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JUNE 2023

Operation Hurricane Yemen 3: Houthis Attack UAE To Threaten Israel

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Operation Hurricane Yemen 3: Houthis Attack UAE To Threaten Israel

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On January 31st, the Houthis (Ansar Allah) fired a number of ballistic missiles at Abu Dhabi, and several drones at Dubai. The United Arab Emirates says that a ballistic missile fired from Yemen was intercepted.

In response, the Air Force of the Saudi-led coalition destroyed the launch site in the Yemeni province of Al-Jawf, from where the Houthis launched the attack.

According to the UAE’s defence ministry, the debris of the missile fell on an uninhabited area. The Emirati ministry of defense claimed that it had destructed a launch site for one of the missiles that landed on the UAE.

The UAE state news agency (WAM) reported that air traffic was not interrupted by the attack.

The spokesperson for the Houthis movement confirmed the attack on the same day.

“The Yemeni Armed Forces, with the help of God Almighty, carried out Operation Hurricane Yemen 3 in the depths of the small enemy country of the UAE, the details of which are as follows:

  • Attack on important targets in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi with a number of Zulfiqar ballistic missiles.
  • Attack on sensitive targets in the Emirate of Dubai with a number of Samad-3 drones.

With God’s help, this operation successfully achieved its goals. The UAE will remain insecure as long as the Israeli enemy uses Abu Dhabi and Dubai as a tool to attack our people and our country.

Accordingly, we warn citizens and companies to stay away from critical places and facilities. Because these targets will be subjected to attacks in the future.
The armed forces will not sit idle when they see that the great people of Yemen are suffering from the siege and the crimes of the aggressors against them is increasing.

With the help of God Almighty, the legitimate defense of dear Yemen will continue until the end of the war and the removing of the siege, and God is witness to what we are saying.”

Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari warned that the headquarters of international companies in the UAE will be targeted by more attacks in nearest future. He claimed that the UAE enemy state will remain unsafe as long as the tools of the Israeli enemy remain in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, launching aggression against Yemen.

The latest attack was the third in a series of strikes targeting the UAE. The first took place on January 17th, and the second was carried out on January 24th, when two ballistic missiles were intercepted over Abu Dhabi.

The attacks were linked with the diplomatic processes between the UAE and Israel. The UAE, along with Bahrain, signed US-brokered normalisation agreements with Israel, dubbed the “Abraham Accords”, in 2020.

On January 30, the UAE hosted Isaac Herzog on the first-ever visit to the country by an Israeli president.

The captain of the Israeli President’s plane:

“Look, we are flying over Saudi Arabia! It’s a historic moment”

During the visit, he met with the UAE’s de facto ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, in Abu Dhabi. Isaak should also meet with Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and representatives of the Jewish community. On January 31, the President opened the “Israel Day” at the Expo 2020 exhibition held in Dubai.

Operation Hurricane Yemen 3: Houthis Attack UAE To Threaten Israel

Click to see full-size image

Operation Hurricane Yemen 3: Houthis Attack UAE To Threaten Israel

Click to see full-size image

The rocket attack on January 24 took place the day after Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid and Minister of Science and Technology Orit Farkash-Hakoen announced the creation of a joint high-tech investment fund with the UAE.

Following the attack on January 17th, when a fire had broken out at a construction site at Abu Dhabi International Airport, the local reports claimed that Israeli fighter jets were deployed in Abu Dhabi, and that Israeli pilots are involved in airstrikes of the Saudi-led coalition on Yemen.

earlier, the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar, which is close to Hezbollah, quoted Yemeni group’s officials as saying that “the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, obviously, were not alone in the battles for Shabwa and Marib, that they were supported by the United States and possibly Israel.” According to the newspaper, Ansar Allah assesses the extent of Israel’s involvement in this campaign. It was claimed that the attacks of the KSA and the UAE on Houthi positions in Yemen could have been carried out with Israeli support.

“If it turns out that Israelis are behind the attacks, we intend to directly attack the Zionist entity in order to wreak havoc in Tel Aviv, because the Israelis know that what can harm Abu Dhabi can also damage Eilat.”

The Houthis have demonstrated that they have missiles and drones capable of operating at a distance of more than 2000 km and hitting Israeli Eilat.

The Houthis have proven that they are waging war not only against Saudi Arabia and the UAE, but are also part of the broader Iranian resistance to the United States and Israel.

The first in three years UAE’s participation in a large-scale attack on Houthi strongholds in Yemen was the trigger for expanding the battlefield of the Yemeni War.


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Peppe il Sicario

I have to say that the Magnificent Houthis have 100X the cojones or coglioni as we say where I live than all of the Syrian government will ever have.


Syrian army can’t start a war with Israel right now, it can’t have israel start sending troops through the golan. Syrian government is the reason Hezbollah and Hamas get their weapons, without the cooperation of Bashar, it will be difficult for Iran to deliver weapons to Lebanon, then to gaza.

Peppe il Sicario

Jnoub, “Israel can’t start a war with Israel now…” Exactly, I agree!!!! It should have done so in 2011 and 2012!!! Yes, I’m very well aware of the Syrian dynamics in relation to Hezbollah and Hamas, but the basic foundation of martial arts is to let your adversary understand that to persist in aggression may and will cause a powerful counter-blow that may and can cause you to desist your aggressive provocations. Assad is not a stupid leader, but had he unleashed a fraction of his full kinetic power (military) on the external agitators, then we wouldn’t be in the 11th year of an endless civil war that is causing nothing but death and destruction. Do you think Iran would have allowed a similare scenario? I’ll answer. Israel would have been in its cross-hairs from almost day one.

jens holm

Ypu has a very good microskope.

jens hoIm

I has a very good microskope to find my little micropenis.

eradication of jews

only a matter of months till the zionists will fall to ruin

jens holm

I hear baron Münchaussen collapsed the american dollar three times last week. The plan is to convert everything into liras and rials.

By that they can buy Syria, Turkey, lebanon and Iran. Most likely they will sell iran to Israel and buy Israel and their shekels.

Trumps has plans too. They were to send mexicans and their hats there. They would be teqila and pigfarmers and muslims would love it and join, because the mexican sistes as fiestas are better then the gays linedancings in the muslim world.

Even the muslim women will support it. They will have very big new super somberos, and nothing else is needed apart from sandals.

the end


jens holm

You of course prefare things as they once was. But those are the reasons for the fightings.


Iran and its allies in the Middle East have it on lockdown. Iran’s ally placements has all of the Zionist assets (Israel, UAE, Saudi, American bases etc) hostage to its missiles. Good job Houthis.

jens holm

Thts local interfierence. If it grows much more then that, it will be stopped. Iran is only a small corner of the world.

Some others can act as police against criminal like them.

the end

If I were Danish, I would be afraid over Greenland…

jens holm

Denmark dont sell 60.000 Inuit people to any.

Tommy Lee

The UAE tries to feign confidence by not grounding air traffic in the midst of a rocket attack, endangering thousands of hapless civilians and potentially creating much greater disaster than whatever might have come of the Houthis’ attack.


Houthis aren’t Zion pigs to hide behind civilians airlines to attack. Nor are they some useless pigs like Zion and Wahhabi’s shitheads to attack civilians. That is the job of Satanic worshipers the yanquis-Zion and Wahhabis – which are known to kill civilians before fighting.

Just think, ofc Wahhabis fuks want Houthis to hit one of those planes, as a matter of fact, they might have planned this out with their gay friends Zion. Zion has a “great” history of using civilian planes to attack 9/11 was one of those and you can still see them using civilian planes to hide like cowards they are.

Tommy Lee

They may not intentionally target civilian traffic, but that doesn’t mean that a stray rocket won’t hit an aircraft. The odds are long, sure, but it’s best to use caution in these situations.

jens holm

There we go again. You even offend the pigs not even living there.

Its more possible muslims will pray with their hehinds toward mecca. I hope the never will.

Reading Your crap its no wonder so many muslims prefare to live among christians and infidels. Here they at least has some kind of life.

If You were a jew, You were a curley hair zionist yourself. Its exact same kind of raised machanisme for spirituel selfdestruction.


Don’t believe anything these tinpot dictators say without question, search for yourself. One trusts a source as long as it is proven the source doesn’t lie. Once a lie has been proved, all the following news must be considered untrue unless proven right.

They say these things to create the illusion that everything is alright and according to the plan for the absolute majority of people who accept anything the TV feeds them. The air traffic was halted for more than 10 hours. Even reportedly the Occupying regime’s president couldn’t use the airport and had to be smuggled (!!!) out of AbuDhabi. They were brave before the Yemeni retaliation (the visit goes on according to the plan) but afterwards, well it is in the news! Many buildings and malls were also evacuated. Yemenis informed the Emiratis through a couple of other countries’ officials and told them about the retaliation hours before it happened and the fact that they can’t stop it.

Emirates can’t continue the show they started 2 years ago and playing a low profile role in occupation anymore. They have to leave all of Yemen (Yemenis specifically told them to leave the islands) or face the consequences. Yemenis also said they will investigate the role of the Zionist regime and if it is proven that they are involved in Yemen, then they have it coming.


Great comment. Just have to thank you. You recently told me how to avoid comments being blocked from posting. It works. When ever I try to post something about their plans, it is blocked. Using the technique you mentioned, I can now get my comments to post. This post was first blocked. I liked the way the UAE act as though they weren’t worried, they shot down a missile. No mention of the other missiles, nor the drones that were involved. Nothing to see here, move along. Hopefully the Yemeni are photographing these sites before they are hit, especially the military airport. They might get a pic of Israeli planes…and if they do Israel will get to join in the festivities. Question; if they prove that Israel is involved and they move to retaliate against them, which might prompt Israel to openly attack them, will Iran move to intervene?

Last edited 1 year ago by zman

Don’t mention it, I’m glad it worked for you.

Yemenis said they are preparing enough material to hit more than 55 strategic points in UAE at once and be done with it. First they always warn, then do what they warned. I guess it’s to MbZ to decide what will go up in smoke or turn into thousand of pieces.

The way Yemenis see Israel involvement, it doesn’t matter if it’s overt or covert. What matters is are they attacking Yemen or not.. Zionists love to kill but can’t take it when the table is turned. If Yemenis don’t react, Zionists want to go further.

I don’t think Iran intervenes. It’s not our policy to get involved in such fights that aren’t strictly defensive on our borders or close enough to pose immediate national security threat (real threats, not like American nonsense, eg. Daesh in Syria or Iraq). but we certainly help however we can, not just moral support.


Thanks for the reply. I understand that Iran will not want to intervene, but if Yemen fully attacks the UAE, which I fully expect, might then Israel, et al, attack Yemen without restraint, citing security agreements? The repercussions from an obliterated UAE cannot be underestimated for the west. I’m sure the recent Zionist visit was to make sure the UAE doesn’t give in. The thought I had vis a vis overt/covert is in relation to proof of Israeli involvement, not just suspicion. I agree on having to confront them. IF they obtain such proof, I believe they will attack Israel. I believe that will inevitably bring other Zionists into the fray. What happens then is not going to be good for anyone. Would Hezbollah inject themselves into the fighting? Where will that lead? Is this all a setup for the war that Israel has been wanting, seeking to draw Iran into it? Only the UAE capitulating will end these attacks, but will Israel/US allow that? While we’re at it, it bears keeping in mind that there are US forces/bases in UAE and Israel. The US can claim retaliation while openly escalating the fighting, as is our habit. The base near Dimona was constructed as a ‘trip wire’ for US intervention, as was stated when it was agreed to when the US entered JCPOA, to assuage Israeli fears. Also, thanks for the regional updates as well, here in the US none of this is even happening.

Last edited 1 year ago by zman

How does a security agreement between 2 states become reality? Well it depends on the states involved, do they have a parliament or are they a one-man-$#itshow? The UAE is the latter (although even for that, MbZ has to have something resembling a green light from other 6 Emirs) and the Zionist regime cannot have it without the Knesset approval. A security agreement (in this case, a military alliance is needed) with another state already in war is not something many people wish for, with a bonus which is the said state neither has a reliable military nor the inability to defuse the retaliations, meaning such agreement is a sure path to war. Now if the second state enjoys an absolute and overwhelming military supremacy, this pact is in fact a protection racket, like the agreement some nations have with the US for example. The Zionist regime doesn’t possess such superiority nor it has the logistical or financial means needed for it. What they want is to milk these dictators, not to die for them. Zionists will be happy to sell them their tools and that’s -IMO- the extent of their “security agreement”. How thrilled do you think their population will be when Yemeni wrath start to rain on them (in addition to other resistance players) because of something AbuDhabi did?

Now to deter the Zionists from getting involved, Yemenis issued this statement and I know for a fact that Yemenis are heard loud and clear over there. A lot of people got nervous there because they know their regime did something secretly and they fear such move (for benefit of a few) will bite them in the rear so they are resisting against more involvement and push for quickly ending it. If they succeed, then a bad case of headache is averted. What if they don’t? One thing is certain, Yemenis won’t face all at the same time but concentrate on one at a time while make sure others don’t forget what will come for them. Yemen is in such a state that there’s not much to destroy anymore while the other side has everything to lose. In that case while I am certain that Iran won’t get directly involved (unless directly comes under attack), it doesn’t mean we don’t have other means to assist Yemenis.

It doesn’t matter how much the chickenhawks itch for a war, the world still has some resemblance of mechanism to prevent (or at least limit) such a devastating war (lessons learned by Russia and China since dissolution of USSR).

I’m sorry now I have to go. If I left out something, please write to me under comments under future articles. I apologize that I must leave this discussion. Take care.

Last edited 1 year ago by Garga

Thanks for your POV, it was very interesting and appreciated. I understand your reasoning, but fear that those itching for war do not, if you get my drift. Seems they have set trip wires for becoming involved, which they can present any way they like. Remember, Yemen is by proxy Iran as far as the US is concerned politically. That doesn’t mean that changes reality, but as far as they are politically concerned it does. I trust my gov to make the least intelligent decision in most instances, especially where Israel is involved. But, I believe this UAE engagement is make or break for them, from their anti-Iran front, to their Abraham Accords, to military alliances. I also think this is the real reason for the Israeli visit. No matter which way the UAE jumps and hopefully they will come to their senses, I don’t expect the cabal to give up. My expectation is that there will be an event to blame on the Yemeni, but to what end? I fully agree that Israel will not dare to challenge Yemen to a shooting match, as they know just how safe they really aren’t. But does this mean that the US cannot openly wage war in concert with KSA in case of a provocation? IIRC, we have boots on the ground in Yemen already and have not heard anything about them leaving. I hope you are right in your assessment and that I’m wrong.


Here we go again. News this morning is that the US will continue to support the UAE by continuing early warning assistance (useless so far), air defense (ditto useless) and a missile cruiser USS Cole. Hmmm, strange that the Cole was used once in a FF…and in Yemen too. It does appear that the only real change might be actual participation in the conflict, viewed at home to be aiding an ally…not to mention that the US base at Al-Dhafra is a political trip wire for acting. Although this makes it appear that the UAE is staying the course, the subject of them pulling out was not addressed. The UAE may still make a decision to leave Yemen and this could just be a face saving gesture, as this will affect regional political power. We will see.

Last edited 1 year ago by zman

This comment board is compromised. They are now removing my posts after posting. here is an interesting link…https://www.veteranstoday.com/2022/01/31/houthis-begin-massive-attack-on-uae-to-celebrate-visit-of-israeli-pm-herzog/

Last edited 1 year ago by zman
jens holm

VET is a well known propaganda site. Sometimes the sun even goes down in east.

Dont forget the forced Houti hostae childsoldiers for normally free UN food. It saves wood because the coffins are smaller.

the end

WATCH OUT, jens holm is the only blob here commenting over him self. Its more contagious than COVID omikron v-3000!

jens holm

There we go again. You dont comment, what I write.

splutnik, veterans etc are well known propaganda sites for decades.


You know, I’ve resisted the temptation to reply to your incessant mindless drivel up til now, but I just feel the need to tell you to FOAD.

jens holm

Thats because not even wikipedia but many others tell Im right and I will give links.

I just telll facts. Obviously You prefare creations.

jens holm

Parts can be true or partly but Your version also is very biased.

jens holm

Yes, something like that. Im sure they reconsider if and how they can be more active and reactive.


Some of you might notice something, this attack wasn’t on Wahhabis dogs only but on Zion. “Over 15 Israeli spy networks dismantled in massive Lebanese operation: Report”

“4th Mossad commander resigns in under a year – media” For what? “Four senior Israeli spy agency officials have allegedly resigned over disagreements with the newly appointed Mossad director” Oh boy, a Mossad resigned over “disagreements” with newly appointed Mossad. As if, as if buddy.

Back to this, “The United Arab Emirates says that a ballistic missile fired from Yemen was intercepted.” Zion helps Wahhabi dogs with their lies, you can tell.

There were drones used during Storm-2 operation. “Saree noted that important targets in Dubai were also hit with long-endurance Sammad-3 (Invincible-3) drones.”

Zion pigs like Wahhabi dogs like to show anything that would show them as the “stronger one”. Zion Plastic dome hitting Palestine homemade rockets which cost 100-200$ and Wahhabis like to lie. We saw only 2 ballistic missiles get hit by 6-7 intercepted missiles.

“The recent Yemen Storm-2 operation conveyed the important message that the Yemeni army forces and their allied fighters from the Popular Committees will hit sensitive military targets deep inside the UAE, the deputy head of the Ideological Office of the Yemeni Armed Forces said in remarks published on Sunday.”

A very good day. Oh, “Future retaliatory strikes on UAE will be ‘more stinging’: Senior Yemeni military official”. Have fun Zion pigs and ofc Wahhabis in hell.

jens holm

Not even small children with candy in both hands told by their grandparents will beleive anything like that:)

Maybee i will install katapult in my armchair and act as a suicide bomber as well.


Werner von Braun you malignant bastard the Houthi’s read your book!

Cuckmander Hebrew

It tooks the amerikwans a German genius to reach space. Truly, that man’s work built the base on which all modern militaries and space agencies operate.


Surely you are forgetting such visionaries as Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, who preceded Werner von Braun. And yet the only space travel visionary the Americans can claim from the early days was the occultist pervert Jack Parsons.

jens holm

I dont think You should look down at Parson. He in many years was a pioner for the unknown in USA. A lot was unknown in those days.

He is mentioned as important in the USA space program and also was pioner in jets.

Marcelo Rodriguez

Las fuerzas armadas de Yemen junto con los houties deben ampliar las operaciones de represalia en contra de Abu Dabi y Dubhai se deberían atacar la infraestructura militar y civil como aeropuertos, refinerías, centrales eléctricas, empresas extranjeras, así como atacar las torres de cristal de sus ciudades y red ferroviaria ocasionando pánico y sensación de inseguridad en la población civil y el rapido retiro de las empresas extranjeras que invierten en dichos paises eso obligaría a los gobiernos de esos países a terminar con la agresión injusta a la que sometieron al pueblo de Yemen


Long live the Houthis, long live Iran. Death to Zio Arabia and it Zio terrorist Jew whores UAE, kuwait

jens holm

Afghans are opium for the people. Hip hip.

jens holm

There we go again. “if Abu Dhabi was nice, we would not attack them…”.

Thats highly incorrect. Its correct they now are able to.

Anti Comunism

If houthi attack Israel. If You have never seen hell in your life you will see it in Yemen. It will be mass extermination of houthi at a scale that nobody has seen from ww2.


Having wet dreams again, shlomo? Wake up, it’s your mother.

Cuckmander Hebrew

Save us the platitudes, you mongrel shitskin hebrew. Are are you just a cuckservative with a pindick like the gayreek shitskin chris?

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