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The OSCE’s Pitiful Special Monitoring Mission In Ukraine

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The situation in Eastern Ukraine is at the brink of a hot military conflict, and it is unknown which drop cause the glass to spill over and hostilities to begin.

Monitoring the situation and tracing what is transpiring at every single moment is a vital part of the Organization For Security and Co-Operation in Europe’s (OSCE) job.

It’s Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) in Ukraine does that, by way of independent experts inspecting various location, including by drones.

A recurring problem is that the SMM’s drones are continually being jammed. Incidents are frequent and are being reported throughout.

Since 21 March 2021, the SMM’s long-range UAVs have been experiencing increased levels of GPS signal interference on take-off and landing, affecting both of their GPS receivers, in areas near their base in Stepanivka, located approximately 25km west-north-west of the contact line near the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR).

On April 6th, a long-range UAV even failed to take off, for the first time since October 2014.

Both Kiev and the DPR have the capability to jam such signals and could interfere with the SMM’s work. Accusations are frequently exchanged that the enemy is conducting such covert operations. V_2(A2)

Indeed, 305th electronic warfare battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has its Bukovel-AD stations in the areas of Stepanovka and Bogdanovka.

According to the DPR, the reason for their deployment is to prevent their drones from detecting the weapons of the 53rd and 10th brigades of the Ukrainian army.

On the other side, Kiev accuses the DPR militia of using radio interference equipment, provided by Russia.

According to the claims, the DPR uses Russia-produced R-330M1P “Diabazol” and R-330Zh “Zhitel” systems, in the areas of Gorlovka and Yenakievo.

It is hard to specifically point the finger at either side, and it is likely that both parties use every chance to impede the enemy’s movements.

The SMM’s drones are also reportedly targeted in order to hide specific equipment deployments or undertakings.

It is undisputable fact that the OSCE plays a vital role in the area, but its observers are frequently being stopped at checkpoints, and its endeavors are being impeded.

Earlier, a child was killed by a Ukrainian drone in the DPR, and the SMM’s observers managed to get to the location and establish the facts nearly 4 days later to confirm the incident.

This also stands testament to the general inadequacy of the OSCE. As far as media and the collective West are concerned, the situation is clear: Kiev is the victim, the Eastern Ukrainian republics and Russia are the aggressors. As such, the fewer pieces of evidence to prove otherwise are present, the better.

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cechas vodobenikov

osce==mainly LGBT Danes paid by CIA


The ‘experts’ of the Western OSCE are essentially overpaid observers whose jobs depend on them seeing nothing that their masters in the US do not want them to see.

Jens Holm

comment image

John Wallace

So what does that map mean or is it just a pretty colored map you are using to imply you actually know something which of course you don’t. Have you ever been to any of those countries

Supreme Blyat

You like to be feedspunned, time to grow up and learn to search on google

Jens Holm

Most of the time he seemes to searh in his micro-cosmos below belt.

John Wallace

what’s google.

Supreme Blyat

Your nightmare

John Wallace

Oh .. thanks for telling me so I better stay away from it .. that was close , I almost looked for it..

Supreme Blyat

Please sit simewhere. I will blow your mind like a tzar bomb orgasm. Ready?
Bing…. DuckDuckGo

Jens Holm

Green are members. Orange are affiliates. I hope You soon will get internet and get a

John Wallace

Thats nice. Looks like my country is not involved so we don’t need to know

Jens Holm

You asked. I knew.

John Wallace

That’s a change but as they say miracles happen , not that I have ever seen one.. Well I have actually but I put that down to people couldn’t hit the side of a barn 10 paces away with auto weapons .. otherwise you wouldn’t have the pleasure of my chatter together.


Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu has unveiled desire to clone ancient royal Scythian warriors in Siberia.



Jens Holm

Nice videos


Glad to hear.

Jens Holm

Yes, they give us golden bathtubs, let ISIS roiw them and makes muslims escape muslims.

Next step will be helping Trump by setling Mexicans in Assad Syria. They will support by making a lot of teqiala to calm more people more.

Opium, hashes and speed seemes not to do it.

Supreme Blyat

I think the ‘war on drugs’ kills in Mexico as many ‘Assad must go’ in Syria

Jens Holm

Sure, they kill so many in Mexico and in many parts south of them.

Both are macho systems, where boys are feudal raised being above each other in artificial honor and respect with no stop signs.

Many many women and girls are killed and raped too.

Supreme Blyat

What can we do, God didn’t make us all Danes :)

Jens Holm

The Country is full. We are paid in Liras, Rials and Rubels.

Russia is member of the OSCE too.

Fair treatment

Here we go again.
Anti Western propaganda..

What the hell???

It is non military organisation.
Propaganda Website pro Comunism Pro Russia anti Western
And only Anti Western comments.


STFU. The OSCE is notoriously corrupt and is totally biased against Russia as a nation. It tried to LIE about the real cause of the 2008 Georgia conflict and blame Russia except the beaurecrats couldn’t figure out how to bury the field reports from their own inspectors on the ground, who were actually fair and honest.

Its the same with the OSCE in Syria but in that case the corrupt management has bene winning and managing to supress the field inspcetors reprorts that disprove the preferred narrative of the NWO elites.

Wake up buddy and stop swallowing the BS that our establishment and its media sock-puppets are feeding you.

Jens Holm

Russia as a member of OSCE. comment image

…or was because You decided:(


Non military organization , sounds like white helmet ey.

Jens Holm

Typical hostile comment.

Very ush as You got hit with no helmet:(


A powerful. resource-rich country like Russia doesn’t really need any business and trade with terrorist Ziocorporate globalist countries and entities to thrive.

Putin’ NATO/EU terrorist Ziocorporate globalist business partners are so imortant only because there’s foreign-influenced political-economic interests driving Russian policy. Russia was never even close to being so weak that it would risk an invasion from the West, so the lie that trade and business is needed to stave off war is moot, Chechnya, with tall mountains and full of ex-Persian Muslims was retaken in a few months while eastern Ukraine is flat and full of Russians and culturally-Russian Ukrainians in reference to OSCE acitvities in Donbass.

Business and open borders with Western Zioterrorists is only useful to hamper your own technological, industrial and agricultural development and national security to favor Zioterrorist financialist globalism and braindrains in the so-called “free market”, so go ahead and keep putting your trust on Western-dominated entities like OSCE.

Fair treatment

You are really delusional.


Jens, with every drug you do you get a new personality to troll around, but whatever the fùck you got hooked on doesn’t change the point, you silicunt valley robot.

Of course, the terrorist Ziocorporate globalists of NATO/EU couldn’t be any better served by the world order in which they feed like bloodsuckers off war and necolonial exploitation of sevile third-world shitholes to pay for things like your hasbara and rainbow of accounts to spew it, so go ahead.

Supreme Blyat

That’s not Jens, you are delusional :)

cechas vodobenikov

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Jens Holm

Im honored.

Supreme Blyat

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Jens Holm

Nice to know. Thank You.

Fair treatment

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Wow where did you learn this language?? In University of Harvard.??
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cechas vodobenikov

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Jens Holm

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John Wallace

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Jens Holm

I again see fatal errors.

Proud Hindu

75 muslims dead in mosque collapse in morrocco in 2013

cechas vodobenikov

prudish hindoo racist

John Wallace

What has that got to do with the present situation in Ukraine. What a deluded demented dropkick you are.. To take pleasure in the misfortune of others shows just what a piece of sh#t you are. No surprise really seeing as your day job is swallowing as much as you can.
comment image

Jens Holm

Jesus woke them up helping Allah. They were told they could be given the last oil in Rome by the Pope and went there.

Garry Compton

So, Why is OSCE on the Donbass side and not based in the Ukie side ? When the war starts – shoot them all in the back . And send the bodies to Brussels. COD

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