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JULY 2022

Opposition Supporters Protest On M4 Highway Ahead Of Joint Russian-Turkish Patrols (Videos)

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On March 13, a small group of opposition supporters and activists gathered on the M4 highway to protests against Russian and Turkish plans to reopen it.

Opposition activists had called for a sit-in to block the highway near the town of Arihah in the southern countryside of Idlib.

The activists said their goal is to sabotage the recent Russian-Turkish agreement on Greater Idlib. The agreement was finalized in a meeting between Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish Counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Moscow on March 5.

The protestors are planning to prevent Russian and Turkish forces from conducting a joint patrol on the M4 on March 15. The joint patrol is a key term of the Russian-Turkish agreement.

Al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) rejected the agreement, refusing to comply with it. Opposition activists said that all other groups on the M4 won’t be also complying with the agreement.

Syrian authorities have already made preparations to reopen the M4, that links the city of Aleppo with Lattakia city on the coast.

The protest on the M4 and the militants’ stand on the Russian-Turkish agreement indicate that the joint patrols could face some serious threats.


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Jihadi ISIS/al-Qaeda scum serving the Zioterrorist empire swine and neo-Ottoman extremists should be treated to some thermobaric liberation for Syria.

Jose Martinez

These people don’t know how good they have it. I wish the death penalty was allowed in my country. Anybody robbing at gun point, death penalty. Anybody abusing employees and stealing company money for personal profit aka corruption, and/or corruption of any kind, death penalty. Murder, death penalty. With an Independent judiciary to enforce the death penalty. I personally believe in monarchies, “Democracy” isn’t all it’s hyped up to be, it’s too soft.


Their religion has sharia similar to what you say.I believe in Sharia too, but it should be brought in line with the contemporary. Modern Sharia.

Jose Martinez

I’m for whatever brings order. Raising a child in this society, instilling values of hard work integrity independence morality and doing the right thing just to have some thug jealous of him for being able to earn an honest living rob him at gunpoint with a high probability of killing him is too much to bear. If people know there are consequences for their actions crimes go down. Countries that don’t have adequate punishment for crimes committed tend to have a high crime rate. These opposition supporters seem to be advocating to live in a modern day Sodom. To me it looks like they are on the wrong side..

Jens Holm

A good start for many years ago would be headchopping the reasisn for things. Those people are results. If You play football, You probatly is raised never to touch the ball:(


Quite the opposite, in Sharia law they will kill you if your religion is not like theirs, they will kill you if you eat something they don’t like, they will kill you if you wear a suit they don’t like, they will kill you … because they are criminals and they rob and kill. He says: death penalty for robbing at gun point… I have no problem with that, I don’t plan on robbing anyone. He says: death penalty for murder… I have no problem with that, I don’t plan to kill anyone. You do not agree with him, you do not want death penalty for armed robbery and murder? You planning to rob or kill someone?

Icarus Tanović

They don’t know what Sharia is, because they are bunch of Wahhabi bandits payed by CIA, and created by them. But this farce is getting over.

Jens Holm

The Standard Shatia is more then 100 years old made by old men.

And You never mention women. Thats tabu, for those are second class citicens in Yiur nasty religion in everything.

Selling and buying women as You confirms that. And in the real world the womens rights always is much lower then in Your simplified discount versions You learn as parrots.

Almost none of You can even read the Holæy Choran. You are TOLD whats written.

We see it here among muslim refugees. Especially women are lowered in rights, but young men too. Old men should not decide what young men and women should do like that and make women prepared for sale.

There is no honor there but slavery of the most well organized kind.

Those arrived muslims learn dansish and next they can read themselves, what Muhammed and Allah once said.

But none of You debate this here. Its not even allowed. Here You use “mild”. You are terrible. We do have parts of that kind of crap in the Christian world. That why so many of us actually are almost 100% sekuular.

We even has our own pedofiles.

Jens Holm

Thats hypocrasy of the worst kind.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

If they did the same thing in Turkey they would be facing live ammunition.


White helmets multitasking…..

The Man

Now that was a funny comment!


There were less than 100 men and 5 boys, 2 boys in the first vid, 1 in the second and 4 in the last (2 from earlier vids). I also counted 7 of the above “activists” running around with cameras with 2 others looking like msm hack snappers come journos. The ones who are not WHs are bonified Jihadis. What’s the difference? WHs get paid more and have their entry visa to US already granted.

Shia man

They call that a protest SAA should have bombed them you can’t trust turkey or any of these rats should SAA and Russia have never agreed to ceasefire.

good american

Don’t brake for jihadis.

John Wallace

With one of these fitted to the front. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8978ede31799d98eb94081e65ced6a76ecdf755cd41eb51cb6e07da3d33bf97b.jpg

Then they can play skittles with the ones standing on the side of the road.

Jens Holm

Somreone shawed Your head with that one:)

John Wallace

What does Shawed mean? archaic or dialect. a small wood; thicket; copse. ??? Still not inserted the brain yet dumb fuckwit.

V. Mecki

I guess he means “shave”

Jens Holm

I do mean shave. I am sorry…

John Wallace

No he just means to shit stir and always gets words wrong or talks in riddles that only he can understand. I know best to ignore him as he is just seeking attention.

Jens Holm

shave sorry.

Next time I will use skyscraber.

Luke Hemmming

It’s phucking ‘shaved’you phucking retarded illiterate imbecile. Get it right dickhead.

Jens Holm

We have penises here. The difference míght be, they are not amputated.

Dick is a name for a person


V. Mecki

Try this one: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/15d1ccb232854680d95075268dae4f7eaccbc6fbc477656f047531db9870448b.jpg

Jens Holm

Thats a nice one.

Al Balog

As I’ve said before: They’re just a bunch of f*ckin’ ugly greens who support head-choppers.


fayez chergui

well said.

Jens Holm


Bobby Twoshoes

What do your childhood memories have to do with anything?


For soros supporters present,means baby pizzas marinated with the blurd {sic} Thats how liberal moles make big money from trafficking,selling,cover ups + lies!

Jens Holm

No problemos. We sell it as halal to You.


Typical soros incest spawn nonbinary pedosexual californicactor all upset, So inorder to validate its lies but can’t,then trys be someone it fkn well ain’t, Hows the baby pizzas in california,must be soo yummy for you incestsive disorders,yes!

Xoli Xoli

Turkey will soon erupted in big chaose to safe them self from Erdogan oppression.

Xoli Xoli

Turkey should completely withdraw to Turkey and concentrate on coronavirus. Sick trading partners of Putin.


I’ve always been wondering how this patrol should work. The Russians and Turks patrolling on the highway in the middle of a Jihadi zoo? The Russians would probably get attacked. Putin’s deals with Erdo could become very dangerous.

Pave Way IV

Joint patrols – Turks would be attacked too, and Turkish troops could be killed or injured. What is Erdogan going to tell the people of Turkey when their sons that were sent to die protecting the head-choppers are killed by those same head-choppers? It wouldn’t matter if the Turks try to cover up such attacks because the Russians will be there too and they’ll damn sure report it.

This might force Turkish leadership to acknowledge that all the ex-Nusra trash in Syria that Turkey has been supporting at great cost, especially HTS, IS their enemy and always has been. HTS was only using Erdogan and his psychotic obsession with Syria all along, just like Erdogan was using HTS for his own interests. It would have been worth it for HTS to fake loyalty to Erdogan’s New Ottoman Empire for a while to get a steady supply of arms and paychecks, and military protection from the Turk army. That’s going to end pretty damn quickly if HTS sends Turkish soldiers home in boxes.

How will a megalomaniac like Erdogan respond if his HTS minions no longer serve his interests and turn the Turkish public against Smeagol? Moreso, how will Turkish Intelligence act if they sense Erdogan is no longer on their side (=the side of HTS)?

The head-choppers might get away with a few IED or hit-and-run attacks, but they’re not going to be able to avoid eventually killing some Turks. Russia knows that. Easiest way to defeat a proxy army is to turn their master against them. How long would HTS last if attacked by Turkey on one side, and Syria and Russia on the other?


HTS would never stand a chance, if they would get attacked from both sides, but I don’t see that happening soon. Erdo will attempt to support them, as long as he can. The easiest way would still have been to steamroll Idlib without a ceasefire. This would have decreased the number of killed SAA soldiers, because the terrorists always use the ceasefires to regroup and build new fortifications, like in Kabani, where they’ve built many trenches during the 2018 ceasefire. Recently during the operation when the SAA was on the roll you could see how they quickly withdrew, often without resisting to the SAA.

In the end the SAA could pocket them in the mountains of Northern Idlib, when the rest is already liberated, this would increase the threat the Jihadis would pose to Turkey and Assad could use this to pressure Turkey to leave Syria and handover Afrin, ES and the NE to the SAA, otherwise the SAA wouldn’t attack the area and Turkey would have to live with the increased danger.

Pave Way IV

Could be, xTheWarrior22. But you have HTS publicly announcing they won’t observe the ceasefire. They are Wahhabi fanatic insurgents, not a disciplined military force capable of reasoning. Of course it’s not to their benefit to anger Turkey or Erdogan (they don’t care about Russia), but Turkish troops will be shooting back at them if they attack a joint patrol. That’s even if HTS can somehow only target Russian vehicles in the convoy.

I don’t care for the politics of Turkey, but I can’t imagine an average Turkish soldier behind a twin .50 on top of an MRAP doing something as dumb as holding his fire because “They only attacked a Russian vehicle”. If I were him, I would immediately empty both cans into the collection of rat life scurrying around shooting at my patrol way before I worried about which vehicles they targeted or why. Maybe that’s just my unique reaction behind a .50 cal – they have magical powers that can actually take over your mind and make you use them for suppressive fire. Very dangerous!

And ‘Just keep advancing’ has never been a very successful strategy for modern Arab armies – that’s a political strategy, not a military one. I would differ about using it to save SAA lives in the end. The Russians seem to know what they’re doing here and the SAA has been listening and learning. It’s the head-choppers that don’t seem to understand that the SAA is no longer a typical Arab army.

But we both know none of this really matters, though. The cease-fire violations will continue growing until the SAA has logistics and air defense extended to the new lines. The RuAF and SyAF need some rest and a little down time for maintenance and resupply. Eventually, the SAA will start rolling over head-choppers again just like before. Turkey’s opinion won’t matter, just like it didn’t all the other times the ceasefires were violated. The justification will be the same: the M4 and M5 have to be open and secure. If that wasn’t accomplished with the current cease fire and joint patrols, then Syria (with some Russian help) will make it happen.


You see, I’ve been wandering what the point of this ceasefire is, and all I found was that it’s useless and will only stop us (I’m a Syrian) from advancing. But you said something about it that made it more interesting… Can you perhaps explain why Russia would implement the ceasefire? It also appears that the Syrian president was happy about it, in your view why?


Are any of them really fanatics or is that the role they play for American Caesar?

Lazy Gamer

The more probable scenario is -the Turks shoot the Russians in the back when the HTS attack occurs.


Who’s he working for?

Ray " Uncle Sam"

russia just looking for the next attack path on that patrols!

Toni Liu

That means the end of ceasefire and saa night train can plow all of them back to turk border


This M4 re-opening agreement isn’t gonna work, the Turk-backed terrorists will sabotage it as usual. Russia should not send any convoys into Jihadi territory.


I counted about a 100. a 100 folks cannot decide the fate of the country. Mainly when those 100 are just the beneficiaries of the war.


All 10 of them? Probably Israelis

johnny rotten

What the fuckin ‘opposition, are fucking head cutters and cannibals eating the liver of the newly executed prisoners, we don’t want to screw up?

Luke Hemmming

Wow they came out in their droves to support this cause, millions, ok hundreds of thousands, well maybe a few thousand…no like maybe hundreds…nope not even that…hmm dozens???…no?…Ok maybe 2 or 3 dozen max and some of those were curious bystanders wondering if there was a free BBQ at the end of the protest. Yup we now are seeing the real numbers of the syrian people that are opposed to Assad…Not many at all.

Pave Way IV

I’m wondering about those ‘curious bystanders’ – like the seemingly uninterested guys in the back with their hands in their coat pockets. Maybe they’re there there trying to prevent a free BBQ – of their families being held hostage – unless they attend the protest.

Jens Holm

I partly agree. The Luke Hemmming reflexions is behaviorisme like parrots and so many sunnis.

There are can be many resons for, they are there.



https://baasdebeer.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/working-with-idiots1.gif Jens Homer

Luke Hemmming

Down voted by someone, not me, and no up votes Jen. What does that say about you? To me it speaks volumes of what people here think of you. They think your a phucking idiot not worth voting for and not worth replying to.

Luke Hemmming

And Dar basically has perfectly summed up your level of intelligence with his most excellent cartoon analogy of our perception of you. Jens Homer. It was funny so I upvoted him for that. As for you…you get no votes from me , up or down, because I can’t be bothered touching that little tiny vote symbol on my smart phone screen.

Luke Hemmming

Its reflections, not reflexions and it’s behaviorism not behaviorisme. And your last sentence should have been written like this “there can be many reasons for this”. Obviously you dropped out of kindergarten as that was too hard for you.

Jens Holm

You keep Your low level well.

Luke Hemmming

Geez Jen you are about the only brainless wonder on here aren’t you. And still your comments make no sense to anyone else except you.


“Opposition activists had called for a sit-in to block the highway near the town of Arihah”

Sitting ducks. Sounds good to me.

Ton Smit

In the second video I heard the “opposition supporters” chant “Allahu Akbar”. And I only see males. Gives me little confidence.

good american

All fighting aged and most wearing black. They look familiar, like I’ve seen them before….. Maybe superheros? Put a hood with eye holes over their heads and I’m sure I could tell you for sure…..


If they’re fake civilians, they will give themselves away when the Russians arrive. better make sure that there are lots of cameras present.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Russians need really big armoured vehicles with really good suspension, that way they won’t feel uncomfortable as they run over all the banner holders, no one like’s a bumpy ride.

good american

I don’t know. I have a feeling Russians REALLY like bumper cars.

Jens Holm

Not at all. They have stopped producing them :)

Next step might be like in WW2, where they imported 250.000 Bedford trucks for and with fuel and 50.000 jeeps.

good american

Riding an old UAZ jeep helps one build a strong grip. ;)


no it wasn’t a few dozen in photos don’t make fake numbers nonbinary disinfo!

Tim Williams

Block the road … run over the RATS … refuse to leave … die

Gary Sellars

These people cease to be civilians when they openly declare for HTS and other Wahabbi terror gangs.

Xoli Xoli

Russian patrol will be attack with detonators.


It’s a provocation to be avoided, not an opportunity to look like the US head-chopping, heart-eating, rapers and slavers.


They could be executed responsibly


Ritual murder is an abomination, even of Americans.


Paid crowd again, yawn…

Tim Williams

TURKS send in the troops to force the road open


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