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Opinion: War between NATO and Russia is inevitable in 2017?

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Why would Washington be ready to become a target because of what happens in the Baltic states? Why would London, Paris….etc. This is sheer neocon nonsense. There will be no war between NATO and Russia.

chris chuba

War is always possible when someone acts reckless and doesn’t understand, or want to understand the other side. I have a scenario where I can see a war starting if Hillary Clinton gets elected.

1. HRC orders a no fly zone over Syria and a missile attack on Assad’s forces (something she does support and a recommendation by ‘the 51’).

2. HRC is infuriated when the Russians thwart the missile attack and shoots down a U.S. Jet with their S400’s. On advice from Gen. Breedlove, she responds by ordering a naval attack on Sevastopol and a U.S. supported land attack by Ukraine on Crimea.

The neocons think, hey, Crimea is really part of Ukraine and this will force the Russians to leave Syria and this will teach them a lesson. Of course the Russians equate this with an attack on St. Petersburg or Volgograd. After this all bets are off as far as how this would escalate.

This entire scenario is based on how the Neocons in Washington live in their own reality. They really believe that the Russians are bullies and if you stand up to bullies they will back down. The reality is that we are backing the Russians into a corner and they have nowhere else to go.


US cannot do anything meaningful in Syria against the Russians without getting embarrassed, as far as Ukraine the breakaway rebels did quite good and defeated the Ukrainian army on several occasions. This is conventional war, nothing escalating to nuclear thresh hold. The neocons need to live in the present tense instead of the days of shock and awe. There will be no shock and awe in Syria nor Donbass.

chris chuba

You are talking like a rational person. Unfortunately the Neocons are not rational and this is the big problem. Despite my low opinion of them they still manage to shock me.

1. The letter by the 51 State Dept officials calling for the bombing of Assad’s forces was completely oblivious to the possibility of Russian resistance. How could they ignore this possibility, how would these children react if the Russians did not do as they were told?

2. I believe that there is ample evidence that the Neocons fanned the flames of Maidan but even if you are generous and don’t believe that, they Neocons are aggressively calling for the arming of Ukraine with deadly weapons. What do these people think would happen if the Ukrainians were actually able to start slaughtering native Russians right next to Russia’s borders? These people are totally oblivious to the consequences of their reckless behavior.

When you have irrational Neocons in control of the most powerful military force, it is only a matter of time before something really bad happens, just like a drunk driver will eventually wreck their car. I just hope that it will be a small event to shock us into realizing what fools they are. I am losing hope.


I think delusional neoconservative have to be slapped hard a few times, so they wake up to present day realities. When Trump is elected these neoconservative are going to be given the boot. These neocons do not control the military, they try to
Impose their influence.

Tony B.

2017 is the 100th anniversary of the Fatima, Portugal appearance of the Mother of God who related what must be done to restore order in the world and it was not done. In the century following, the world has seen the most vicious bloodshed and depravity ever recorded, both in numbers and glorification of the ability to do as the powerful please. Just how much patience do world mis-leaders think God has? It may finally be running out. Those old “The end is near” signs may finally be correct.


God does not have a mother, He is self existent.


The worldwide globalization set the foundation for the one world government that will be prevalent at the end times under the leadership of the beast and the supported by the 10 horns (leaders).

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