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Orwellian Logic Of Corporate Censors & Government Budget Suckers

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Over the past months, SouthFront, among other dissident media and analytical organizations, has been facing an increasing pressure.

In January and February, SouthFront Team became the target of a technical and media pressure campaign from Google because of our independent and critical coverage of the escalating US-Iranian conflict and its negative consequences for the stability of the Greater Middle East. (LINK 1, LINK 2)

In March, it appeared that an independent point of view is now terrifying propaganda & censorship structures of the European Union. The developing economic crisis and coronavirus outbreak threw Europe in chaos, smashed the myth about the so-called Euro-Atlantic solidarity and demonstrated the failure of the EU bureaucracy to do something besides sucking budgets and selling sovereignty of European nations to the United States and the global capital. However, instead of facing the reality and starting to work to contain the real problems, EU budget suckers started searching enemies to blame for the disinformation about epic successes of Brussels in fighting against coronavirus.

The European External Action Service named southfront.org among key platforms providing ‘wrong coverage’ of the situation. The Orwellian logic of the European bureaucrats insists that if facts, real developments or history contradict their interests, they must be hidden, bury in oblivion or at least labeled enemy disinformation and propaganda.

In particular, SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence, was mentioned in a Deutsche Welle article on March 21, 2020. The article “Corona-Desinformation: immer dieselben Muster” mentions SouthFront even before huge-funded RT and Sputnik accusing our organization of spreading fake news about the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and alleging that SouthFront is a part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

Orwellian Logic Of Corporate Censors & Government Budget Suckers

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SouthFront cannot talk on behalf of RT or Sputniknews, but in our coverage, we rely on facts. If SouthFront provides some expert opinions, it always explains them using facts and logic.

It is interesting to note that since the declaration of the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic SouthFront has not criticized actions of European national governments (Germany, France, and even Italy). A couple of times we drew attention of the audience to too emotional actions of US President Donald Trump. On the other hand, we released several indeed critical articles about the internal political situation in Russia. In all articles mentioning the medical and pandemic situation, we were referring official scientific and medical centers: the Robert Koch Institute, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Statale di Milano University as well as other official and respected bodies from Italy, Spain, Russia and other countries.

In response to this situation, SouthFront sent Deutsche Welle’s editorial staff the following email:

Greetings, Deutsche Welle’s editorial staff!

It has been brought to our attention that our international endeavour, SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence, was mentioned in a Deutsche Welle article on March 21, 2020.

The article “Corona-Desinformation: immer dieselben Muster” mentions SouthFront alongside with RT and Sputnik accusing our organization of spreading fake news about the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and alleging that SouthFront is a part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

This claim made by the article’s author is itself fake news, which is easy to confirm by taking a closer look at the articles and videos actually published on southfront.org. In its coverage of the COVID-19 outbreak and social phenomena caused by it, SouthFront always references the sources of the data used. These are the Robert Koch Institute, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as other official and respected bodies from Italy, Spain, Russia and other countries. SouthFront is used to see accusations that we are an Iranian or Russian mouthpiece regarding the Middle East agenda.

SouthFront has never claimed that the COVID-19 outbreak is a result of a conspiracy by  “global backstage elites” or that COVID-19 has been created artificially. Indeed, we shared opinions of Global Research and ZeroHedge on the topic: https://southfront.org/coronavirus-covid-19-made-in-china-or-made-in-america/, https://southfront.org/the-real-umbrella-corp-wuhan-ultra-biohazard-lab-was-studying-the-worlds-most-dangerous-pathogens/ with all references to the sources of these opinions. The publishing of these two opinion pieces from other sources does not justify the assertion that SouthFront is itself making these claims. ZeroHedge and Global Research see SouthFront as an independent reliable partner because our relations are fully transparent and noncommercial.

SouthFront’s position is that various influence groups and powers, including Russia, are now using the COVID-19 outbreak to push their own agenda. Incidentally if SouthFront has criticized any official authorities in the framework of pandemic issues, it was in fact the Russian ones: https://southfront.org/while-the-world-is-in-disarray-covid-19-is-breaking-up-russia/, https://southfront.org/russia-to-halt-flights-returning-its-citizens-from-abroad-as-tens-of-thousands-still-wait-evacuation/, https://southfront.org/mandatory-lockdown-in-russia-is-extended-until-april-30/

SouthFront is an international, crowdfunded endeavor uniting people with various political views from more than a dozen countries. It receives no support from any governments and corporations. We rely only on a comprehensive co-working of our multiple proactive authors and volunteers, and a fact-checking control by our big international team. SouthFront is always open for a constructive dialogue.

The SouthFront team is united by the will to provide comprehensive analysis and independent coverage of key military, survival, political and security developments around the world.

We suppose that the decision to mention SouthFront in the aforementioned Deutsche Welle article was an oversight in that the author did not take the opportunity to check his facts through a closer look at SouthFront coverage. We would hope and do assume that this was not the result of someone directly wishing to harm our organization.

In the interests of professional journalism, we ask you to investigate this situation promptly and remove the fake information forthwith.

Sincerely yours,

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence

On April 9, Facebook placed limits on SouthFront’s page due to activities that “don’t comply with Facebook’s policies.” Apparently, this is a first thing of a new wave of war on independent media carried out corporations and bureaucrats affiliated with the global elites.

Orwellian Logic Of Corporate Censors & Government Budget Suckers

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We believe all these attacks, accusations and attempts to censor SouthFront are a strong signal that we  are on a right track. SouthFront steadily faces pressure and accusations regarding its coverage: the situation in the Middle East, the US-Iranian tensions, the US-Chinese global standoff, actions of the Russian foreign policy etc. Today, a new global issue appeared – the COVID-19 pandemic, and SouthFront is once again being targeted. This happens despite the fact that SouthFront provides a very careful coverage of the COVID-19 crisis based on facts. SouthFront understands the importance of the pandemic and social economic crisis caused by it.

Regardless of the challenges that we face, SouthFront will continue to do its best to provide you with an independent look at key military, security and political developments around the world.



Account: southfront@internet.ru

Orwellian Logic Of Corporate Censors & Government Budget Suckers

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Orwellian Logic Of Corporate Censors & Government Budget Suckers

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Orwellian Logic Of Corporate Censors & Government Budget Suckers


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Orwellian Logic Of Corporate Censors & Government Budget Suckers

Orwellian Logic Of Corporate Censors & Government Budget Suckers Orwellian Logic Of Corporate Censors & Government Budget Suckers Orwellian Logic Of Corporate Censors & Government Budget Suckers Orwellian Logic Of Corporate Censors & Government Budget Suckers Orwellian Logic Of Corporate Censors & Government Budget Suckers


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Orwellian Logic Of Corporate Censors & Government Budget Suckers

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence Team

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Truth is decimating their fascist outdated incumbent corporate tryranny agendas and nothing they say or try to do can change the hard earnt truth (period) Here on in they will lose on all fronts because their hake,phoney and false fake bonds and phaedo reserve control has come to an end,it’s just that these fascist tyrant wannabe nwo creeps are way overdue on life support,they know it too,but like the retards they truly are assume they can put it in the bag but reality suggests is just can’t fit no more!

They overblew the levys ,simple as that and in a modern world where the peoples sees the fruits of their labours culminating to negadives,the world must move on to progress with or without them,however one things a certain federal laws and orders are in control,backed by infastructures of the nations which absolutely dwarfs the tryrants fake,phoney criminal bankster/stocks deeds,it will be the real powers run by real men for real peoples,hard working peoples,not the lame lieing affiliates!

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes



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Pave Way IV

SF: They’re just never going to stop, you know. You should make a separate category to archive all your well-written responses like this to dumb-assed accusations from other media or their masters. It would be interesting and give new readers a place to go to see the unrelenting effort to discredit you and suppress your reports.


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Ivan Freely

SF: It sucks to be on the receiving end. To reiterate a past martial artist advice, “Be like water.” It doesn’t matter if we’re dealing with private enterprises or not, it’s all the same whenever government overstep its bounds.

I’m surprised that investors haven’t started suing these corporations. Controversy attracts attention and that means more advertisement revenue. It baffles me why they’re committing economic suicide.

Hasbara Hunter

Well…to me it seems like an Honour that they Target Southfront…it means that them AngloZioNazi-Parasites are shittin’ their Panties for SF…


Such name calling is their way of projecting their evils unto others.

Oli Tobias E

Me as a German, I can tell you, that the german government has give directly order by NATO, to manipulate the narrative and all kind of news…..they try to hide all war crimes commited, the ISAF operation in Anfghanistan aka Heroin production party, the Syrian terrorists, the Nazis in Ukraine….Venezuela everything while hidding the situations in Yemen and Bolivia….the german government is lying dircetly into the face of the people…when asked about the situation of Julian Assange, they said they would know nothing about abuse and torture….while the human rights group of the UNO gave it directly to the government…..they try to keep up the illusion of the Empire of the Good ones……when asked why they participate in sanctions that are not covered by the UNO…..denying food and medicine killing more inocent people and children…..they say they wouldn’t……its all over again 1945…..and it is a fake democracy….just like in the USA the meet on Bildenberger meetings..choose the politicians…..and then the media manipulates the narrative until people vote what they have choosen already on the Bildenberger meetings…..right now they are scared…that their new wold order, where they could run around the world and invading countries or force their governments out and install puppets to plunder these countries putting their peoples into debtslavery is coming to an halt….because this the really economic power of the so called West….they are afraid that there parasitic economy system won’t continue anymore and they are full of hate towards Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba etc.as they are resisting! And worse with the Silk Road taking out 5 Billion people of their slave market….and more and more countries in Africa……the West has totally lost the ability…to cooperate and to do economic deals were both sides profit….as their elite wants it all…. is now turned on cannibalism eating its own citizens and sooner or later each other as you can see in the USA right wing vs left wing….they won’t solve anything….but will manipulate the news that everything is the fault of those evil countries…..that is why they are starting to attack southfront and others….as they are causing scratches….and disruptions in their matrix fake reality…..

Trap Is Not Gay

Yep, a comment I just wrote on Youtube was promptly deleted. You’re supposed to ‘agree’ by force with their (disturbing) views, else the comment gets automatically deleted. For example, if you don’t name the Jew – and all of the following debate is in vain – then the comment remains, else gets deleted (basically the same of not naming the Jew).

Jens Holm

I support the delete 200%.

As a western, I also cant write about women and womens right at most places, but rape and motherfucker is ok. Debating equal rights is a no go HARAM and even deleted if women not even get the rights made by the Holy Choran.

I see the same strange thing i clothing. I allow me to think faith, believe and like that is in the brain and not in clothe. I dont see more or less nakedness afterr the weather as any sinn. We also are born with no clothe even I do understand a diaper very well:)

People in the Islamic world, which is very well represented here, also use “pigs and pork” as very very dirty.

The facts are the rest of us, which are 6 billions, and You are only about one billion, eat it very often. Its good cheep meat. They eat almost anything just as Your hens and goats and therefore clean for us as well as they make ver good fertilizer for our fields.

I allow me to add that I know pigs in the right condtions are much cleaner under the right conditions then many here, as well as they also seemes to br brighter. ……………………………………………………………..

Finally I will say, You have to get used to limits like that. There is nothing wrong in using sites semilar to Youtubes, Facebook, Messenger and the other big ones. Sotes like that do exist.

I also will remind You, that those people, which has those sites and their kind of censurship are owners. No offense but gow many things for the whole world or most of it is invented in Bagdad or Damaskus. Only Iran has invented some good missiles.

You might be a free user using their facilities even its true, they live by adverticements. EU try to tax rthem better too. Its not only about censorship.

So I read and write on ME sites and say Bah Bah if I – in my own oppinon – has to be among sheep.

Where I live I sometimes has to say oink oink as the pigs and get rewarded with its limitations as well.

We cant list up and say Syrians, Somalis are are extra criminals because 90% is not. Most from there has the same non criminal level as us. So we have to say those from Syria and Somali are their own persons doing a lot of crime. I am sure most of them also was bad people, where they came from.

And as I try to illustrate above things also can be hard crime, where I live and not where I come from. Thats mainly the men can do a lot for free and even so the voemen are blamed for it by Old mans world based on mans world in Islam added bad culture.

We see examples here for childmarrige, where older men here would go right in prison for years and Yours gets rewarded by marrying the girls, which already hardly has no rights.

In court we give anytime give the girl the compensation and anytime name it as rape. Our women and muslim woemen and girls here are not raised for money in sales and buys.

El Mashi

Your meds?

Jens Holm

Dear Soutfront.

Unfortunatly all medias are under hard presure by anyone and also many in “west”. You and small ones like me has to fight against that and try to makes medias sober.

Yesterday was a good example. CNN denied to show a propaganda, where he declared he was in front for fighting Corona for the first day.

Another example from a politician was from Erdogan being President in Turkey. He blamed The Danish Goverment for not controlling the Media.

We have so many of them and not only SF.

I think SF now and then is highly biased but also sober, so go on with Your good work.

Somehow we have to have more control back, so people can read and write what others think and compare it with, what we think ourselves.

cechas vodobenikov

it seems that as c19 has stricken the USA fewer comments authored by the usual CIA trolls at SF have been observed—either the US economy /empire has become so derelict or c19 has reduced their capacity to perform their CIA duties or?

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