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Over 100 Pro-Government Fighters Killed In Taliban Attack On Security Base In Afghanistan

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On January 21, Over 100 security personnel were killed in a Taliban attack in central Afghanistan, local media outlets reported citing security officials.

According to reports, Taliban members rammed a captured military Humvee packed with explosives into a training center of the National Directorate for Security in the province of Maidan Wardak, west of Kabul. At least two attackers followed up engaging pro-government fighters with gunfire before they were shot down.

“We have information that 126 people have been killed in the explosion inside the military training center, eight special commandoes are among the dead,” Reuters quoted an anonymous comment by a senior official in the defense ministry in Kabul as saying. “I have been told not to make the death toll figures public. It is frustrating to hide the facts.”

Last week, the Taliban ambushed a large government convoy in the province of Faryab reportedly destroying up to 70 vehicles belonging to Kabul forces.

These attacks show the pressure, which the Kabul government and the US-led coalition are currently facing in Afghanistan. The Taliban has significantly expanded its infuence across the country and the scale of its attacks has increased.

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Tudor Miron

Time for US to declare a victory in Afganistan?

Brother Ma

Yes . The Us was so successful it didn’t get mired in Afghanistan like the Russians, as it crowed it wouldn’t . Hahaha . If the Yanks were not so powerful, people would laugh in their faces and throw stones at them.lol


Let’s wait and see if Trump gets them out. No one can undo the past.

Tommy Jensen

Trump raised the stationed troops 50% from Obama days, and now he talk about withdrawing his own increasement. https://www.npr.org/sections/parallels/2017/12/01/566798632/under-trump-u-s-troops-in-war-zones-are-on-the-rise


It is time to declare their exit. ;-)


too stupid to see that the entire thing is lost and just keeps hanging on in there wasting more money (which in light of the gross national debt of 22000billions of $$ just adds to the pending collapse) not to worry.

Tudor Miron

Well, heroin traffic is going stronger than ever, so there’s no reason for US to complain.


There is plenty of reasons for the US to complain. The heroin kills the population and funds the deep state, the same ones that are hassling Trump to stay in Syria. None of the profits from the heroin trickle down to the people. Only death for them.


Hard to tell if the damage was from combat or just shoddy Halliburton construction methods.


Ya know, at this rate the security screen that protects US bases will get chewed up. Once the locals throw in the towel in supporting NATO over there, the party will really begin. This attack comes at a time when the US is supposedly going sit down with the Taliban in one of the Gulf countries, as I understand it. Imagine what is going to go down in that exchange. One side thinks it is in control and the other is consistently gaining control and blowing up the support which keeps the other functioning in the country.

My country, the US, needs to leave Afghanistan before it nolonger has a choice. My take, I wish well to all.

Tommy Jensen

We still have the opium fields. Thats all that matters.


on the other hand it’s not that easy to leave and take with you whatever you brought there in the shape and form of weapons and ammunition and and and. through iran is not likely even if the desperate states of A made an exception in the sanctions against iran and set aside the port of chabahar which is used for transports to and fro afghanistan. pakistan maybe not but possibly the most likely after all although it will cost a bundle and lastly, through the stans and russia, will be very expensive cause they know the price of leaving their stuff behind. so coupla things that make it a viable option to stay – the cost of leaving and accepting defeat and the loss of the opium trade. guess trump will have to face factsand make an exception for afghanistan.

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