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Opinion: Understanding of Syria Talks in Vienna

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Opinion: Understanding of Syria Talks in Vienna

Written by Ahmed Rajeev exclusively for SouthFront

The recent mutual understandings on Syria crisis by the 19 party discussion ended yesterday. They have declared 9 points of mutual understandings. let’s discuss those 9 points to understand a bit more.

Their number 1 understanding according to their press release, “1. Syria’s unity, independence, territorial integrity and secular characters are fundamental. ” I am very clear about the unity, independence and territorial integrity part but failed to understand the secular character of Syria. if their understanding about unity is secular characters of Syria, then they are very wrong. it is simply impossible to keep the Syrian secular character without further escalation of conflicts. Another important finding is there is no room for democracy of Syrian state system, that is a victory for the Russian bloc because they had been raising their voice from the very beginning against the so-called western ‘ freedom of democracy’ movement.

Another important achievement was to make an understanding regarding the territorial integrity of Syria, and that territorial integrity was threatened by those terrorists. Last year many political pundits said that Iraq and Syria would be divided by sectarian and ethnic basis. But I think they were right if they could not consider the Russian engagement.

The understanding number two states, “the State institution will remain intact.” That means, there won’t be an Iraq repetition of the dismantling state institution in Syria.

According to number 3, “the rights of all Syrians regardless of ethnicity and Religious denomination must be protected.” But it is very conflicting with the number one understanding which emphasis on the secular characters of Syria. The social divisions are immense, the ethnic groups and religious extremists already in the fight against the ideology of devoid secularist government of Syria. So, it will lead to more long-lasting rhythmic conflicts.

Number 4 is kind of universal call by stating that, “it is imperative to accelerate all the diplomatic efforts to end the war in syria.” Interestingly we did not listen such statements from the west before the Russian-Syrian joint strike!

According to number 5 understanding, all the 19 party will provide humanitarian support for the affected citizens of Syria. Though it should be placed at number one understanding.

The most important topic comes at number 6 of mutual understandings. number 6 says, “Daesh and other UNSC recognized terrorists must be defeated.” Here two important factors, one is why the most important topic comes at number six and another one is, why all the unified 19 parties are calling it Daesh, not the ISIL or IS or the ISIS! Though it won’t justify ISIL’s actions in the Middle East and rest of the world.

Number 7 and 8 deals with the election process under the UN supervision and Syria-led political process. It is a good sign that Syrians finally get a voice at the 8th understanding of 19 parties. And according to the press reports, Syrian Govt led a political process before the externally infused violence engulf the country.

According to the last mutual understanding, the 19 parties are looking for the ceasefire in Syria accompanied with the political process. Though it is very much dependent on diplomatic approach and the political process.

According to my observation, this understanding is a bureaucratic way to subdue the crisis. The crisis may take a similarity of the present day Ukraine crisis in future but the actors would have to play the opposite role. Russian bloc will back the central government and opposite forces will be getting support from the west in a foreseeable long Middle-Eastern conflict of Syria part.

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David Hungerford

Possibly the word “secular” is misunderstood here. It mean non -sectarian, all religious and ethnic groups stand equal before the law.

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