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Operation Victory From God: Houthis Neutralize Thousands Of Saudi-Led Coalition Personnel In Large-Scale Ambush





Operation Victory From God: Houthis Neutralize Thousands Of Saudi-Led Coalition Personnel In Large-Scale Ambush

Brigadier General Yahya Sari, spokesman of the Yemeni Armed Forces. Source: almasirah.net

Thousands of Saudi-led coalition personnel were killed, injured or captured by the Houthis and their local allies in large-scale ambush, dubbed “Operation Victory from God”, a spokesman for the Yemeni group announced on September 28.

In an official statement, Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari described the ambush, which took place near the southern Saudi province of Najran, as “the biggest luring operation” since the outbreak of the Yemeni war, defining its results as the following:

  • First – defeat of three military brigades of the enemy forces with full military equipment and most of their members and commanders.
  • Second – seizure of large number of weapons, including hundreds of vehicles and armored vehicles.
  • Third – thousands of enemy personnel were captured, hundreds were killed and injured.
  • Fourth – the captured service members include large numbers of commanders, officers and soldiers of the Saudi military.
  • Fifthly – only 72 hours after the start of the operation, Houthi forces fully enforced a siege on the enemy, consisting of three military brigades of “traitors” and a faction of the Saudi military. They were completely defeated.

The Houthis spokesman said that the prisoners were treated according to Islamic rules and Yemeni tradition. The Yemeni group even sheltered captives from Saudi airstrikes which targeted them.

In the final part of the statement, Brig. Gen. Sari said that the operation is still ongoing and that more info will be revealed soon.

The Saudi-led coalition has not commented on these claims, so far. The coalition usually ignores its losses in Yemen, especially those inflicted on its Yemeni allies.

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  • Garga

    Congratulations and we’re looking forward for more information and footage.
    Thousands of captives including hundreds of Saudis, hundreds of military vehicles, hundreds kilometers in length and width of Najran “liberated”, countless amount of arms and ammunition…

    Don’t you just love to be a fly on the MbS’ room right now!?

    • Rodger

      It seems more and more likely that he’s already fighting a 5th column. Houthi intel seems to be too good.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        In last week’s talks in Jeddah, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tried
        to persuade the aging and senile King Salman and brash Crown Prince Muhammad (MbS), to join the US in a crash negotiating process with the Houthi leaders for ending the
        Yemen war and saving face. The prince turned him down and was so incensed that he
        ordered Saudi air operations to be resumed over Yemen. The Houthis and their Yemeni military allies pushed back immediately with their surprise thrust into the southern Saudi province of Najran routing the Saudis in well executed ambushes.

    • FlorianGeyer

      This is wonderful news indeed. I look forward to the images of the prisoners of war in the Western Media :)

      • BMWA1
      • Jens Holm

        So far I have seen not even a single line in west about it.

        • Concrete Mike

          You probably wont, because as far as Yemen is concerned, we in the west have our head in the sand, due to voluntary censorship by the media conglomerates.

          You know this Jens as do I, why else would we come to southfront in the first place??

          • Jens Holm

            We do get a lot of information from there, but its not about that.

            We are well oriented about Yemen, Saudis, USA, Iran and refuhees as well as the food and medical conditions.

            Ypu might read and understandwhat my answer above was. We get information about a lot from there even most things remains as in old days with everlasting fightings.


          • Joseph Scott
          • Zionism = EVIL

            The Saudis are now using regular troops and they are not faring any better than the African mercenaries. The Saudi military is collapsing.

          • Joseph Scott

            They were only getting anywhere because of UAE troops. Now that the UAE has dropped out, and is focusing on solidifying it’s position in the south, the Saudis have no credible forces.

          • Zionism = EVIL

            Totally agree, The UAE troops are most tough Baluchis from Pakistan, same in Oman.

          • Garga

            There’s no dispute. He was killed in the palace, according to Mujtahidd.

            In addition to Mujtahidd, 5 months ago another Saudi dissident warned Fagham over twitter that MbS would destroy and replace him (shove his head under water was the expression). Fagham was an old guard, and old guards usually tend to have no loyalty towards any particular person but the whole system, here the Saudi ruling family, not MbS.

          • Jens Holm

            Thanks for the proposel.

          • Zionism = EVIL

            Dubai: Yemen’s Ansarallah movement and its Yemeni military allies say they have captured many Saudi soldiers and officers in a large operation near the border
            between the two countries, shortly after the battered Saudi kingdom agreed to a limited ceasefire with the Iran allied group.

            The speed of Saudi collapse can be attributed to internal tensions within competing factions in the kingdom and escalation will probably deal a blow to efforts to end a war that has killed thousands and triggered one of the world’s worst humanitarian disasters.Saudi Arabia mobilized a military coalition in 2015 led by the US, UK and France to back a Wahhabi puppet regime led by an ailing Hadi government against the determined Shia movement ensconced in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa, despite four years of relentless US led airstrikes that have targeted the civilian infrastructure in the region’s poorest Arab nation.

            The Ansarallah in a statement carried by the Saba news agency, said they had
            destroyed three enemy brigades after “just 72 hours of the operation”. In a press conference later, the eloquent Yemeni military spokesman, Brigadier General Yahya Sari gave further details about the on-going operation. Thousands of people have been taken prisoner, including “many Saudi commanders,officers and soldiers”. General Sari also stated that the Yemeni military has taken so many prisoners that their processing will take more than a few days and then they will be paraded in Sanaa. The Saudis have previously bombed a prisoner of war camp in the northern outskirts of the capital to dissuade soldiers from surrendering to the Ansarallah.

            Meanwhile, the Saudis have not responded to the Yemeni statements and their usually gloating spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition involved in the Yemen quagmire didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

          • Codenamed ‘Gordon’

            In September 2015, Faisal bin Hassan Trad, Saudi Arabia ‘s ambassador to the UN in Geneva, was elected Chair of the UNHRC Advisory Committee.

            Just a coincidence Saudi Barbaria began its invasion of Yemen on March 2015 to continue it under the banner of UNHRC…

          • Paquita de Shishmareff

            By media conglomerates, you mean the Jewish owned media huh?

        • Luke Hemmming
          • Zionism = EVIL

            This Jens guy is a fruit loop.

          • Luke Hemmming

            i agree :-)

      • Zionism = EVIL

        I was just waiting for corroboration of the news, it looks like 3 Saudi brigades with many Yemeni soldiers have simply defected to the Ansarallah in the mountainous Najran (belongs to Yemen anyway)and Yemeni military. According to local reports about 6,000 soldiers and officers are involved, including 15 senior general staff officers (brigadier and above). This is a disaster for the Saudis as the Ansarallah and Yemeni forces trapped the Saudis in a pincer and then forced a surrender/defection as most of the Saudis simply did not want to fight and simply handed in their weapons.


        • FlorianGeyer

          This is what happens of course when the rich and powerful treat their soldiers and people worse that they treat cattle.

          • Pablo Howitt

            Saudi bombed the prison the other day where their soldiers were

          • Zionism = EVIL

            It was done deliberately to discourage the Saudis and their mercenaries from surrendering. The makeshift POW camp had White paint on the roof and red crescent signs to warn aircraft, but the Americunt arseholes gave Saudi cowards the targeting information and coordinates.

          • FlorianGeyer

            I would expect nothing else and the Western media will display this as a Houthi ‘atrocity’ perhaps ?

          • Zionism = EVIL

            Meet Brigadier General Yahya Saree, Yemen’s young generation of fighting generals.


          • Jakke1899

            I hope this man has a decent security detachment, looking after this invaluable soldier. Not of course a high profile one, as Suheil al-Hassan, with his Spetnatz or Russian PMC’s, but nonetheless a security team to ensure he can continue to take the fight to the Saudis!

          • FlorianGeyer

            Thank you for the video.

    • BMWA1
      • Uncle Meat

        Really? Wow! Cool! GTFO! This article is over a week old!

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Saudis Face Defeat in Yemen and Instability at Home. Saudi military is restless and there are rumblings of a coup.

    • Bob

      Potentially be dangerous environment in KSA senior office corps right now – as MbS looks to blame-shift the whole quagmire, and Aramco mess, onto military officials. Pathological narcissist’s literally cannot psychologically accept responsibility for their own ill-conceived and self destructive actions.

  • Rodger

    If this is true it seems the cauldron attempted was cauldroned. :’)

    • Selbstdenker

      Somebody underestimated his enemy…

  • Uwe

    “Saria stated that among the prisoners captured after the battle there are Saudi soldiers and officers, as well as many commanders and military personnel of other nationalities.“ Very, very interesting photos and clips are expected. Very interesting!

    • Codenamed ‘Gordon’

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see SAS members among the captives

      • FlorianGeyer

        Ooooo yessssss :)

    • FlorianGeyer

      I do hope to see elements of NATO in the bag as well.

      That would be Karma indeed.

  • wwinsti

    Wow! Good hunting gentlemen! Soooo, with enough Saudi officers being of *cough* royal *cough* decent, you think ol’ MBS will finally show up at the negotiating table?

  • Tiresia Branding

    wow, unbelievable… :-O
    and if a part of Saudi army changed voluntarily side to fight against their masters!? I’m dreaming :-P

  • Selbstdenker

    I am sure that they got support from the local tribes there, as they are Yemeni, seized by KSA.

  • frankly

    Interesting how they declared how they would treat prisoners. In contrast the Saudis seem hell bent to bomb them. This must raise the fighting moral of Saudi paid combatants not even a little bit. I suppose they are obligated to keep sending a check home so cheaper to kill them.

  • verner

    and now for the heart of the matter – mohammed bin salman, of fake leonardi da vinci buy at 450m$, to finish off the war. he’s better than any oil-installation if you want the war in yemen to end and the aggression against iran to end – get rid of the clown prince and his successor, cousin or sibling, is bound to have far more enmity towards israel and that is half of what needs to be corrected. break up any and all connections that israel is trying to build and isolate it and destroy it. it can’t go wrong and if the situation is favourable the unhinged states of A will follow soon thereafter.

  • klove and light

    welcome to the tet offensive 2019…..the beginning of the end…….. and Maybe , just Maybe…….they captured british or american pricks too…………what a Wonderful day….
    lets repeat the houhti Slogan

    “God is Greater, Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse on the Jews, Victory to Islam”

    • Selbstdenker

      If the Yemeni win this, I hope they bring their understanding of Islam to the rest of the world. I had a Yemeni colleague, and he always told me that the Saudi way has nothing to do with the islam of the Koran. They use it to suppress and to earn money only, but don’t believe.

  • zman

    The Yemeni are making my Saturdays brighter than ever.

  • Damien C

    A very impressive victory if the reports are correct. This will be a calamitous set back for the Saudi aggressor who obviously have no fighting skills or battle ground intelligence.

    To think that the same idiots actually threatened military action against Iran!
    If a lightly armed rebel force can inflict this much humiliation just imagine if the full force of Irans was brought to bear.


    Outstanding and well done !! Sounds like a solid encirclement. :))
    “include large numbers of commanders, officers and soldiers of the Saudi military.”
    I’m sure many of the prisoners where quick to surrender.

    • FlorianGeyer

      The NATO and Israeli elements in theatre will be desperate to break the encirclement and the next few days will be crucial for the Houthi warriors.

      All power to the Houthis, they ALL deserve to be blessed with success.

      Its fast coming to the time for an armed Shia uprising in the medieval hell hole of Saudi Arabia.

      • PZIVJ

        The Sauds wanted a partial ceasefire, N Yemen said the offer was not good enough.
        This latest debacle may bring MBS to his senses, but I doubt it.

        • FlorianGeyer

          The Saudi’s and the US Coalition of Terror have one major common denominator. Neither of the regimes can be trusted and agreements with them are worth no more than a used piece of toilet roll.

      • S Melanson

        The brigades have surrendered and Najran governate now de facto under Houthi control which means Najran city as well. The Coalition military has splintered with UAE at odds with KSA and now the military units are unraveling. This war will be over in weeks not months.

        • Zionism = EVIL

          Najran is a historical part of Yemen and was ceded by the British devious backstabbers to reward the Wahhabi scum who did their bidding.

          The Najran Region, as well as the ‘Asir and Jizan regions, was previously part of the Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen and became a part of Saudi Arabia only in 1934, after the first Saudi-Yemeni war. The British with historical animosity towards the independent minded Zaidi Shia gave over 350,000 sq kms of undemarcated Yemeni lands to the Saudi pimps as reward.

        • FlorianGeyer

          I support your confidence.

          The people of Yemen have suffered far to much from the US Coalition of Terror.
          In fact the whole world has.

          Tis time for the US to withdraw all her troops from foreign lands and to repair ,in all its contexts, the United States of America. Starting with educating conventional diplomats and neutering the AIPAC lobby.

  • Vitex

    The Saudis were offered a truce but declined it. Nuff said

    • Παραπολιτικός Τηλέτυπος

      The Sauidis were offered truce, but didnt know what to do with it.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        It is the fat pig moron MBS that has got them in this mess and he will most likely lose heath in the end as their pathetic military is now collapsing. There are reports of a coup and unrest in the military.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      There are internal problems in the Saudi arseholes mercenary military. Yemeni manpower in some units was as high as 40% and now they are defecting or actively sabotaging the Saudis from within and acting as spotters of drone, missile and artillery strikes. The Sudanese and Senegalese mercenaries are also refusing to fight. Unless the Americunt cowards themselves get involved in a grueling ground slug fest with some of the most determined natural born warriors on earth and take massive casualties, pardon my French, the SAUDI SCUM ARE FUCKED!

  • Wolfgang Wolf

    and now PLEEEEASE somebody deliver air defenses to the Houthi forces and the war is over in 2 months…

    • ruca

      They would probably have to be donated unfortunately. Expensive systems.

    • Traiano Welcome

      Who needs air defenses when you have Air Offenses!

    • Pave Way IV

      They’re not entirely without air defenses. MANPADS, repurposed air-to-air missiles and even a few SA-6 Kubs.

      This year alone, the Houthis/Yemeni Air Defense Forces shot down a Saudi or UAE Chinese Wing Loong I – April 21st. On June 9th, they shot down a $6 million US MQ-9 Reaper over Hodeidah with an ancient SA-6.which CENTCOM confirmed. Then, they took out another US MQ-9 Reaper near Sana’a on Aug. 21st, also confirmed by CENTCOM.

  • Barba_Papa

    It sounds too good to be true. To defeat three brigades is a full division. Up to 15.000 troops and equipment. Until some independent confirmation follows I’m going to treat this as inflated propaganda. I want it to be true but I suspect those figures have been inflated by a factor of 10. Which is still a massive defeat. Good work, Houthis!

    • PZIVJ

      The term “Brigade” is often misused.
      Numbers stated sounds like the defeat of 3 battalions, making up a small brigade.
      NATO brigades are larger in size. Go Houthis :)

      • Zionism = EVIL

        I would agree, most regular armed forces brigades tend to number 3,000 plus. However, in this case we may he talking regiment sized units. The Saudi morons inept army is an armed mob anyway and could not even operate at a battalion level in combined unit operations.

    • DaBoiiiii

      The Spokesman seems to be alluding to a few thousand, not tens of thousands. Probably just troop sizes lost in translation.

    • Παραπολιτικός Τηλέτυπος

      Many of them were in a convoy. And stricken/stacked in a small ”canyon”.
      Someone studied tactics at least.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        It is mind boggling how stupid and inept the Saudis are. These are their “elite” armored troops who simply walked into a well laid out ambush and then panicked. From the incoming videos it appears that most had no heart in the fight and may have been looking to surrender.

  • Icarus Tanović

    You see, you Western pricks that indeed Yemenis did that attack on oil refineries?
    Congratulations, keep on doing this great job of extermination of Wahhabi rats, poisnous snakes and fat ugly evil satanistic pigs.

    • PZIVJ

      Good point. :)
      Now many will be doubting the MSM BS, that N Yemen was not capable of doing the refinery attack.

    • Traiano Welcome

      Still not proof enough. They’ll need to repeat the same action to convince that this was not a Saudi false flag.

  • Icarus Tanović

    True Yemenks are those that love theirs homeland, fights foreign attacker, Wahhabis and scum alike.
    Where is Isis, Talibans, or Al Nusra to help their Saudi Wahhabi brothers and creators and protectors?

  • iosongasingsing

    If the Saudis, as the Americans say when they found the patriots turned off, do not work on Friday and it is possible being the wahhabis Jewish dunmeh who respected the f https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b4b762a5d12d0ffff5019198323ddc7466bb6159d6517ecd57f81df182152cbc.jpg riday instead of the Shabbat, everything is explained.

  • Tudor Miron

    I wonder if goat lovers prince (MbS) is a bit frustrated at this moment. His little war game adventure is looking more and more “interesting”.

    • S Melanson

      I pasted my post above here FYI

      This appears to be legit. BBC and Al Jazeera among others carrying story. Houthis announcements are generally reliable and rarely exaggerated. The location of Najran is of interest and I suspect locals helped. Reading reports suggest the governate of Najran is now de facto under Houthi control.

      The three brigades surrendered and this tells me the Coalition military forces on the ground are now dissolving and soon MbS will be like Hitler holed up in a bunker moving around imaginary military units that at one time existed.

      The Houthis will have no need to enter Riyadh, as a call to General Sari will come one day from some consulate in Riyadh to announce the deed is done and the war over…

      • Ronald

        Even if its only a dream, I love it.

  • Jens Holm

    Certainly a biased version.

    This one is kind of funny: ” The coalition usually ignores its losses in Yemen, especially those inflicted on its Yemeni allies”.

    So Houtis lost none or what?

    I hope for details soon.

  • Traiano Welcome

    The Houthis shouldn’t waste energy on fighting ground troops. They can end this in 1 day if they level Riyadh to the ground.

  • frankly

    Maybe this is Yemenis way of saying, Never mind Iran, the real issue is right here, right now.

    My only question is what is the ratio of loyal Saudi subjects to people who would blow themselves to smithereens to take out one of those fake princes.

    A lesson to our one percenters. Sooner or later even your body guards won’t.

  • Lena Jones

    Tryna figure out who’d be more worried about this attack: Riyadh or tel aviv. Heh!

    Someone should write a book titled: How the Barefooted Won the War.

    • russ

      Well TelAviv is dealing with the trauma of the end of the Greater Israel Project in Syria…

      • Lena Jones

        Yeah I hear the corpse of Yinon is on ice waiting for burial in the rubble of tel aviv.

  • S Melanson

    This appears to be legit. BBC and Al Jazeera among others carrying story. Houthis announcements are generally reliable and rarely exaggerated. The location of Najran is of interest and I suspect locals helped. Reading reports suggest the governate of Najran is now de facto under Houthi control.

    The three brigades surrendered and this tells me the Coalition military forces on the ground are now dissolving and soon MbS will be like Hitler holed up in a bunker moving around imaginary military units that at one time existed.

    The Houthis will have no need to enter Riyadh, as a call to General Sari will come one day from some consulate in Riyadh to announce the deed is done and the war over…

  • nick1111

    Saudi Arabia shall be eliminated from the face of earth.
    Next strike at Salman palace

  • Hassadnah Abraham

    congratulation. Allah is GREAT

    Where is the video??

  • Hassadnah Abraham

    All Saudi citizens must stop this grazy CIA installed MbS Jew from killing fellow Muslim immediately

  • StafJustice

    Liberate the Hijaz and let the Wahabbi jooz move to Texas.
    God bless the Houthis, very simple soldiers.

    • russ

      TO TEXAS??? I live in New Mexico, we don’t want them anywhere west of the Mississippi… Send them to their homeland, NYC.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    A Saudi shitheads general has just been reported killed with different versions coming out of the imploding kingdoms of pimps.

    Saudi king’s bodyguard shot in personal dispute, state media says

    Officials offer condolences after state media reports killing of Major General Abdulaziz al-Fagham without giving any details. There were denials previously and that he had died in gun battle. Another Saudi, a Filipino and five members of the security forces were also wounded by gunfire, it added. However, Saudi dissidents based in London claim that Fagham was killed in Yemen.

  • Kristina Rain Mcleod

    oh WOW. I saw this coming a couple years ago. I mean when you invade a country, not to mention a country sharing a border with you, and you have all the best toys America, Uk , Israel can sell and give you along with infinite resources in ammo, intel, training, fuel, parts, etc. and have access to sattelite data, cia intel resources etc and you get stuck in a defensive posture since the first 6 months of fighting only to remain in that same posture until your forces just BREAK, you got PrObLeMs! BIG ONES.

    MBS Really fucked this one up. I’m just waiting for the ‘unfortunate/shocking news’ that poor MBS was poisoned by Iranianaianian radicals and he was such a good partner and loved israel and its all irans fault and blahblah blah.

    If i were a selfish cunt like MBS, I would fuckin RUN. NOW. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5a56e9e512340dbf8a322e327dcb29b3a547054f0b21de598b5d398b9a43a7d4.jpg

  • Boxman

    This sounds like the Helms Deep battle from Lord of the Rings lol.

  • russ

    Note to bin Soiledman prince of Sodom Arabia… “Don’t let your guard down”. hahahaha

  • Rodger

    “During the operation, the Yemeni Air Defense Forces targeted the coalition’s attack helicopters, preventing them from provide close air support to trapped Saudi troops south of Najran.

    Brig. Gen. Sari summarized the results of Operation Victory from God, as the following:
    Houthi fighters captured 350 km2 south of Najran, including dozens of key positions.
    More than 500 Saudi service members and Saudi-backed Yemen fighters were killed.
    More than 2,000 personnel of the Saudi-led coalition were captured, including Saudi officers.
    Hundreds of pick-up trucks, armored vehicles, armored personnel carriers (APCs) and engineering vehicles were captured. At least 15 other vehicles were destroyed.
    The Houthis’ spokesman also revealed that Saudi warplanes carried out at least 300 airstrikes in a desperate attempt to foil the operation, targeting even its own soldiers and proxies. At least 200 coalition personnel were killed in such “friendly” airstrikes.”

  • frankly

    It is so stark. The US announces some incredible incident with absolutely no evidence at all and then all their allies have to pretend it’s true. The third world armies kick some royal ass and instantly show proof. Brand new trucks rolled over. Rows of slightly chubby guys in spotless uniforms with that deer in the headlights glazed over, Mommy I want to go home look.

    Well they couldn’t beat them in a fight with the deck stacked in their favor. Maybe a bunch of prisoners to feed will prove overwhelming for the Houthi. NOT

    This is what happens when you give people almost nothing to live for but the joy of killing you. They don’t mind dying when the cause is noble and just. Whereas we in the West, have to fight so some insatiably rich, powerful, assholes can get just a little bit fatter and because we were born into a relatively poor family and there are no other jobs.

    So we have reached enough is enough time. Bombing peaceful gatherings has only managed to piss off the Houthis. Most of us can understand why. Most of us do not like heartless bastards running our lives. I predict more double down chaos. God help us.