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JULY 2022

Over 100 Killed, Injured In Clashes Between Druze Fighters And Former Rebels In Southern Syria

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On September 29, heavy clashes broke out between Druze fighters and former rebels in the vicinity of the town of al-Qrayya, which is located on the administrative border between al-Suwayda and Daraa.

The attack began when Druze fighters, led by the so-called “Men of Dignity” group, launched an attack to recapture farmlands near al-Qrayya from the Russian-backed 8th Brigade, a unit of the Syrian Arab Army 5th Corps, that is dedicated for former-rebels who joined the reconciliation process in 2018.

Fighters from the 8th Brigade, which is led by former rebel commander Ahmad al-Auda, captured the farmlands a while ago.

The clashes around al-Qrayya lasted until September 30 eve. Heavy weapons, including mortars and anti-tank guided missiles were used. The Men of Dignity, who are known for their stand against the Damascus government, failed to recapture the territory.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 16 Druze fighters were killed and at least 63 others were injured in the clashes. The 8th Brigade lost 12 fighters while 23 others were wounded.

The situation around al-Qrayya is calm now. Nevertheless, a new round of clashes may start soon as Druze fighters are still determined to recapture the farmlands.

The conflict highlights the state of lawlessness prevailing over southern Syria. Government forces are slowly losing their influence over the region. This may soon lead to more dangerous confrontation.


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Druze: An adherent of an esoteric monotheistic religious sect living in the relative security of the mountains of Syria and Lebanon who believes that Al-hakim was an incarnation of God


they are allies with Isisrael


IDF druze soldiers https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/82a854cbc9cf7c76a79995967db966cfc244b9d8ad89fbc9b2dcbc5246eb2a4c.jpg

Free man

The Druze are historically loyal to the country in which they live and especially to each other. You slander people you don’t know.


As far I know Israel is making compromise with every minority which is not violent and is not threatening there country.

Free man

I think you’re right to some extent. But the Druze are special in the sense that the Israeli Druze are very loyal to Israel and the Syrian Druze are very loyal to Syria. The idea behind this loyalty is a desire for self-preservation of a persecuted minority. If you are loyal to the government, the government will protect you.

Fog of War

” The Men of Dignity, who are known for their stand against the Damascus government ” LOL


I love them, some of the bravest men I’ve served with. Druze pride.

Free man

They are considered to be the best soldiers in the SAA.


Israeli also protects the Druze villages in Syria next to our border.

Free man

Which quite a few of their residents support Hezbollah. You live in a crazy neighborhood.


Clashes lasted until Sept 30. evening? It’s still afternoon there though isn’t it (at the moment of writing and reading this)? How could they have such fresh information, so fresh it goes slightly into the future. :o


shhhhhh. don’t expose too much

Free man


Graham Steinberg

This has the signature of the MALICIOUS & ILLEGITIMATE ‘neighbour’ written all over it for sure ;

The Tel Aviv Entity.

‘Specialists” in prolonging the war economy…………

James Adams

thanks for the info very interesting.

Rafik Chauhan

Druze doesnt know where they stand , that is thier problem. they can even backstab you anytime. anywhere. they can even sell you to enemy if they dont like you.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

There are 12 independent Druze factions in Syria, 10 of them stayed loyal to Assad all through the war and 2 of the smaller factions sided with the rebels, so overall they’ve mostly been loyal and trustworthy.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Terrible news and God only knows how it’s got to this point, so if you’re wondering what’s going on and why, here’s my take on what got us to this point, and after my take I’ll add an interesting article from an opposition sight, it doesn’t explain why the 5th corp’s [8th brigade] and the Druze are fighting now, and not everything it says I agree with either, especially it’s descriptions of Assad and the SAA, but it does help explain the overall picture and why things started and progressed to the point they did, at least to the point they were at just before this brand new development, and the new development needs a lot more relevant info to understand, so I’m not going to even try, except for this simplification I’ll highlight at the end.

Sunni Opposition forces and segments of the Druze community protest against the growing Iranian presence in their communities. Iran reacts to protests and cracks down hard. The protests escalate and Iran cracks down further, deaths result. Protests continue and assassination slowly start occurring on both sides, usually pro Iranian agents in Syrian military Intelligence and FSA opposition agents getting killed. Iran cracks down harder and more deaths occur, assassinations continue. Protests grow and resentment becomes more and more equally directed at both Iran and the Syrian Government, assassinations continue. Hezbollah starts increasing presence and angers the locals, Iran also begins recruiting opposition forces into Syrian Military Intelligence [Russia has since 2018]. Russian backed 5th army corps arrives and replaces Iranian backed 4th division SAA. Things calm down just a little and assassinations decrease just a little. Iran is still not happy and it tells the Russian backed 5th army corps to crack down even harder on the protests. The 5th army corps fighter tell Iran to get stuffed and defect from the SAA to join the opposition. All hell breaks loose and a bombs kills many 5th corps soldiers, assassinations escalate to an every second day event [3 or 4 per week], now 5th corps soldiers and ex 5th corps soldiers are added to the list of people being assassinated, Iran brings back in the pro Iranian 4th division and the 5th army corps is sent to Deir ez Zor and Idlib. And for a month or 2 nothing changed, if anything they got a little worse, but then the Russians came back to the negotiating table [some 5th corps soldiers were even allowed to come back], and I began to think things would get at least just a little bit better, not worse, but then we get this story about the Russian backed 5th corps attacking the local Druze militia, so now I don’t know what to think or have a clue what it will mean for the future, but I do fear the worst now.

!!The only explanation I can offer for the 5th army corps attacking the Druze militia is the possibility they’re simply complying to Iranian directives.!!

Here’s the opposition article if you want to read it, it’s at the least interesting reading if you want to know what the opposition are thinking and know why they’re complaining. ……..

“Since the onset of the Syrian revolution in 2011 to topple Assad, the regime has labored to maintain its grip on the Druze, keeping them in the regime’s apparatus of suppression to be levied against other Syrian communities. However, thousands of Druze escaped military conscription and refused to join in the massacres taking place across Syria, something which has earned them the wrath of the regime and its main ally Iran. In the summer of 2018, the regime allowed the Druze areas to be targeted by ISIS gangs that left hundreds dead and tens of women and children held hostage, later to be conveniently liberated through the Assad regime’s not so good offices.

At first glance, the recent demonstrations in the Druze heartland of As-Suwayda governorate in southwest Syria, close to the border with Jordan might pass as a continuation of earlier dissident movements. The current Druze rage, however, is not merely directed toward Assad, but rather toward his real handlers, Iran and its various militias that have infiltrated the Druze and have used coercion and economic pressure to subjugate them and win them over.

The majority of the Druze who have taken to the streets recently are from the post-2011 generation that grew up during the war and thus have no fear nor respect to the ruling establishment and are unwilling to carry arms under Iranian auspices and command.

On the other hand, Iran has worked to establish itself within these Druze areas through recruiting local hoodlums, many of whom were already implicated in a number of illicit activities such as narcotics and arms dealing. Iran went even further by trying to convert the Druze, who are a heterodox Muslim group, to Shia Islam, something which the Druze forcefully opposed.

Equally, Russia has tried to counter Iran’s move by arming the Fifth Legion, which is composed of local fighters who they hope will be part of the nucleus of fighters to rebuild the Syrian Armed Forces. Russia went as far as to appoint Russian liaison Intelligence officers to communicate with dissident armed factions as well as the religious authorities.

As we speak, the leaders of the new Druze uprising are incarcerated in Assad’s prison and they have been transferred to Damascus and their fate remains unknown. However, the reaction from their compatriots and the following demonstration by women that ensued demanding their release reveal that Syrians are aware of the real hurdle that remains to regain their freedom. The primary challenge is not the tyrant Assad, but rather an Iran that will stop at nothing to keep itself bunkered in, even if it means the further destruction of Syria and its people.”



They may be an opposition sight and I disliked many of his descriptions of Assad and the SAA, but I do agree with this part of his statement 100%.

“but rather an Iran that will stop at nothing to keep itself bunkered in, even if it means the further destruction of Syria and its people.”

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