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Opposition Militants In Southern Damascus Accept Evacuation Deal

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On April 29, the besieged fighters of Jaysh al-Islam, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and Jaysh al-Ababil south of the Syrian capital of Damascus accepted an evacuation deal that will allow them to withdraw from their positions in the districts of Aqraba, Beit Sahm, Yalda and Babbila to other militant-held parts of Syria, the pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi reported.

Opposition Militants In Southern Damascus Accept Evacuation Deal

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The Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV said that the SAA and the militants reached a deal and said the evacuation process is set to begin on May 1.

According to reports, Jaysh al-Islam fighters will withdraw towards the Turkish-held town of Jarabulus, HTS fighters will withdraw to Idlib governorate, while Jaysh al-Ababil fighters will withdraw to Daraa governorate.

Pro-government sources added that the Russian Military Police may be deployed in the districts of Aqraba, Beit Sahm, Yalda and Babbila as a part of the evacuation deal. Russia and the Damascus government will also offer a reconciliation deal for all the militants who want to stay in their areas, according to the sources.

The evacuation deal doesn’t include ISIS fighters who are besieged in the Yarmouk refugee camp, the district of al-Hajar al-Aswad and parts of the al-Tadamon district. Local observers believe that the SAA will increase its pressure on the besieged terrorists, once the evacuation deal is fellfield.

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They shouldn’t have let them go till they do something against ISIS.

The Latin Mass

They need the rest. FSA have the important job of liberating 25% of Syria, including many of the important oil fields for Assad.

Michał Hunicz

It is important to notice that the SAA can enter these areas before evacuation, allowing Syria to avoid what happened in Al-Qadam!

You can call me Al

If ISIS are just nutters and paid scum mercs, why don’t Russia, Iran, China pay them to attack Israel ?, if that happened, the Palestinians and Lebanese would be there is a flash, Syria could take the Golan heights back and the real Arabs would take the Saudis out, whilst ridding itself of Israel.

Disclaimer:- My above comment has nothing to do with the normal or orthodox Jews Worldwide, it has to do with the radical, war-mongering Zionist bstards.


The White helmets wants new faces for acting. The wage is only few dates, cookies, biscuits and an attack of some hundred cruise missiles on your country. LOL. This is the organisation that work for bastards trump, may and macron…….


Very strange no parks and no wide roads in Yarmouk pocket.


It’s a Palestinian refugee camp – built hastily and with no planning. A maze of small streets and crumbling buildings. Not a good place to attack…


I saw the Damascus city area too which is also without planning. That is not healthy. Within each 4 square kilometers 1square Km for park, 1square Km for management, banks and offices and the remaining 2square Kms for residential areas.

Streets are 60 meters wide Roads are 120 meters wide Highways/motorways 240 meters wide.

Highways/motorways and rail tracks should be straight without bent.


Plenty of real estate for new development in and around Damascus after the war – I hope they plan good this time…

Michał Hunicz

China ?? is rising…

Michał Hunicz

It is an Arab city, all Arab old towns are looking like this. I remember Cairo in 2010. Wide streets, some organization in new business districts and messy old, poorer parts.


Look like slum.


The city is over 5000 years old !


So what they want from these old cities they should have to knock down 20 years ago and to erect new buildings. So now its time to demolish all these old buildings and build new ones according to the planning by good architectures. If the new all buildings are similar in look and 300 meters away from roads then these will look nice.


Good stuff, Damascus will soon be entirely free of these green and black terrorist dickheads. Green scum in Rastan and the ISIS remnant in Deir Ez Zor are next hopefully.


Nice keep this deals coming this turned out to be very effective method tho, no dead SAA soldiers etc. Extract those that want to go either North or South and that’s it. But as for Daesh no deals just pound them with everything they have. After this Homs Rastan pocket’s turn.

Icarus Tanović

Let’s get rid of pestilence all together, aigh?

Richard M

Once the Green Orcs are bused out, SAA can use their positions to crush the Grey Orcs. Apart from skirmishing, Yarmouk has been status quo divided between Green and Grey Orcs for years. Since no significant inter-Orc battles were fought, ISIS fortifications along the east divide will be weaker than those facing SAA held areas. Of course they can try to redeploy and dig tunnels and trenches while being bombed to Orc Hash. :D

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