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Outrage After WaPo Says To ‘Treat Biden Leaks As Foreign Intel Operation – Even If They Probably Aren’t’

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

As MSM outlets twist in the wind waiting for anyone to deny the authenticity of the Hunter Biden laptop contents (while blurry images of M&M’s spanning Hunter’s penis and crack-smoking footjob videos permeate dark corners of the web), the Washington Post is advising people to just assume that it’s a foreign intelligence operation, and ignore Occam’s razor, or two former Biden business associates who have gone on record and provided direct evidence.

Holding the Post accountable for their literal propaganda is journalist Glenn Greenwald, who not only shreds WaPo‘s farcical attempts at journalism – but the rest of the MSM’s as well.

Oddly, we don’t recall the Post‘s kneejerk over an unverified anti-Trump dossier created by a British spook, which the FBI referred to as “Crown material,” being that it was part of a ‘foreign intelligence operation’ prior to its investigation and subsequent debunking.

Of course, in the fullness of time it turned out to be a domestic hit-job with significant foreign assistance.


And of course, social media platforms’ masks are all the way off in terms of suppressing a story which would damage their favored candidate.

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Jihadi Colin

I’m really sick and tired of anyone pretending that the Amerikastani Empire selection, er, election, will be of any importance or change anything at all. Remember how last time Trump was supposed to be the Peace Candidate and end the wars? Well, did he?


Partially he did, he started to retreat from ME.

Fog of War

” he started to retreat from ME. ”
You are very mistaken on this.

Concrete Mike

Not he did not, his only succes was to expose the entrenched war supporters all around america. Everytime he tried to pull out of Syria he was cockblocked, by his own people.

The selection doesnt change much, as both have high finance as a boss.

We wont even begin to talk about religious crazie’s influence in the USA.


US is unable to step back from military brinkmanship as they have nothing else to hold up the dollar. 2019 debt service payments were almost 600 billion, nearly the base DoD budget. In 2021 it will be much more. The dollar has to collapse for the US to stop with military option for everything. PMs everybody, if you can.

Jens Holm

I can only read this as bad produced propaganda, which do everything to make USA from confusion to chaos.

If people writing this again and again instead was cleaning their own houses, they would live in tent from UN.


We are living very strange times, when Justin Bieber and Billie Elysh are more credible than Cnn and Wapo.

Антон С

Joe, just tell them Putin did it! He stole the notebook and uploaded tons of compromising materials (not real, of course, Biden family are saints), when Hunter was in restroom.

Samuel Vanguard

Joe Biden got his lunch at by Xi and Putin

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