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Opinion: ‘No WW3 with Nukes soon. But the Proxy War will Continue’

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SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence’s contributor, Ahmed Rajeev, is continuing to provide his look at the situation over the world.
Opinion: 'No WW3 with Nukes soon. But the Proxy War will Continue'

It seemed that the Middle Eastern US bloc came to an agreement to shoot down Russian Airplane by ambush or terrorist means. Some of them bombed down the Russian passenger Bird and Turkey’s job was to shoot down a fighter Jet. It was very coordinated. And after those both events, we have been watching new-edge the Western Media coordination. On the other hand China-the mighty ally of Russia is struggling to calm down their regional conflicts in South and East China Sea. So, it was a perfect time for the west to strike Russia from the back where no single mighty nation came and condemned this event.

This incident is intended to fulfill three military objectives in the Middle East in favor of the US bloc. First, they want to scare Russia. Second, they want to secure the Smuggled oil from their proxy forces fighting against Assad. And finally they seek to generate hope into the hopeless fleeing terrorists. As the Russians appeared not well prepared for any sudden attack in Syria, the Russian fight against the terrorist will take much time than anticipated. Meanwhile, The Middle Eastern American bloc has been showing their successes in their double game of ‘Chaos and Rule’.

Since Russia has declared that it doesn’t want a third world war, only diplomatic approach towards the situation will be more appropriate. But Russian diplomats must have to be smart enough to recognize its enemies and foes; otherwise a Double-Gamer will seek a chance to stab Russia again from the Back. It is high time for Russia to concentrate on promoting their philosophy about world politics and Humanity to the grass root level. In soviet times, an attack on Russia was considered as an attack on an ideology and whole world showed sympathy by rioting on the streets. But, today people do not feel in that way. To the rest of the world, it is only an attack on Russia. And it is very true that, in this world of connectivity, one just cannot win a war with conventional means.

So, there will be no third world war with Nukes soon. But the proxy war will continue to spread around the continents. I am hoping for French and German mediation into present Fighter Jet Shooting crisis and it will be solved under the curtain. Though Solution is important, curtain is not. On the other hand Russia will not jump into a war with Turkey right now, since the Russia knows who the real puppeteer is.

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