000 square kilometers of the area have been liberated over the same time.

Russian warplanes have flown 6,956 sorties and helicopters have conducted more than 7,000 sorties over the past 227 days. 394 battle tanks and 12,000 pieces of the equipment have been reportedly destroyed.

Surovikin also declared that start of troops pull-out from Syria. In total, Russia will withdraw 23 warplanes of different types and 2 Ka-52 helictopers, the military police force, the commando unit, the field hospital and the mine-clearing center. The remaining forces will contrinue conducting tasks in the country.



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  • Mountains

    Hmm! Okay the most of the Oil and Gas is in the hands of uncle sam tho..

    You know the major Oil producing fields and Gas is controlled by Uncle Sam. On the eastern side of Euphrates. That is basically the economy of Syria in the Hands of the US.


    • Joe

      Those will be under a United Syria with the Kurds as Syrians .

      They have no choice really.

      US then have to leave otherwise they will be protecting nobody but Iranian or Assad’s soldiers

    • Manuel Flores Escobar

      oilf fields of Hasaka are being using by Kurdish and Syria goverment together..I suppose that in Omar oil fields will do the same as Kurdish cannot sell petrol without suppor of Iraq and Turkey….anyway Turkish army will enter there if kurds become a military problem for Turkey armed forces!

      • Mountains

        Who said ever it was under kurdish controll. It’s under US-controll. They said just recently we are not withdrawing.

  • dutchnational

    Liberated by whom?

  • More

    From this article:
    “…78 oil and gas fields and two deposits of phosphate ores have been liberated in Syria over the past 7 months…”

    Where exactly are the oil and gas fields?

    Most of the media is reporting these assets are under the control of the Kurd / SDF Forces.

  • gold37

    That look at 4:47 – 4:52 says it all!

  • Solomon Krupacek

    and for this half-hearted solution tells Dw. Putin, that syria is freed. Thanks, old moron.

  • Rob

    Russian army including navy, military and air force have done great job. These achievements were not possible without Russian government army support. We also remember those heroes from Russian army who fought against global terrorists with bravery and sacrificed their lives for the liberation of Syrian nation, their land and their dignity. This Syrian war against terrorism proved that the Russian manufactured weapons are the highest quality, most efficient and effective weapon systems in the entire world.

  • Rob

    M Qaddafi Net Wealth was US $200 Billion, Saddam Hussain US $2 Billion,
    Saudi Arabia King Salman, US $18 billion, Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh US $64 Billion, Pakistan Nawaz Sharif US $1.4 Billion, Egypt Hosni Mubarak US $70 Billion

    Hosni Mubarak was a great friend of America and Israhell. He was a head of Egyptian army but nobody could saved him even his own wealth when he was falling from power.

    These Muslim leaders don’t pay attention to their own nation to give them their basic needs e.g. clean drinking water, food, home, health facilities, education, jobs and employment. They don’t develop industries in their own countries because then they cannot do corruption but instead taking money from their own nation by corruption and invest that money in America and Europe.

    Their nation now don’t have clean drinking water, roof on their heads, food and health facilities and jobs. These are the reasons that their nation don’t support them.

    Now where is Saddam Hussain, Ali Abdullah Saleh, Muammar Qaddafi all had billions of US dollars, have that money saved them? No, but people don’t learn lesson from them. They had properties and businesses in America and in Europe but all those have left to other nations.

    These political leaders should have to be accountable for their corruption. Second if any political leader has more money than their own needs then extra money should have to be taken from them.
    Plutocracy or A government or state in which the wealthy rule should have to be stopped.
    Majority of Wealthy people are corrupt like Zionist and Trump.

    Barack Obama and David Cameron net wealth is in million US dollars because they know that we cannot carry this wealth to the grave with us but in Muslim world there is competition of wealth and their nation are dying due to starvation, diseases and other many issues. God protect all world nations from corrupt leaders. Ameen

    • Vesa Kumpula

      Bullshit, snakeshit, horseshit, cowshit, dogshit, catshit, chickenshit, humanshit – all in same comment…

      • Solomon Krupacek

        bon appetit!

  • Thegr8rambino

    I hope this does not give the remaining daeshbags and shit bags confidence to carry out more attacks