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Over 100 Refugees Killed In ISIS Suicide Attack In Deir Ezzor. SDF Advances Towards Al-Bukamal

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Over 100 Refugees Killed In ISIS Suicide Attack In Deir Ezzor. SDF Advances Towards Al-Bukamal

On November 4, The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced that a VBIED of ISIS attacked a gathering of Syrian refugees between the CONICO gas facility and the Jafra oil field north of Deir Ezzor city. The SDF said that over 100 civilians were killed and dozens others were injured in the attack.

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) also said that ISIS was behind the attack on the civilian refugees. However, the ISIS-linked news Agency didn’t release any info about the attack so far.

This is the second attack of ISIS against civilian refugees in eastern Syria. Back on October 12, an ISIS suicide bomber driving a VBIED targeted a gathering of civilians near Abu Fas area on the al-Hasakah–Deir Ezzor highway killing over 40 civilians.

Meanwhile, Kurdish sources claimed that the SDF advanced in the southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside and captured Sarhit, Shudayha, Younes, Galban and Shaitat oil fields south of the al-Tanak oil field. However, the SDF is yet to confirm these claims.

If this advance is confirmed, the SDF will be only 40~50km away from the last ISIS stronghold in Syria, al-Bukamal city.

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Axis of Resistance

Such mindless, pointless killing can only be conceived by Israelis and their proxies.


They’re doing ethnic cleansing under the disguise of “ISIS attacks” in order to create conditions for the creation of an illegitimate Kurdish entity.


Opening multiple fronts at one time is not a good intelligent move for Syria. They should focus just on one front at a time.
First Syria must increase their military power strength on Deir Ezzor front.
Then come to the Hama and Idlib
then to Daraa and then to Raqqa and Hasaka.

This will take less time of Syria to liberate whole land from American proxies..

Langaniso Mhlobo

Pure ethnic cleansing by USA back terrorist.


Yes, the Kurdish colons seem to be doing to the Syrians what the Jewish colons did to the Palestinians, they copy their masters.

You can call me Al

They are one in the same – i.e. the SDF Kurds and Israelis.


Mahmoud Larfi

USDF think only of capturing oilfields while failing to protect people they forced to stay in their politicised “humanitarian” camps.


SDF Kurds prioritize securing oil fields over securing refugees camps.

This is why the people the SDF are occupying will rise up and kill their occupiers.


The very real danger for Syrian Arab civilians in east Dier Ezzore province is that is if they revolt against the SDF/YPG occupying and blockading the Arab towns – the US/SDF/YPG will call them ISIS sympathizers/ terrorists and openly attack/ strike them.


Even attack themselves, who’s there to prove other than what they say. As occupiers they are responsible for the welfare of the civilians under their rule, however temporary.

You can call me Al

I am sorry but that makes no sense.

I have been chastised many a time over the following (give or take different wording) – the oil fields are useless… 5-10 years of sanctions = no spares = all gaskets are gone = all moving parts on machinery are gone. People are talking about 25,000 BBLD being produced and I can categorically state that is false. Forget the oil – watch the water.

I have been wrong so far, as I thought ISIS or another Yank puppet would have brought down the dams but since no oil is flowing, there must be some reason why the Yank scum bags need to be by the Euphrates.

Excuse the rant – my apologies.

Jonathan Cohen

ABORTION RIGHTS IN AL-BUKAMAL! (ps, all needed gaskets can fit on one helicopter.)

You can call me Al



It is easy to understand when one looks at the map. The real value of the area lies in its agricultural complexes, in the recruiting possibilities, in the strategic depth that it provides against both Turkey and Assad and in the fact that is provides a real natural border, rounding of the Northern Syrian region for the most part.


Sure, that is why civilians ourt of DeZ are fleeing towards SDF held areas instead of towards liberated SAA

Tudor Miron

That’s what your masters are trying to feed us – BS as always.


Your are badly informed. Do not repeat lies, please.


Refugees from where? Are these just Syrian civilians?


Forced expulsion and blockade in raqqa by SDF. Read voltairenet.org.


Ahhh, thanks.

Valery Grigoryev

I don’t know what kind of a secret Ru/US agreement exists, but it’s absolutely unacceptable to give away Al-Bukamal to oilgrabbers. They ought to be spanked, no matter what the US would do (I anticipate, nothing).


I like the way you think about punishments! ;)

Valery Grigoryev

Because they are stupid and naive like a children. They rely on the US support, while for the US they’re just a toy. There are no place for a children, when adults provide negotiations.


Agreed, but I was talking about the “kind” of punishment you suggested, spanking!
Naughty, naughty, naughty!

Valery Grigoryev

Spanking is a proper punushment for a children. Not beating etc.
The Kurdish ‘children’ have to understand what the reality is, and search for the partnership with SAA.
First lesson was already given them at North-West Syria. Previously, Russian forces protected them in Afrin and Manbij, but after their capture of Omar fields, Russia invited Turkish forces to Idlib:) The same may occur at other Kurdish area as well.


All violence against children is child abuse, you sad fucker.

Weldon Cheek

The state of the behavior of kids nowadays is beggining to show that a smacked arse or clip round the back of the head is sorely missed , of course theres a limit and a definition could be made,maybe even a device could be invented for the administration of corporal punishment with settings from “naughty”all the way up to “little twat” ? That way we could all sleep soundly at night in the knowledge that we are good and responsible parents.


It never did you any harm, except to turn you into a beast, that is.

Valery Grigoryev

Stupids always perceive any words directly, neglecting their sense…


Good to know your opinion.


Another US(IS) war crime.


You know, the SDF, Kurds in general, have been very quiet since their supply gate was taken over by the Government of Iraq. I am taking this as a just blurb in the news, in order to stay relevant. No way are the forces which are converging on AB right now, going to stop and turn around, because three SDF chicks are parked just outside the city with their utility vehicle, texting and looking cute.

In my view, the SDF is done and they know it. Look at what happened in Iraq. Tolerance for Kurd nonsense is almost nonexistent right now. Additionally, they are also receiving increasing flak, from the natives of the areas which they have taken over. Yeah they got some oil fields ( for the moment ) but, the biggest one for instance, is 90% nonfunctional going by their rate of production alone. Their plate is so full, it is slopping all over the floor. So, anything, news …. verbal noises…. ect …. coming from the SDF, I am basically not counting as real. I wish well to all.


SDF is already at the Iraqi border, somewhat more to the north and is, along the river, at present some 20 to 25 kms from the border where the river exits into Iraq. In a straight line to the border from the most eastern point along the river, it is less then 15kms, some 10 mile, acc to wikimapia, which is usually at least a day behind as far as SDF is concerned.

I do not know how the article measures, but it is clearly out of tune as far as distances are concerned.


The first quarter of Raqqah (Mashlab) has been reopened to returning refugees today. As it was a quarter that used to have some 30k inhabitants, it is likely thousands will be able to return, depending on the damage to their houses and on the availability of materials for small scale reconstruction.

Good job Raqqah Civil Council, good job SDF.


Along with the Isis attacks in Kirkuk today, just more symptoms of an Isis Insurgency across the region.

juan carlos ayala

isis? esto lo estan haciendo los perros lacayos de los yanquis


It’s not ISIS it’s the Kurd’s who make those killings cuz Amaq are always first to say we did this we did that even if they destroy a tank or what ever, this is Kurdish kills on civilians

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