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Over 100 Pro-Government Fighters & Terrorists Killed, Injured Or Went Missing In Deir Ezzor Clashes

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Over 100 Pro-Government Fighters & Terrorists Killed, Injured Or Went Missing In Deir Ezzor Clashes

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Dozens of pro-government fighters and ISIS terrorists were killed, injured or went missing after a series of heavy clashes in western and southern Deir Ezzor, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on August 29.

The clashes erupted earlier this week when pro-government groups, led by the National Defense Forces, launched a new combing operation in Deir Ezzor countryside.

ISIS terrorists responded by carrying out a series of attacks on government forces in the western and southern countryside of Deir Ezzor.

“As a result of these operations, and within a single week, at least 48 [fighters] of regime forces and allied militias, including officers and commanders, were killed, in addition, dozens were wounded, Furthermore, contact was lost with more than 50 personnel during the combing operation in the Syrian Badia, 22 ISIS militants were also killed in the Russian air strikes and clashes,” the SOHR’s report reads.

The SOHR may have exaggerated the real number of losses on both sides as no such losses were reported by any other source.

ISIS terrorists are launching their attacks in Deir Ezzor from the nearby Homs desert, which has become their main stronghold in Syria.

The repeated operations in Deir Ezzor are inflicting losses on ISIS terrorists. Nevertheless, the group is reportedly receiving support from U.S.-backed fighters in al-Tanaf, which is allowing it to survive.


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Once you brake the spine of the major groups of terrorists and eliminate majority of them; It will become impossible for the US to resupply small dispersed desperate groups of ISIS. They should be systematically chased and eliminated without giving them possibility to sleep.

Rafik Chauhan

And who will do that your Saudi master who send 20 soldier and later ran away.


20 Saudi soldiers are only danger to themselves and nobody else ! Thank you Saudi’s SAA needs some new vehicles !


Maybe “your” Iranians will do that, huh? Since they do NOTHING lately so SAA and Russians are forced to do all the work by themselves ! So only SAA and Russian bombs kill terrorists , nobody else !

The Objective

The U.S. could be sharing intel with ISIS, which enables them survive regime and Russian attacks.


If only “intel”

they have their special ops integrated with those fuckers and they give them literally everything from satellite, drone recon to supplies, medical and other help.. total US assistance !!!


Well the bastards are not living in fucking tents in the middle of the desert,so where the hell are they based?

Fog of War

In a giant invisible base covered with cloaking devices. Russia’s intelligence gathering is fooled by some rag tag religious nut jobs. Imagine if they have to face a real adversary .

Servet Köseoğlu

upsss..good news ..ozone layer is recovering.. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4f2aceb95d70b442707178440f092358d3f444b82f4fde455a57e1ba3339594d.gif


How to destroy ISIS 101:

1. Withdraw from one of the larger towns in Deir Ezzor, draw ISIS into the city so you have them in one place. Withdraw all civilians also. 2. Surrond the city. 3. Massive bombardment, day in, day out. 4. Launch artillery and airstrikes. 5. Level the city. 6. Swoop in and kill them all. 7. After this, launch an offensive to clean out the remnants of ISIS in the Desert which I figure will be few because the vast majority would’ve been killed inside the city and the siege all around the city would’ve prevented them from withdrawing.

johnny rotten

SOHR = MI 666 = Bullshit.


ISIS will never be defeated cuz it’s in the best interests of the US to have them destabilize Syria. Why kill off a group that fights your main adversary? Support them instead

James Adams

What evidence do you have to say that the casualties weren’t that high, other than saying no one else reported on it?

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