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Opinion: France – The Great Country Governed By Morons

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Opinion: France – The Great Country Governed By Morons

Screenshot from Reuters

Following the liberation of 40% of Eastern Aleppo from “rebel groups,” today, the French foreign affairs minister Jean-Marc Ayrault called for an urgent meeting of the United Nations Security Council to discuss the critical humanitarian situation in Aleppo. According to Ayrault “more than ever before, we need to urgently put in place means to end the hostilities and to allow humanitarian aid to get through unhindered.”

France has also condemned the Russian and Syrian airstrikes over the city and have described those actions as war crimes.

Wait a minute, wasn’t France “at war” with terrorism? Why are they then condemning the liberation of Aleppo when even the UN confirmed that Al-Nusra is present there? The administration of President Hollande has yet again proved that they have no idea what they’re doing, and have no clear policies. One day, they are “at war” with terrorism, the other day they call for urgent halt of hostilities in Aleppo when Al-Nusra alongside other terrorist groups are losing ground in the Syrian city.

However, we shouldn’t be surprised by this fact. The current French government has lost all connections with reality, it talks about how well France has integrated migrants for years now and that the country is one of the best examples of working multiculturalism, while at the same time being struck time and time again by “integrated” minority groups, having French citizenship, causing hundreds of deaths in the attacks in Paris and Nice. Whoever’s ever been to Paris knows that multiculturalism doesn’t work in France. Walking around the Stalingrad metro station, located in downtown Paris, you can see the thousands of “integrated” minorities sleeping in tents, having no money, stealing whatever they can and in the end they started rioting, leading to their relocation which, of course, doesn’t solve the problem.

Opinion: France – The Great Country Governed By Morons

The northern city of Calais had become a jungle of migrants, living in conditions which were normal for a tribe in the beginning of the Medieval Ages. The authorities “solved” the problem by just removing the jungle, and placing the migrants all around the country and mainly in Paris.

After the second Paris shooting which took place just about last year, Hollande stated that they’ll fight terrorism with every means. Every means meant sending the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean to carry out airstrikes against ISIS in Syria. So according to the French authorities, in order to stop the terrorist attacks all around France, which are carried out by minorities with French passports, they need to carry out airstrikes against ISIS in Syria. “Are they out of their minds?!” is the logical question. Nonetheless, the aircraft carrier was quickly sent back home without having done anything in the fight against terrorism.

Opinion: France – The Great Country Governed By Morons

Now, France is crying out loud about the devastating humanitarian situation in Aleppo. However, France hasn’t sent a single slice of bread, a single case of medicine or equipment to Aleppo but insists that the Russians and the “bloody dictator” Assad are making the situation there worse. Yes, liberating civilians from terrorist groups, opening humanitarian corridors and sending hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid is definitely making the situation worse… for the terrorists. Maybe the new doctrine of France should be named “Supporting terrorism to fight terrorism!”

The only good news coming from the country is that Hollande will soon be replaced by either François Fillon or Marine Le Pen. However, it seems like the days of Great France are long gone and whoever takes office in 2017 won’t be able to change much as the damage inflicted to the French society is too big to ever be healed.

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Valhalla rising

They are not morons, they are traitors that know very well what they are doing.Their minions are morons believing the globalist propaganda.

John Whitehot

the fucking guillotine they should bring out.

Igor Ochocinszk

Viva la guilliotine!

John Whitehot



Spot on, thank you South Front for a moment of clean air!!

john mason

We all know that France is involved in regime change and proxy war in Syria, their propaganda doesn’t work anymore and IF they are so concerned about the civilians then where is their humanitarian aid. Change of Government in France should be now not later.

Marumiyu Moriame

aleppo is a done deal. syria is the most libral state in the mideast. secularism will win over religious extreamism.


Maybe the christians are the minority in France and he is just pandering to the new voting base, islamists?

chris chuba

Assad isn’t preventing Western media from govt areas, is he? I have seen western journalists, on occasion give stories from govt held portion of Aleppo. My only conclusion is that the West has such a disdain for Assad that they are boycotting traveling to Syria for themselves and only relying on the White Helmets for their information. This is inexcusable.

They are indeed morons. Don’t they realize that once all of Aleppo is occupied that all of Aleppo will be one giant humanitarian corridor.

Peter Jennings

Quick everyone France has spoken ha ha.
The French people seem to have gone to sleep since their gov’t subjected them to terrifying false flags. Welcome to the New World Order which is being pushed evermore by EU traitors in Brussels.
Liberté, égalité, ah forget it.

Igor Ochocinszk

Era of morons in France is about to end, cause predicted winners of next years election will be either Francois Fillion or Marine Le-Pen, both very reasonable, respected and high moral authority politicians, unlike this disgrace like Hollande-Ayrault syndicate, which is despised by the french population, Ayrault is the leading supporter of terrorism, even more so than Saudi or Qatari barbarians, throughout last several years he has consistently worked in order to promote and legitimise terrorism and spread it as far across the globe as possible, when there will be change of leadership in France, I am pretty certain he should and will face trial in The Hague for undescribable horror he has coused for millions of people around the world.


“Maybe the new doctrine of France should be named “Supporting terrorism to fight terrorism!”
What a crap! Are you so forgetful? Libya, Mali, Ivory Coast – Hollande only continues what the right wing government has begun before him, there is nothin’ new.
“The only good news coming from the country is that Hollande will soon be replaced by either François Fillon or Marine Le Pen”
What should be better? The same wet dream of “Grande Nation” including colonialism, racism and interventionism in half of the world.

Marek Pejović

because recently it’s been shown that far or alt right wing politicians are coming back with messages which include firm stance on terrorism and protection of national interests, sounds more responsible than post-statist globalist agenda of national gaulleiters to whom Hollande belongs. Putin’s show of determination and strength but also respect for other nations seem to have a quietly emboldening effect on those wishing to have a strong, traditional, responsible state. because this obviously clearly works, while ideologically correct globalism is just a hoax.

Pampi Ta

As a Frenchman, I’m ashamed by this moronic government. Only 6 months to wait : Hollande and his neo-con mafia will be kicked out in the ass.

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