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Opinion: The New Lies About WWII Which The West Is Making People Believe In

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After the end of the bloodiest war in the history of humanity, a lot of myths arose and were turned into “facts” by the West and even some Russian elites.

Opinion: The New Lies About WWII Which The West Is Making People Believe In

On the 19th and 20th of May, an International Academic Conference named “Historic truth and lies – 75 years since the start of the Great Patriotic War” took place in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Academic figures from Russia, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Moldova expressed their opinion on the interesting topic. However, the main guest was acad. Andrey Fursov who is one of the top 100 most influential people in the academic sphere in Russia. He read his report entitled “Plotters, instigators and winners of the Second World War.” He also pointed out the biggest lies about the war and how the West is trying to rewrite the history of the war.

[Author’s comment: In this article I’ll combine both Andrey Fursov’s and my opinion on this topic. I’ll state some of the biggest lies according to him and will further elaborate on them]

One of the biggest lies according to acad. Fursov is that the USSR and Stalin are to blame for the war and arguing with the meaning of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

Western critics usually blame the Soviet Union and Stalin for being allies and that the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact is the proof of it. If we have to be correct, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was the last pact of non-aggression signed by a big European country with Germany. Before the Soviet Union, both France and the British Empire had signed similar documents, but it seems as if nobody tends to remember (or doesn’t want to remember) what happened at the Munich Conference in September 1938. Other European countries have also signed such agreements.

The second big lie according to the academic is that Stalin was preparing to attack but Hitler surprised him and did it first.

The demonization of Stalin has reached levels which are making people say that he was worse than Hitler. This lie is just another argument for this. Stalin was definitely not preparing to launch an attack on Germany. To understand this, we have to look at the position of the USA at this moment. Roosevelt had repeatedly stated that the US will stand behind the country which defends itself. So, if the USSR had attacked, the US was going to be against them. At that time, the USA was holding 41% of the world’s military industry. Germany and the USSR were both at 14%. Britain had 10.2%, France- 4.2%, Italy and Japan- around 2.5% each. Stalin was no fool, he was never going to attack in these circumstances.

A question could arise here, “Why did Hitler attack, then?” Answering this question could answer why the Second World War took place at all. After the devastating defeat in WWI, Germany was completely destroyed. At that time the USA had big issues with the British Empire as well as vice versa. The USA wanted to eliminate the British Empire, while the Brits wanted to preserve themselves and also destroy Russia (at that time the Soviet Union). Both of these countries had interest in helping Germany and what happened was that both of them (but mainly the USA) sponsored Germany and the rise of Hitler. Germany had no money, they needed gold reserves. There were gold reserves in Austria, therefore Germany had to take Austria. However to wipe out the Soviet Union (as the Brits wanted) or the British Empire (as the US wanted) Germany needed military industrial complex. Czechoslovakia had the needed industry, in fact they were producing the best tanks and artillery at that time. Germany took Austria and then got Czechoslovakia at the Munich conference.

At the same time the Brits were backing Hitler and misled him into attacking the Soviet Union. Hitler knew well that Germany is not ready to defeat the Soviets. However, the British elites promised to help and had planned airstrikes against Baku and Grozny where the Soviet Union produced its oil. However, the airstrikes were canceled 10 days before the forces of the Third Reich attacked. Destroying the oil supplies would have given a strategic advantage to the Nazis. That’s not all. They also gave misleading intelligence information to Hitler, according to which the Soviet Union had only one line of defense, similar to those of the other European countries which Hitler had occupied easily with blitzkriegs. However, Marshal Zhukov had planned and placed three lines of defense which proved to be a key factor in the war.

We can conclude that the British elites at that time, in pure Anglo-Saxon’s fashion, outwit all of their rivals, including even the giant industrial power – the USA.

The 3rd big lie that Fursov points out is that Stalin didn’t know that Hitler was going to attack and he left his army vulnerable to the forces of the Nazi.

Stalin was told a million times that Hitler planned to attack and he even knew the exact date from as early as May. The early big loses of the Soviet army could be easily explained. For only two years, the Soviets were unable to build a good infrastructure on the border with Nazi Germany and were also outnumbered and the Nazis had more advanced hardware and more experienced troops. The German generals were masters of the blitzkriegs and had great success until they faced the next lines of defense which actually saved the Soviet Union.

Some sources would even claim that the Soviet army lost 5, even 10 times more soldiers than the Wehrmacht. That was impossible because the Soviet Union never had that many soldiers. In reality, the ratio was 1:1.3 in German favor. For every dead German soldier there were 1.3 dead Soviet ones.

4th and extremely important: Who are winners of the war?

Ever since the end of the war there were disagreements and propaganda on this topic. However, the propaganda got to another level after the break-up of the Soviet Union. Western media’s propaganda will try to make you believe that nobody won in the war, or that the US liberated Europe (this tendency has been confirmed by various polls which show that the young Europeans think that the US played the biggest role in defeating Hitler), and even that it wasn’t Stalin’s system that won, but the people in spite of Stalin and his totalitarian system.
Blatant lie after blatant lie. People without a system are just a crowd, a mod. Whether we like it or not, Stalin’s system prevailed over Hitler’s system and that’s the truth.

More and more lies are coming up as each day passes. The propaganda machines will never stop the war for the minds of the people, and sadly the situation is becoming worse and worse and with more and more attempts to rewrite the course of history.

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Real Anti-Racist Action

The good Russian people were conquered by non-ethnic-Russians, otherwise called Khazars, or “Ashkenazi-Jews”. Communism is not a Russian design, but a middle eastern one called Jewish-supremacism. Jews also freely exterminated 45,000,000 indigenous Russians and Europeans during the Holodomor. Also, Stalin was nt Russian, he was a Georgian-supremacist-bigots who hated Russians. Stalin outlawed Christianity and Orthodox. Communism also outlawed exposing the Jewish control over Russians. We love Russia, but Russians were victims of Zionism’s-Marxism. Wake up, Russian is today Nationalist, and this is a very very good thing. The EU and UK and USSA Today are Communist–Zionist-pigs. https://holodomorinfo.com/ http://ihr.org/


Lol, oh another one of these conspiracy theorists tough this one is a lot more extreme then usual ones. :P must be a closet-nazi

Real Anti-Racist Action

Georgians till this day are enemies of Russia. Stalin was Georgian. Georgia was the latest country to fight a war against the Russian people. Why did Stalin outlaw Christianity? Why did Stalin genocide the White-Russians? Why did Stalin invade Spain? Why did Stalin invade Finland? Why did Stalin order the killings of his two best friends? Why did Stalin die along in his room without a friend in the world? Why did the Russians feel no sympathy when the un-elected dictator die? These are all legitimate questions… which deserve direct and honest answers. I love Russians, and Zionist-Marxist hate Russians. Wake up comrade. Be Russian, not a Zionist-bigot. The USA is Communist, so is the EU and UK and NATO. The Red revolution as financed by Wall-street and London Jew financiers financed the Reds against the White-Russian-Christians. This was to depopulated the good Christian Russian people. Long live Russia! Down with Zionisms-Marxism.


Trump has halted the possibility of any more communistic programs and systems being implemented in the US. The real American people are SO grateful and beyond excited that we finally have an actual leader who loves our country and its people and is set on taking our country back! We voted him in for a reason. However…you do need to step back just a little bit and realize you’re falling for quite a bit of propaganda from your country


I had never heard of holodomor until you linked it. Ive read gulag archipelago though which started my interest in the bolsheviks. Thanks for the link.


I’m not convinced that Britain was planning to bomb Baku and Grozny. I could see them saying they were and giving false intel to the Germans to get them into a war with the USSR but not actually helping the German war effort. Strategically the best possible scenario for both Britain and the USA was to have both Germany and the USSR slug it out and I’m sure both powers did all they could to make sure that happened.

I was always of the opinion that German and Britain were natural allies against the USSR and had things transpired differently in the years preceding WW2 I think this alliance may have been possible. I believe Rudolph Hess’s flight to Scotland was a last minute negotiation to get Britain to ally with Germany against the USSR. Even if it made perfect sense it would have been a hard sell to the british people seeing as they were at war with Germany and endured a destructive attack on the british homeland as well as a humiliating defeat at Dunkirk.

What really irks me in regard to the wests’ (particularly the USA) view of the history of the war in the east is the lack of credit and respect that is given to the Red Army’s victory over the fascists….and it was the Red Army’s victory. Americans took Franz Halder’s version of events verbatim never even questioning that Germans may have ulterior motives in shaping the truth about the Red Army and the conduct of the war. Mansteins account of his “stolen victory” at Kursk doesn’t even acknowledge that the battle for the Kursk salient was the opening phase of the Russian summer offensive meant to grind down German forces and the Red Army had 4 tank armies in reserve waiting for the Germans to run out of steam. Americans still believe that their invasion of Sicily saved the Red Army from total defeat at Kursk…..mainly because they believe Manstein Halder et al version of events.

chris chuba

And they really play up the Intelligence that the British gave to the Russians regarding the German operation at Kursk. That may have helped but the Soviets were expecting that on their own for a number of reasons (Zhukov’s memoirs). 1. It was the site of the last major German attack (Manstein’s famous counter-offensive), hey, maybe they will attack again. 2. It was an obvious salient in the lines where pinching it off would alleviate German manpower requirements and setup a possible attack on Moscow, Stalin was obsessed with any threat against Moscow. 3. The months of preparations were impossible to hide from aerial reconnaissance. 4. After Stalingrad, the Germans didn’t have the manpower to launch attacks of the size of the previous two summers. Lots of tanks and equipment but manpower was a different issue.


These arguments like US lend lease and british intelligence being responsible for the Red Army’s defeat of the Wehrmacht are really kind of petty.

If a Brazilian soccer team wins the world cup with a british coach and wearing US made kit is it the Brazilian players who won the world cup or the British and Americans?

All the Russians contributed to the defeat of Fascism were the strategy, tactics, most of the weaponry, ammunition, soldiers and lives sacrificed. The USA did supply trucks, jeeps and telecom wire though.

If it wasn’t for the USA it might have taken a year longer for the Red Army to defeat the fascists. If it wasn’t for the Red Army the only way an American could set foot on European soil to this day would be with a visa and a german phrase book.

long time reader - concerned

” Hitler knew well that Germany is not ready to defeat the Soviets. However, the British elites promised to help and had planned airstrikes against Baku and Grozny where the Soviet Union produced its oil. ” – This is pure rubbish – the Brits declared war on Germany two years before the Nazis invaded Russia. Where the (bleep) were those planes supposedly going to take off from that would allow them to reach Baku and Grozny? – This is so blatantly false, I’m disgusted with South Front’s editors right now. China and the USSR won WW2, and America is trying to make it sound otherwise. The rest of this is lies. Stalin didn’t build those T-34’s and KV’s to DEFEND the Russian steppe. They were meant for the European plain. He committed mass genocides and is responsible for the worst eco-disaster in human history (Aral Sea). – Why the (bleep) is South Front defending Stalin? “He wasn’t worse than Hitler” isn’t saying much!

chris chuba

I heard that they were planning on bombing Baku but not to help Hitler but to deprive Hitler of oil since the Russians were selling the Germans oil/gasoline during that 2yr window that you were discussing. Perhaps they changed their mind since such a blatant act of war would have provoked the USSR to actually join the Germans.

Some comments of my own … 1. I agree with SF that the Molotov agreement is overplayed, it was the last of a succession of agreements with the Nazi’s and it was the British/French who did the bulk of appeasement. The west is shameless on this ‘scholarship’, they treated the Soviets as bad as Germany after the war and expected them to make the big stand against the Germans, absurd.

2. I question the 1 to 1.3 kill ratio. According to Kirosheev the Red Army lost a total of 12M killed / captured. The German numbers are extremely hard to pin down. Sometimes as little as 4M claimed and as many as 8M. I agree that you should count the Axis partners. Their numbers are probably not far off but probably closer to 1 to 2. However, the German Generals with their memoirs make is sound like they won every battle yet somehow they lost the war.

long time reader - concerned

To clarify – YES the Americans are trying to make it sound like they won WW2 when in fact it was Russians and Chinese. That part of this article is true – the rest is total bullsh!t.

long time reader - concerned

I would be *very* interested to see some evidence that the Americans built up the German military industrial complex to turn it against the British (rather than the Russians). Unfortunately this article fails to give even a single example. If this accusation is true it should be easy to prove, and is definitely worth its own article in the future.


1: The non agression pacts with the western powers were of a totaly different origin. They didnt split up Poland. And the Katyn massacre happend, that aint a lie. Soviet mass murders under Stalin were far more frequent the German murders before 1940. 2 and 3 can be seen as 1 item. It is known that Stalin had the intel for the attack. Stalin also was nog a real aggressor party, he was more the guy to wage war in his own country against his own people. And about the planned bombing of Russian key cities/industries by Brittain and France, they only made that plan because the pact between Russia and Nazi germany. Brittain didnt want the Russians supplying oil to the germans, because otherwise their naval blokkade wouldnt work.

And then the casualties. The soviet union lost about two times as many soldiers as the germans. But, the Germans fought on more fronts then the Soviet Union.

And lost, the winner of the war. The Soviet Union was by far the most important player in the Allies in the fights, without them the other Allies would have lost or the war would have taken far longer. But the real victor was the USA. They were the only country who hadnt been affected by the war, no cities or infrastructure was destroyed.

So the SU the most important player, but the USA became the biggest hegemon.


The real winners of WWII were Zionist Jews who were completely controlling the Jewnited States as well as Britain and France. While almost all Goy nations were either destroyed and bankrupted, the Jews finally got their Satanic criminal haven in the Middle East and kick started their plan for a Jew World Order, which has created hell on earth for most people ever since All you have to do is read Henry Ford’s “The International Jew” which exposes in great details how a single Jew literally had complete control of a secret emergency committee that had more power than the President of the US guiding all affairs of WWI. The real power in the US does NOT reside with the president.

The biggest lie of WWII is the holohoax which the Jews invented for politicial/financial purposes. Unfortunately Putin insists on preserving this easily debunkable lie.


There are a lot of myths in the us concerning ww2. Many people still don’t realize the us government disregarded warnings of japanese attack on pearl harbor, which was used to galvanize us public support for military involvement. Speaking of ww2 and soviet involvment though, one documentary series I highly recommend on the eastern front is “soviet storm” on youtube by star media. It was originally for Russian tv but has been dubbed in english and covers the eastern front more thoroughly than any ww2 documentary I’ve seen and I’ve watched many.

Valhalla rising

My take is that anglo-zionists plotted to put Germany against Russia , let them bleed to death and then take over power of what remains.The decision to attack the Sovietunion can be traced back to british double agents inside the 3rd Reich,Hess flying to UK has something to do with it.Unfortunatly all documents are under strict control.History is not what they want to tell you.

Vig Scholma

I am a great fan of Southfront but this is the first article that that I consider to be complete bullshit!


In a way, it’s good to see that Glenn Beck isn’t strictly an American phenomenon. Sadly, Fursov actually actually has a PhD. in history.

arbalist }-

“Tragedy and Hope: a history of the world in our time” – Carroll Quigley. @ the Zionist Anglo/American Banksters who financed the 2 wars. Why ? = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ On line, free – audio, video, pdf.


Thank you Dr. Fursov– only dropped bye here today and its 3 years hence! Wonder whether the minds of the ones who made the misinformed comments below … have changes since! I search for and download all your lectures, wherever I find one …. but it would be incredible if your video lectures were available chronologically in– shall we say sequenced parts– presenting a complete omnibus of Russia & WWII — is it not possible to do make this happen? Or if an chronological archive of your videos are already available, where can one access it please? If anyone knows, please reply! Just to finally get to know the truth about Russia and WWII at last– is beyond wonderful, as I never thought it would happen in my lifetime! Thanks again Andrei Fursov!

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