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MARCH 2021

Over 100 Syrians Killed, Injured In Recent Al-Bab Bombing


Over 100 Syrians Killed, Injured In Recent Al-Bab Bombing

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The number of people killed in the recent bombing in the Turkish-occupied city of al-Bab in the northern countryside of Aleppo has risen to 19, Enab Baladi reported on October 6.

“The death toll from the al-Bab bombing has risen to 19, including four children,” Hamza Yusuf, a local director of the White Helmets, told the pro-opposition outlet, “82 were wounded, among them serious cases.”

The bombing, that was caused by a booby-trapped vehicle parked near al-Bab’s main bus station, also resulted in some serious material losses. At least two buildings were wiped out.

This was the second explosion to rock al-Bab this month. On October 3, three policemen were killed when an explosion rocked their checkpoint on the entrance of the city.

Kurdish forces were accused by several pro-opposition sources of orchestrating the recent bombing in al-Bab. Groups like the Afrin Liberation Forces and the Wrath of Olives Operations Room are known for carrying out attacks on Turkish-occupied areas in northern Aleppo.

Al-Bab locals organized a general strike on October 7 to protest against the sluggishness and incompetence of Turkish military and its proxies, which were responsible for the recent bombings.

The repeated attacks on Turkish-occupied areas may eventually lead to a serious crisis between Turkish forces and the locals.




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