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Opinion: Roles of the US and Turkey in European refugee crisis

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Opinion: Roles of the US and Turkey in European refugee crisis

Rajeev Ahmed, Executive Editor of Bangla hunter news, provides his look at the ongoing migration crisis in Europe exclusively for SouthFront


Germany has a policy to support refugees. According to several western reports, some European countries are in a challenge to pull the declining population, Germany is one of them. EU policy makers thought that controlled refugees can solve the problem and on the other hand those refugees can be used as a labor force in their troubled economy.  Germany’s ‘open-door’ refugee policy made 1.1 million asylum seekers entered in Germany in 2015. In January, Germany’s Economics Minister Gerd Muller said that an estimated 8-10 million refugees could try to enter Europe over the coming years. It is not surprising that more than 60% refugees have come to Europe from Middle East Arab countries since many of those countries are drowned with civil wars of religious and ethnic divisions. Interestingly, this refugee crisis was carefully designed to align with the west’s double containment policy of containing Russia and China by disintegrating European Union.

The Refugee Crisis and the Middle East

It is a historical fact that war creates refugees. The world knows it well. During the WW2 many Europeans fled from their home to neighboring countries and even to the neighboring continents although they had very poor communication system. But those comparatively poor communication systems could not stop Europeans to flee from their home to far continents.

However in present days, the west led by US, took the chance to engineer the reversal of that refugee issue so that people of a chaotic Middle East could flee to Europe and put sufficient weight on European social fabric. With such influx, Europe will fall into pieces. To overcome the present global structural crisis, the US doesn’t have any other option except dismantling Europe. A disintegrated Europe devoid of single currency will be more profitable to US than a unified Europe.

Middle East political crisis which was deliberately made by the US to take full control over the territory for trade and geopolitical reasons is spreading fiercely towards Europe.  After the post-soviet era the Iraq wars waged by the US paved ways for war-affected people to flee in Europe. Since the social engineering named Arab spring had been taking place in several countries of Middle, refugee inflow increased rapidly in EU countries.

It was suspected by many that it was a US plan to convince Turkey to shot down a Russian fighter jet so that the situation of Middle East and Europe could suffer more divisions and devastations. If Russia attacked Turkey for its illegal action, it will not only destroy the present Russian geostrategic design in that area but also the whole Europe including Russia could fall into apparently unsolvable chaos. However, US wants a spreading chaos into Middle East and Europe through its most trusted asset Recep Tayip Erdogan. Since Turkey connects both Europe and Middle East geographically, the US considers Erdogan the most important figure in Middle East and European refugee politics. Understanding his importance, Erdogan has become a real blackmailer of any peace negotiation regarding Middle East and European refugee crisis.

Why the West is silent about Turkish tyranny on refugee crisis?

The recently withheld meeting on Syria crisis was not even unexpected. In my previous article I wrote that the US -Turkish tendency would not favor the Syrian peace process since western media falsely continued to put blame on Russia and Putin in different occasions. If the west wanted a real solution, it would not try to put false blame on its partners of the negotiating table. On the other hand, the suspension of that negotiation will put more negative impact into the refugee situation. The wars of the Middle East will continue to destroy lives and livings so that the rest can flee to European countries for further escalation and expansion of the conflicts.

It is reported in several media outlets that Erdogan wanted 30 billion Euro to solve the refugee crisis of Europe. No other country was brave enough in Europe to ask money as a blackmailer like Erdogan. Turkish media reported citing Erdogan that Greece got more money than Turkey in their crisis time and Turkey should get more than 3 billion per year to tackle refugee crisis. If EU wants to agree on Turkish proposal for 10 years, it will cost the EU 30 billion dollars. Interestingly, the Refugee crisis is a crisis for the Europe but not really a crisis for Turkey. The European refugee crisis came to Turkey as a blessing from the US to operate and regulate on Turkish necessity. Now, EU is completely dependent on Turkey for its security regarding refugees.

On February 9, to tackle political challenges in her home and the neighboring countries, German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with Erdogan in Ankara to request Turkey to keep refugees in Turkish custody for a long period of time. She also offered Erdogan to airlift 200,000-300,000 refugees annually directly to Europe in return Turkey had to prevent them from going to Greece. But Erdogan asked more money from Europe to do such work.

Now blame Russia for it

Some western elites are accusing Russia for European refugee crisis where Russia doesn’t have any logical motivation to that claim. We must understand that the present Refugee crisis involves 6 parties, first 3 of them are beneficiaries and rests three are the sufferers.

  1. US, the leader and the propagator of the crisis, who for its geographical distance from the Europe and Middle East stays at the safest position regarding and European catastrophe.
  2. Turkey, an agent country who works for US, is enjoying its geographical importance as an US ally. Turkey is capitalizing the Refugee crisis by negotiation with EU and US.
  3. European Union which was backed and later hacked by the US
  4. Refugees Arabs, who fled from their home because of the western implementation of chaos and wars in the Middle East. These people are common victims of western policy in recent days and their journey to another civilization will not be appreciated by the locals since there is a huge gap of understanding between those historic civilizations. In this regard the Arab Muslim will face severe racial humiliation into European countries.
  5. The General Europeans, who formed several ethnic, historical, mutually complementary identities in European landscape. These groups will be sufferer in order to coopt with the sudden influx of people from different civilizations. And the clashes between different cultural manifestations in a community will further deteriorate the crisis into a possible civil war.
  6. The Russians, who considers that a European social chaos will have a direct and indirect effect on its population since it has a huge share in European geopolitics. There are many historical evidences that any social, political or economic events or catastrophes in Europe cause noticeable impact on Russian stability. So, Russia will be a sufferer if the refugee crisis continues to grow around its European neighbors.

It is also historical truth that whenever the US led west finds itself in a difficult situation regarding geopolitics; it promptly blames Russia to shift public opinion avoiding responsibility. In recent years, the western propaganda machine and their patrons appeared vocal against Russia during the Ukraine crisis when the west failed to solve the issue with their European partners. US led west blamed Russia for Ukrainian civil war. It also accused Russia for downing a civil airliner in the sky of Ukraine. More recently, Russia was blamed for Syrian humanitarian disaster when the west had been bombing Middle East for decades. The west also blamed Russia for entering Turkish airspace and supported the Turkish ambush of downing a Russian Fighter jet.


Some media reported citing Europol that the present refugee crisis has a 6 billion USD business in Europe. Refugees from Middle East have been coming to Europe by giving handsome amount of money to the refugee smugglers. Since it has a 6 billion USD yearly turnover, this illegal refugee business has become a new trend among the youth of Turkey and Germany in these days of economic hardship. This amount also signified that the European elites are involved heavily into this illegal business; otherwise it would be possible to make such big transaction yearly. So, the refugee crisis has geopolitical, cultural and economic implications which are well designed by the west to dismantle the Middle East first, then Europe and later Russia. In other sense a chaotic Middle East and a blood-stained Europe can put sufficient economic and security threat to Russia. And simultaneously if the west can put a certain amount of pressure on China from its neighbors, the western double containment policy towards Russia and China will be full proof. According to recent media reports, NATO is going to take a part into the Refugee crisis to solve it. Since Refugee crisis poses real threat to Russia, the country should work with its European partner countries for a joint action against the refugee crisis. NATO cannot and should not take all the responsibilities to solve a greater European crisis.

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