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Opinion: Brussels Terrorist Attacks Are an Example of the Clash of Civilizations

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Opinion: Brussels Terrorist Attacks Are an Example of the Clash of Civilizations

Originally appeared at Katehon

On the morning of March 22nd, Brussels airport was the scene of two explosions, and sometime later, explosions occurred in the Belgian capital’s subway. The Belgian authorities raised the level of a terrorist threat to its highest (“serious and inevitable danger”). The same threat level was introduced in Paris after the November attacks.

Explosions: What happened?

The first explosion took place at Brussels airport at 10:25 AM. According to recent reports, 17 people were killed, with more than 30 people injured. The Belgian media have also reported that the explosion was preceded by gunfire and shouting in Arabic. The explosions occurred near the American Airlines check-in counters in the departure hall. At the same time as the first explosion near the check-in counters, the second one occurred in the departure lounge.

The airport was fully evacuated, all flights were canceled, and flights bound for Brussels redirected to Belgium regional airports.

Sometime after the explosion at the airport, at 11:26 AM, explosions occurred in the Brussels subway stations: Schuman Square and Maelbeek in the city center (it is part of the European Quarter, the place where all the main EU institutions are located). About 10 people were killed in the blast. People were evacuated from the buildings that were close to the stations, with the entire subway also being closed. The border between France and Belgium is closed too.

Reasons for the Terrorist Attacks

2015 was an extremely hard year for Europe: the unstable situation in the Islamic world, especially in Syria, turned the European continent into chaos, where more than 1 million migrants entered Europe.

The immigration policy of the European Union rejects, at its foundation, any form of collective identity. This has caused the intensification of ethno-social conflicts. As a result of this migration, EU politics in Europe has become populated by ethno-social groups of migrants from the Middle East, who are in fact the bearers of an archaic and stable Islamic consciousness, which is not known by the average European.

The exaggerated principles of tolerance, rights of individualism, and multiculturalism, requires that the European political elites give maximum liberties to migrants and do not require anything in return. As a result of the 2015 migration policy in the EU: 1) the balance between the native Europeans and migrants was broken; 2) the giant socio-cultural pole of an Islamo-Arabic population was created (the fact of its existence is fully ignored by liberal European elites, because of the absence of the criteria of a collective identity in modern European law and politics); 3) the grassroots medium for the creation of radical Islamist structures was created (among the migrants were members of radical Islamic groups).

The recent Brussels terrorist attacks are an example of the clash of civilizations and a direct consequence of the EU’s policy of multiculturalism.

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None of these ‘terrorists’ were recent migrants. They are marginalised Europeans of Muslim heritage. The ‘exaggerated principles of tolerance’ of the elites over the refugee crisis have been pursued willfully and with the exact aim of provoking radicalism and the resultant backlash of the European far right. This leads to a justification for the ever encroaching police state and an end to the facade of democracy.

Valhalla rising

Wich is not true.3 of the attackers in Paris were infact socalled migrants.And we dont know yet who was all involved in these recent attacks.The 3rd man was travelling back and forth between migrant camps in Hungary and Germany.These peoplea are not marginalised.They have all the chances of free education and wellfare.The fact is that they hate us and our way of being.Abdelsallam had a huge network in Mollenbeck.Everybody knew he was there but noone talked.Being ignorant about this wont help you.The “far right” is attacked and curbed with orwellian though crime laws and an unprecedented smear campaign.Despite all this they are rising because they tackle the problems the left liberals refuse to see.


I cannot find verification that of the 11 names provided any more than 1 were non European nationals. Even if you are correct and 3 were then it still remains true that most were European nationals. You miss my point regardless. It is not a ‘liberal left’ argument. I am merely saying that they were radicalised in Europe because they are marginalised and instead of turning to petty crime, drugs etc – i.e. the route that a lot of people from poor socio-economic backgrounds take -they turned instead to Islam I also agree that the authorities knew of their whereabouts – and did nothing! This is because they have been encouraging these brainwashed Jihadis to go abroad to implement ‘regime change’ for them. These people are patsies – they have no idea they are working towards the agenda of an authoritarian government that will use radical Islam and an excuse to create a police state, while the ‘far right’ will stupidly applaud until they realise they have no freedom either.

Valhalla rising

Multiculturalism will lead to civil war in Europe.Expect the war to begin in 2017.These attacks were just probing and testing european responses.The real wave of terror will arrive soon in Germany and elsewhere.Expect right wing parties to rise to be the strongest parties nationwide starting with the next german federal elections.The overall plan is of course to turn Europe into section of IS and then to attack and encircle Russia.Russia can only avoid this by working with european patriots.Left Liberals hate Russia, they are not your partner.


Which civilizations are exactly clashing ?

Any kind of Islamic civilization ended many years ago, and probably even before the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. As for the Western American-European Global empire, you can call it a kind of civilization.

The Arab Muslims are not a civilization anymore. They are a group of backward states that are either being dismantled by the West for strategic or economic goals (protecting Israel, stealing oil, and producing Weapons) or are Western Vassal states. Their borders were formed by Western powers.

The attacks in Europe and the refugee crisis are a natural development that come out of the destruction of the Middle-East (destruction of Iraq, Libya, Syria), which was lead by the US and followed obediently by the Europeans.

The European people are paying the price of their corrupt Zionist-NATO-alliance rulers and the obedience of these rulers to their US God they worship.

If the people of the West do not rise up to the tyranny that controls them, then they will be responsible for their own down-fall.

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