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“Orderly And Responsible Withdrawal”: U.S. Officially Admits It Lost War In Afghanistan

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"Orderly And Responsible Withdrawal": U.S. Officially Admits It Lost War In Afghanistan


The US officially admitted that it had lost the 18-year long war in Afghanistan. During the April 25 trilateral meeting of special representatives of President of Russia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and State Department of the USA on Afghanistan, the sides officially called for “an orderly and responsible withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan as part of the overall peace process.” The US de-facto called for withdrawal of its own troops and their NATO allies.

Furthermore, the US, China and Russia admitted the Taliban’s “commitement” to fight ISIS and “cut ties” with al-Qaeda and o”ther international terrorist groups.” Therefore, Washington, Beijing and Moscow largely recognized that the Taliban as a legal political power, not a terrorist group. It’s important to point out the part about fighting ISIS. Previously, US officiallys have repeatedly accused the Taliban of cooperating with ISIS and put them on one level.

Trilateral Consensus on Afghan Peace Process by Russia, China and the United States (source):

(Adopted at the meeting of special representatives of President of Russia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and State Department of the USA on Afghanistan, Moscow, April 25, 2019)

1. The three sides respect the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Afghanistan as well as its right to choose its development path. The three sides prioritize the interests of the Afghan people in promoting a peace process.

2. The three sides support an inclusive Afghan-led, Afghan-owned peace process and are ready to provide necessary assistance. The three sides encourage the Afghan Taliban to participate in peace talks with a broad, representative Afghan delegation that includes the government as soon as possible. Toward this end, and as agreed in Moscow in February 2019, we support a second round of intra-Afghan dialogue in Doha (Qatar).

3. The three sides support the Afghan government efforts to combat international terrorism and extremist organizations in Afghanistan. They take note of the Afghan Taliban’s commitment to: fight ISIS and cut ties with Al-Qaeda, ETIM, and other international terrorist groups; ensure the areas they control will not be used to threaten any other country; and call on them to prevent terrorist recruiting, training, and fundraising, and expel any known terrorists.

4. The three sides recognize the Afghan people’s strong desire for a comprehensive ceasefire. As a first step, we call on all parties to agree on immediate and concrete steps to reduce violence.

5. The three sides stress the importance of fighting illegal drug production and trafficking, and call on the Afghan government and the Taliban to take all the necessary steps to eliminate the drug threat in Afghanistan.

6. The three sides call for an orderly and responsible withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan as part of the overall peace process.

7. The three sides call for regional countries to support this trilateral consensus and are ready to build a more extensive regional and international consensus on Afghanistan.

8. The three sides agreed on a phased expansion of their consultations before the next trilateral meeting in Beijing. The date and composition of the meeting will be agreed upon through diplomatic channels.

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Hasbara Hunter

The US officially admits that it has lost the 18-year long war in Afghanistan….

U.S. do You mean you all of a sudden Give Up your 18-Year Long 90% of the World’s Share in the Heroin Trade?! You must have made some Big Bucks right? Perhaps Legalize Poppy-Production in the United States? To Compensate the Loss…

Promitheas Apollonious

they have a lot of competition from the turks so it also become very expensive for them. maximum investment minimum returns if any.

Hasbara Hunter

Just Legalize all Drugs…so that Our Governments can’t make Illegal Drugs-Money any Longer….They Only Criminalized Shit to make Mo’ Money for the Elites…and by eliminating All other Competition they gained the Monopoly in the Drugs-Trade…Under Supervision of the D.E.A. & C.I.A.


Concrete Mike

This is an often ignored fact, of how the heroin trade flourished under usa protection.

At the same time our drugs markets in the west were flooded with cheap prescription opioids / that now 15 years later were like whoops why did we do that.

Whoopsies right ,silly me!!!

Losses, it bet you there are warehouses full of oxy’s or whatever the fuck there called. Tons stockpilled.

So i suspect it will be like syria, the politicians will say were getting out, but behind the scenes, the status quo must be kept at all costs. Corruption beyond imaginable, using state ressources to assist in drug traffic, to then use the revenue from drugs traffic to finance operations that are off the books, no civilian oversight! Whilst at the same time asking for more funding from us for cooked up new threats like election hacking!!!

But in reality, the “election hack threat” is just tongive govmt the “right” to monitor all of us. So in order to protect democracy, we will act like an autocracy.

The fact that the so called “intellectual” class buy this lie and tries to shove it down our throats daily is to me , infuriating.

It seems to me the “world” is off.balance.

One day at a time friends.

Hasbara Hunter

They have been Feeding Opioids to them Sheeples to keep’m Happy, Obedient, Ignorant & Stupid Sheeples….

Jens Holm

The intellectual class dont buy that at all.

Those are the sober opposition to it but a small minority. You again show, You dont understand the most important western structures.

Those are the ones, which has made UN, Redcross, Amnesty, Doctors with no borders, help for farming, help for toilets and drinking water, human rights and like.

Put Your letters and guns against the right ones. That includes, where You live Yourself. Cleaning at home should be the easy one incl. Your balcony and garden.


I would think that the ISIS gangs that the US has relocated to Afghanistan will become poppy farmers as well as US proxy terror gangs. :)

Jens Holm

You have airplanes doing it,and thats why You know ? Someone like me sometimes think You see nothing and should be relocated Yourself.


This type of multi polar diplomacy should be encouraged. Unfortunately the US is the most Jew infested nation on the planet. And it’s run by Jews and Zionist Israel firster anti American swamp traitors who are horribly mismanaging the government and are the planet’s biggest criminals and trouble makers.

Duplicity and untrustworthyness are their middle names. If the past is any indication of the future. Until America’s and our planet’s Jew problem is corrected by extinction trade dejudification. Dealing with the US on Afghan and Syrian withdrawals and peace processes. Is likely to be similar to dealing with Israel on withdrawal and peace process issues.

Which is that they’re two faced liars who want a peace process to use it as a fig leaf for can kicking and Yinon plan criminality. To avoid a withdrawal, and to continue their crimes against humanity that are fueling the by design endless cycle of violence

Jens Holm

JEW already in second line again.

“This type of multi polar diplomacy should be encouraged. Unfortunately the US is the most”

Concrete Mike

Heroin/ opioids prices suddenly skyrocket.

Hasbara Hunter

But the Addicts will stay….First samples for Free to get them Hooked then raise the prices…like a Real Pusher would….

Jens Holm

Thats right. We also sell a lot more pigs to the chinese, because their pigs are ill – and so many, that the local prices for that good meat has gone up, so we in stead eat more oxe and chicken.

Thats one of the bad things about market economics. It sometimes include bad things too. Open borders in EU also make crime across borders much easier, we fight that but see the trade and people traffic as more essential.

Those are balances. I think none want drug addicts all over, even some drugs are usefull to calm people down, so they cant fight.

Jens Holm

You seemes to forget the rest of the world produce a lot more too. Good numbers for that, but seemes by anti mamorised in Your memorycard.

I see several of those ancient facts still used as they were true today. One is Kurds in Iraq/Turkey/Iran and the main smuglers of heroin/opium. The fast is, they onece was. They probatly do some as well as hashed, but is is a “was” according to growing as well as distribution.

Turks still do the same for Turkmen in Syria. Those WERE 1,2 millions and possesed a lot of poor farmland. Today You hardly has 0,7 mio., Turkmen. And Kurds didnt steel any of it, but bought it as well as was displaced to it by Assads.

Hasbara Hunter

90% of the Heroin-Production is coming from Afghanistan thanks to the American…ISISraHelli & British Governmental-Mobsters…Puppeticians.. Drug Lords & Elitist-Paedophiles…Drag them through the streets…Public Executions…Hang them ALL.. https://www.globalresearch.ca/heroin-dealer-in-chief-afghanistan-source-of-90-of-the-worlds-heroin/5502813

Jens Holm

Well, You forget other ME countries do as well as Nigeria and Sothafrica.

Yopu also totally ignore, that when SDF in Syria catch drug criminals – and name it as a problem – its home produced extasy and not opium aqnd heroin.

As often You are fallen for old data and combine it with, where the world is able to get numbers from.

You also ignore all the other drugs around the world. Thats fx cocain, synthetic drugs, khat. Hashes are all over the world and grows well even i Denmark hidden in free varmer corners.

You just plaster us as usual from You political point of view, where You probatly as usual understand us in the same primitive level allowed, where You are even You have internet.

I see the same for democrasy, weapons whatever.

Drugs are a very big problem for the world but its not well related to the selective dirty facts You present. USA fx have a very big drug addict problem themselves. Do You really think they make that export by purpose.

The ones making it are ISIS and Talebans, so they can fight the rest forcing them to grow opium, so they can buy weapons. The Afghans as such are kept poor. They dont get the benefits of their jobs.

Firthermore its as with the oil. The local ones gets nothing or hardly nothing. The ones making the many 1000% are the ones, which are able to produce plasticbootles and more advanced things.

I see the same economic crap telling USA would take syrian oilfields. Those are small and not even good ones, but the Syrians has to sell to the world prices for the markets as everybody else and hardly loose anything by that.

I am so tired of Your Mad Scientist Economics, whichdeny to understand anything by so many narrowminded limitations done by Yourself,

You keep Your populations poor given no hope for anything else and opens up for making desperate criminels. Its no wonder most of refugees in the world are muslims and they prefare to be among christians and infidels.

Our Afghan refugees didnt leave to here because of our troops there as well as the fightings. No they did not.

Hasbara Hunter


S Melanson

Yes, I gave Jen a bit of a brow beating. I added at the end regarding his attack on you as it was uncalled for.

S Melanson

Jen, this post of yours I disagree with as it has factual errors. See my post – the Taliban actually came close to shutting down drug production in Afghanistan and would have if not overthrown, then the CIA moved in and soon production rebounded and even reached new heights. Yes, on purpose, the CIA and the US DEA would constantly clash as the CIA found drugs more lucrative then shadow weapons deals to fund their covert operations. So the CIA undermined the Drug Enforcement Agency while becoming the number one global drug trafficker.

This September 11, 2015 article in counterpunch gives a very detailed and well documented account of CIA drug trafficking and relations with the DEA


Hasbara Hunter

Thanks for the Link…

Jens Holm

Congratulations to Taleban. I dont deny the ups and downs for drugs by Afghans as well as who is who doing what or not.

I just relate to the rest of it the drugs in the world and whats written – or actually mainly NOT written about it.

And DEA is probatly very correct in the productions there. But it doesnt say, that where they dont registrate has none drug products.

And true opium/heroin is important, but I think some more of Your having tradtions in Opium should see how much cocain and chemical made drugs do too.

By that Afghanistan as well as the Trinangle just are the traditionel old producers.

As I might have written above SDFs has jailed drug criminels – but that wasnt opium but homemade extacy. A very good example. The problems has grown, but there is no patent by USA.

Apart more drug addicts and crime, it also lower the Afghan opium and hashes,so they have to produce more for every bought weapon. Thats western economics when it the worst.

But we do see many other then us using drugs. Dont we.


‘I see several of those ancient facts still used as they were true today. One is Kurds in Iraq/Turkey/Iran and the main smuglers of heroin/opium. The fast is, they onece was. They probatly do some as well as hashed, but is is a “was” according to growing as well as distribution..[sic]’

That statement is entirely your partisan conjecture, with no backing sources to confirm it. In short, you’re just making it up to suit your pro-Kurdish narrative. In contrast, these media sources provide a far more sobering and realistic assessment of the criminal activities of militant Kurdish factions – including specific designation of PKK as terrorists and narco-traffickers by US Treasury Department:



S Melanson

So Russia and the US will recognize Afghan sovereignty, and allow the people of Afghanistan to chart their course. After 40+ years of gross interference in their internal affairs, I guess it is better late than never.

As for the offer of assistance, the Taliban probably thinks that Afghanistan has already endured enough foreign ‘assistance’ to last several lifetimes, so thanks but no thanks.

The Taliban may ask why, in apparent contradiction of point one, a seven point plan is being put forward that charts a future course for achieving peace in a country the authors devastated with minimal input by Afghanis.

The Taliban must also greatly appreciate point 5 considering the Taliban had practically halted drug production (at least 90% reduction by 2001 according to a UN report – now scrubbed from existence). Further, the US entirely reversed the Talibans accomplishments to see drug production soar to new heights. Now the Taliban is being lectured on the importance of drug production – oh yes, the Taliban understand the importance all to well in funding CIA covert operations.

Let us see how this plays out…


Yeah, an war that never should have happened, an war entirly based upon flat out fake storys and even more fake nonsense about the 9/11 event, even when Taliban was eager to handle OBL to the Imperial banana throwers, the war never the less happened, and now, 18 years later, ends.

Yup, makes me wounder what is going on, one thing is this war, another thing is behind curtains, but to be frank, whom cares right now, my hope goes to the Afgans them self, that this isnt an new psy-op of “yeah looook how nice we are” to cover new wars, other places, and the record of the Impisses regarding their in/ability to screw up everything, we can only hope that this time its for real.

Taliban was for an loong time, untuchable, with that, to counter the insane level and mass of idiot propaganda, like Hamas, they both are loaded with political and military propaganda to such an extent the bare mentioning of this, anywhere makes people react, why, when all they do is fight for their homeland and people, to me, its diametrically oposit, anyone NOT doing what they do is an traitore, an turn coat, the enemy within, and to then force us to swallow the bollocks, is what must happen, thats why I never waived, I didnt and dont do it now either, because I simply know that the western MSM and anyone official from the Imperial banana republic, lies, they lie about everything, even when they dont talk, but it took time, as before, paitient is an virtue, witch I know the Taliban knows all about. I must remind the people of an Afgan saying. You, may have all the clocks. But, we, got all the time. Blessed be the peacemakers.


Jens Holm

You seemes to forget, that USSR invaded and Qaida was trained and armed against that mainly known for the very good at the time “Stinger missiles”.

Talebans did not even exist at that time.


You seem to forget the USA created a terror army called the Mujahideen to commit terror attacks against Russian civilians, and the legal Afghan army asked Russia to help. Using the term invasion when they were invited is calculated to deceive. The only invader of Afghanistan is NATO.

Jens Holm

They are there by UN. https://www.nato.int/cps/en/natohq/topics_8189.htm


It took them nearly 20 years to realise this – they don’t call Afghanistan the graveyard of empires for no reason.


Maybe, or just maybe they are getting their troops out before they attack Iran. American GI’s strapped to the front of Iranian tanks like in Mad Max would not make good propaganda for America.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The whole point of the war was to rebuild the silk road that the USSR had tried to build when the USSR was there. The indigenous tribes tore up the road after the USSR left in defeat. As long as the tribes leave the road, then the US does not mind leaving. The wars the British fought to invade were also about building a road through Afghanistan connecting China and Europe. This road should be torn up. It is only in Zionist interest for such a road to exist. https://scontent-ort2-1.cdninstagram.com/vp/3c8c995fbb085a65cc6a59b54155a614/5D6ED6BA/t51.2885-15/e35/41322983_249382469057257_3559693380448503619_n.jpg?_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-1.cdninstagram.com

Jens Holm

If its true zionist has taken over that much, its because Your systems are control alt delete and a new computer with new programs.

Old and new transport zones are based on the need. Not the northern Afganistan as well as north of it seemes to have a lot of oil. By that, they can effort to buy thongs from the oputside too – And then it make sense to have facilities for it.

Britts as well as Tzars only had military reasons and split up the locals there by the river to Aral lake.

Unfortunatly we have seen that for the collapsed Ottman Empire as well. It only make a kind of peace among the empires, but almost none for the people living there.


Will the US truly dismantle its bases and get the hell out of somebody else’s country? Seeing is believing. If it were to happen against all odds, it’s only because the Afghans made them leave; some people in Syria should have a good think about this.


This could mean the US is preparing to attack Iran.



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