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Over 1,000 Iranian Military Servicemen & Volunteers Killed in Syrian War

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According to head of Iran’s Foundation of Martyrs’ and Veterans’ Affairs, Mohammad Ali Shahidi Mahalati, more than 1,000 Iranian military servicemen and volunteers, supporting President Bashar al-Assad, have been killed in Syria.

Over 1,000 Iranian Military Servicemen & Volunteers Killed in Syrian War

More than 1,000 Iranian military servicemen and volunteers, supporting President Bashar al-Assad, lost their lives during the Syrian war, the Tasnim news agency reported on Tuesday, citing head of Iran’s Foundation of Martyrs’ and Veterans’ Affairs, Mohammad Ali Shahidi Mahalati.

“The number of martyrs from our country defending the shrines has now passed 1,000,” Mahalati told the news agency.

Military advisers and volunteer fighters, sent by Iran to Syria to work with Assad’s forces and known in Iran as ‘defenders of the shrines’ in reference to Shiite holy sites in Syria, were recruited from Afghanistan and Pakistan. However, Mahalati did not specify the nationalities of those, who were killed. According to Iran, they were sent to fight against Sunni extremists such as the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group.

At the same time, Iranian officials deny the fact that the country’s forces are deployed in Syria, and claim that commanders and generals of the elite Revolutionary Guards’ foreign operations wing act as ‘military advisers’ both in Syria and in Iraq.

These figures correspond to those data that was published online by experts, who take account of official obituaries. So, according to Ali Alfoneh, since 2012, 456 members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and seven servicemen of the Iranian Army lost their lives in Syria. At the same time, the total number of killed fighters, including Iranians, Afghan Shiites and Pakistani Shiites, reached 1,065 people.

The latest death toll is significantly higher than previous data. In August, Mahalati said that Iran’s Foundation of Martyrs’ and Veterans’ Affairs “was caring for 400 people, related to fighters, killed in action in Syria and Iraq, half of whom were Afghans.”

“We immediately cover [the families] that the Quds Force announces to us,” the ILNA news agency quoted words of  Mahalati, who was referring to the Guards’ foreign operations wing headed by Major General Qassem Suleimani. “We are waiting for the Quds Force to confirm the martyrdom” of more fighters, “so we can cover their families too,” he added.

In May, a law, allowing the government to grant citizenship to the families of foreigners, who fought for the Islamic republic and were killed on a battlefield, was passed by Iran. The law can be applied to volunteers from Pakistan and Afghanistan, who fight against terrorists, including the IS, in Iraq and Syria.

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They died fighting for stability and not against it.

Farzaneh Joshaghani

Thank god tel aviv is so small and has such a little population, so no need for ww3, i think having the elite/banksters fight it out to the end with plastic sporks internationally broadcasted , ufc style, would suffice……for me at at least! I know you feel powerless and castrated in your rat race , paycheck to paycheck lives. But if you dont act soon, you ll have to sit in traffic with a gas mask and no destination for vacation…..ever! Remember last time the power went out, how everybody switches to community thinking automatically?When the french demonstrate they freeze the entire country, unions coordinate, and you get trash everywhere, all roads blocked, trains and mail join in, a few loose their jobs, politicians their carreer. Fullfill your civic duties before it is too late, you have grayson , ventura, franken that could be your chavez! how can you accept these two “madcow” candidates as a choice?They took everything from you and you are still all so proud and patrioic!? very depressing for the rest of the world, cuz wed sure try to help out if theres any humanity left in there, but it might be safer to just gang-nuke you on thanksgiving with a note “return to sender, Hiroshima!” Not nice, but nicer than what is fair.

Farzaneh Joshaghani

us al sham, childburnistan and wahabi barbaria= subhuman excrements that should be spat on and shamed internationally by all. These s0bs should simply be treated as equals to isis for they are the enablers and accomplices. Killing warmongers and murderers is a good deed and a duty, always! bad people succeed only when good people do nothing!

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