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Oshkosh MMRS Heavy Recovery Vehicle (Infographics)

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Oshkosh MMRS Heavy Recovery Vehicle (Infographics)

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The Oshkosh Multi-Mission Recovery System (MMRS) is a heavy recovery vehicle. According to the corporation, the MMRS utilizes a 3-section boom that extends to 41-feet (12.5 m) with operating angles ranging from 3 to 60 degrees. The boom can lift up to 77,499 pounds
(35153 kg) at a 19.7-foot (6 m) radius from the vehicle, moving casualty vehicles with ease. Integrating the levels of survivability required on the modern battlefield, the MMRS shields operators with enhanced undercab protection while allowing vehicles to be lifted and positioned from within the safety of the cab. With breakthroughs in maneuverability, survivability and overall performance, the MMRS optimizes vehicle retrieval and personnel protection for today’s demanding recovery missions.


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Raptar Driver

Remember when Oshkosh was famous for making children’s clothing?
Did you ever take a drive to Oshkosh? The streets there are about as well repaired as the ones in Mogadishu.

Tom in AZ

That’s because they use roads with that crap.

Tommy Jensen

We Americans also have Multi-Purpose Mission Recovery Precision Systems (MPMRPS).

Ours is a super heavy recovery vehicle. We utilizes a 6-section boom that extends to 82-feet (25 m) with operating angles fully 360 degrees. The boom can lift up to 155 tonnage .

Thus we take leadership again, and not for granted because we show creative innocation!

Zionism = EVIL

LOL, you are a good comedian and for free. I always enjoy your satirical comedy show. Keep the joviality going.

Lone Ranger

Nice Tatra copy…

Zionism = EVIL

The Ansarallah in Yemen are using these overpriced copied junk for target practice.

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