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JUNE 2020

Opinion: The Supportive Lever for Future Terror. Are You Blind?!


Opinion: The Supportive Lever for Future Terror. Are You Blind?!

Written by Kalina Androlova; Originally appeared at Memoriabg, translated by Valentina Tzoneva exclusively for SouthFront

When poor people run away from war, they move to the nearest border and seek refuge from death. However, those people who travel across Europe today, with signboards that they want to live in the wealthiest European country, Germany, do not run away from war. They simply immigrate and look for a more comfortable lifestyle. A hysterical propaganda of melodramatic feeling towards the refugees, well-manufactured in the laboratories by specialists in media exposure and formation of public opinion, is brewing. Countless NGOs, financed by the USA, undertook the organising of rallies in support of the “refugees.”

I have a question, however. Do you remember the beginning of the 90s in Bulgaria? Do you remember that hunger, that lack of money, the terrible destruction, the closing of businesses, the total poverty and the muddle? Hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians had to change their place and way of living. There was no way to go to Europe just like that; to stand at the border and to say: ”I run from the deadly hopelessness in Bulgaria. I want to be in Germany, France, Great Britain… .” At that time, the American NGOs did not finance tearful propaganda for the miserable, destitute Bulgarians, Russians and East Europeans. On the contrary, with curiosity, they observed the results of their own strategy: how the elderly, our fathers, mothers, grandparents were dying of hunger, cold, poverty and lack of medical services. No one then let us go and live in Europe! No one cared then, and now they carefully consider the needs of the migrants, whose fate, apropos, is caused totally and utterly by Obama’s administration. And to argue otherwise is simply an extreme form of propaganda cynicism.

Opinion: The Supportive Lever for Future Terror. Are You Blind?!

Kalina Androlova

I have acquaintances who spent several years in camps in Europe waiting for approval of their documents, and then it was announced that they were economic migrants and were sent back to Bulgaria. Personally, I am very puzzled about how the so-called refugees now have all the rights to choose where they WANT to go and live. ‘WE ARE GOING TO GERMANY!’ – what exactly does this mean? This is no longer an escape from war. It is not an economic emigration, because such an migration could not have been organised in masses. Economic emigration is diverse; each one at a different time goes to a different place, according to individual plans. At the moment, we are facing an absolutely organised invasion of people alien to European culture. It is not by chance that facts emerge that the smugglers are paid dearly for the transfer of these people in the European world. Does anyone have a logical answer for WHY this is happening? The war is simply a motive; ‘Islamic State’ is just a tool. The migrants themselves are extremely arrogant, as if Europe owes them something. They raise slogans: “Shame on you Europe!”, “Open your borders!”, they  scream, toss fences, demonstrate extreme confidence… Excuse me! Did Europe create and arm ‘Islamic State’? Is it not yet clear to you?! Europe has been sacrificed in the sinister game of external forces. And it is not a pessimistic crying of a journalist on Bulgarian national radio, exaggerating the drama. This is the actual future; the very near future of Europe.

The migrants are from the Middle East, Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the like. How and why did they think of arriving in Europe right now?! The migratory chaos in Europe is an important tactical operation on the path of a profound ethnic reconstruction of Europe. This is correct, but an incomplete analysis. A full analysis requires to be emphasised that together with the migrants, quite a number of militants from ‘Islamic State’, say several thousand, will be accommodated in Europe. You do understand that if there is no such exodus of refugees, there is no chance for so many jihadists to land in the EU. These jihadists were never needed by ‘Islamic State’. They are only necessary for those who want to control Europe. In every wrong geopolitical step and in every attempt for independence, Europe will be terrorised and threatened with bombings, riots, massacres and what not. For example, a contract for a pipeline is signed and whoops: there goes an attack or operation of the radical Islamists that shifts the attention and not only the attention, but the actual activities. You do not want to sign the TTIP? Oh, it’s easy to make you ask the corporations to sue you!

It is necessary to stress once again: the supportive lever for the future management through terror, chaos and unrest is being imported in Europe right now. Right now, terrorist cells of operating groups are being structured. Right now, Europe can still do something to protect itself. But unfortunately, nothing is being done. Viktor Orban is the only one defending Europe. Greed and the fear of a strong and powerful Eurasia is stronger than reason. Europe is getting destroyed, Asia is getting broken to pieces, sub- and supra-national quasi-state structures are becoming established. Don’t you see the shift in the world? Are you blind?!



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  • Tom Johnson

    OMG, the 2nd paragraph is so painfully obtuse. She is here writing for a Russian propaganda site and is bitching about the collapse of the Bulgarian economy back in the 90’s. lol. Is the author retarded or just hopelessly stupid-the answer is no; after all it is propaganda and therefore a conceived, but poorly, executed lie.

    • farplay
    • Bob

      And the current Ukrainian economic collapse is 100% the result of a US financed government other throw, stage managed by State Dept sister No.1, Victoria Nuland. New Ukraine will default, the IMF has already bent own rules drastically to bail it out, default is simply matter of time. That said, Ukrainians, thrown into a US geo-strategic game are stuck there, in a spiral downward, aggravated by mass conscription for males to fight a pointless war in east of country. These Ukrainians do not have unhindered access to Germany/France as do other so called ‘refugees’ flooding into EU, via funnel point of destroyed open border Libya. Ukraine is similar situation to point made by the author, Merkel’s uncapped ‘moral necessity’ intake, doesn’t apply to Ukraine, they are being forced to stay or formally emigrate farther afield to escape the mess. The whole EU migrant drive and the supposed ‘moral justification’ for it by Merkel has a strange undercurrent to it indeed.

  • Ronald

    Kalina makes great sense , ISIS just being a tool to re-fashion Europe via terror and arrogant immigrants . While the US created ISIS , Al Nusra , etc. the European governments backed them in order to facilitate the military industries. Payback is hard , the interest is high .
    Hope Europe survives it.

  • Wilfried Waltke

    I am not blind. But as a morally ostracized citizen of Germany, a jew killer and master of death, I feel helpless. I am member of the Alternative for Germany, but does it help? Maybe, time will tell.