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Over 100 Syrian, Russian Airstrikes Hit ISIS Targets In Central Syria In Last Few Days: Reports

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Over 100 Syrian, Russian Airstrikes Hit ISIS Targets In Central Syria In Last Few Days: Reports


Aircraft of the Syrian Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Forces continue their campaign to purge ISIS cells hiding in the central Syrian desert.

According to pro-opposition sources, during the last few days, over 100 airstrikes hit ISIS targets in the provinces of Deir Ezzor, Homs and Hama.

Pro-government sources also claim that units of the Syrian Army and local pro-government militias conducted raids against ISIS cells in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor, in the southern countryside of Palmyra and south of al-Mayadin.

ISIS terrorists hiding in the desert area still remain a notable security threat for the Damascus government because ISIS cells somehow prefer to attack government targets only. At the same time, US forces and US-backed militants deployed in the area of al-Tanf experience peace and prosperity despite the close proximity of ISIS terrorists.

Over 100 Syrian, Russian Airstrikes Hit ISIS Targets In Central Syria In Last Few Days: Reports

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Jens Holm

SDF and USA are attcked in their parts of the territory as well.

And again and again we see the Syrian illusin, that opposition to Assads all are foreigners.

If there was proof for that the SANA thorium has tons of pictures as proof and has shown them again and again. I see none of that not even a single tiny little RPG.

What I can understand is, that many many very different persons and groups dont like Assads at all.

Rhodium 10

Everyday hundreds of vehicles cross the 3 Highway to link Deir Ezzor with Hama, Palmyra, East Aleppo…so if sometimes ISIS plant a mine/IED in that roads as the only success thay can achieve is not a big problem for SAA…If ISIS try to take a single village and keep it under control.. they will be wipe off!..have you notice the diference and compare with previous years!

Jens Holm

I have noticed the difference.

Jens Holm

The author dont see the USA Tanf is a compact extremely strong point, which only can be eroded down in the hard way.

Furkan Sahin

Tanf and Idlib is terrorist state

Jens Holm

Tanf is a base. Idlib is many small milisias supported by Turks.

The Assads are private property supported by Russia, Iran and Hesbollah. That the real indefections for those millions of people.

Jens Holm

ISIS only goes up two stores, when there are no bombardments. Until then they clean weapons, makes good ambush plans. rest, drink tea and sleep.

Get it.

comment image


The Americans and the militias they support experience peace and prrosperity,thats what needs to change they have to experience pain and carnage on a daily basis.

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