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Operation Deterrent Balance 1: Ten Houthi Drones Strike Super-Giant Saudi Oil Field

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Operation Deterrent Balance 1: Ten Houthi Drones Strike Super-Giant Saudi Oil Field

Illustrative image, source: the Houthis media wing

Ten suicide unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) launched by the Houthis attacked on August 17 the Shaybah super-giant oil field in southeastern Saudi Arabia, in what was described as the biggest aerial operation by the Yemeni group yet.

The attack, dubbed Operation Deterrent Balance 1, targeted the oil field’s wells and its main refinery, according to Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, a spokesman for the Houthis.

“Operation Deterrent Balance 1 comes within the framework of deterrence and legitimate response to the crimes of the aggression and the siege on the Yemeni people,” the spokesman said, warning that the Houthis’ bank of targets is “expanding day by day.”

Located near the border with the UAE, the Shaybah is one of Saudi Arabia’s biggest oil fields. The filed produces up to 1,000,000 barrels per day.

Operation Deterrent Balance 1: Ten Houthi Drones Strike Super-Giant Saudi Oil Field

Click to see full-size map, By Google Earth.

The Houthis likely used Samad-3 UAVs in the attack. This type of UAVs, which was showcased by the Yemeni group last month, is known for its long-range.

According to the Reuters news agency, a Saudi official acknowledged the attack. The official claimed that the attack was carried out by three UAVs and caused “slight damage” in the oilfield’s gas station only.

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payback is a bitch

Hasbara Hunter

Bring the Fight to your Enemy….


British and US military advisors to the Saudi forces are together debating a suitable response to this latest Houthi ‘outrage’ , and Saudi Coalition attacks on emergency water sanitation facilities in Yemen will likely be the result.

Ragheads all over the globe should just accept that US Democratic Values involve total subservience to the ‘prosperity’ of the uber rich.


The Sobs have it tougher than ISISrael… Its harder to find women and kids to kick around in Yemen than in Gaza.

klove and light

hohoho….. take the desert Monkeys back to the roots…….lol…..

if u erase the Saudi whahabi Kingdom, and the illegal satanic Entity named Israel with ALL them Zionist jews worldwide, and the british Crown elite..

the world will have 99.9% less organized crime and 99.9% less wars!!!!

Xoli Xoli

Very true indeed.God also knows Israel is the biggest trouble makers with Saudi as human life sell outs.

Hasbara Hunter

The House of Saud IS JEWISH….



Sodom Arabia… What’s wrong with being Jewish? The USGOV is too.

northerntruthseeker .

No… Only some members of the US government are actually criminal Jews.. .Others are nothing more than Jew dick suckers who will blow to get their Jew money@


That’s what I said, lol. The official term is USZOG, they teach that in school… not really.

Icarus Tanović

Sodom, good one.

Icarus Tanović

Rather Zionistic pigs. Wahhabi scavenging worms that lay and wait for their pray in rotten places.


Great I hope they caused significant damage – no doubt the US will try to pin this on Iranian influence with the Houthis.

Игорь Горин

Maybe using quadrocopters again. A similar attack was on the pipeline. The attack was from a distance of about 1 km.

Tudor Miron

Saudi goat wives are increasingly finding that this “little war game” that they wanted to play is becoming “a bit uncomfortable”. Money goes down the drain and military veictory if more faraway than ever.

Xoli Xoli

Very funny gaot wifes.

Icarus Tanović

Bit uncomfortable for them fat asses, that are used to that somone else will fight theirs War. Not this time, bitch.

Ooga Booga

Well done. Keep making the Saudis pay.

Icarus Tanović

Well said. Keep making Saudis pay for their crimes, not just in Yemen.


We’ve heard the Saudi version, now let’s wait for the truth from the Yemenis.

Icarus Tanović

Check it out, there is one. 20 of these uavs striked the target.

Xoli Xoli

If you really want to see how fast this islamic terrorist can run just air drop few pigs in their hiding camps.Just in few minute their will run into the desert and disappear in desert rat holes and dig back to Mecca.

Hasbara Hunter

Islamic Terrorists don’t Exist….ISIS…Al-Qaeda & all other Terrorists are Western Satanic Terrorists….


This morning when I got up I looked in the mirror and saw the world’s most prolific terrorist network… and it was wearing an American flag headband…

Xoli Xoli

Thank you for more infor.

Hasbara Hunter

The pleasure is mine…

Winston Smith

With all their money you would think the scum would have air defence systems setup protecting sites like that.

Or is it just their US-bought systems are useless…

Hasbara Hunter

Perhaps the Elites have been Lying all the Time about all those Special Weapons they own to control them Sheeples….


So, the Yemenis are now able to attack the heart of KSA oil production. Was the war really worth it? Wait until they get the hang of attacking this target.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

here is hoping this oil field gets completely fucked up hahahaha

northerntruthseeker .

THIS is the breakthrough the Houthis have needed to finally defeat the criminal Saudis who have been murdering innocent women and children in Yemen for years now…. The Saudis basically have NO defence against this type of attack, and the Houthis have indeed now taken the war to a brand new level and have defeated the Saudis with this attack!

Yes, payback for the murderous Saudis is indeed a bitch…..

Tom Tom

Houthi’s need more of these!

Xoli Xoli

Remember the oil fields in Saudi Arabia are busy depleting.What ever happen to this oil fields are also in USA favor as their wants to get rid of Saudi Arabia. Currently M16 and CIA are busy turning UAE and Saudi Arabia terrorists against each other.False flag attack on oil ships are fully blame on Saudi even though it was USA,Britain, France and Saudi plan to attack Iran and steal oilfields.USA is in desperate situation Russia spoil oil take over in Venezuela.

Currently M16 and CIA are busy igniting tensions between Japan and South Korea and it works.If this two countries closes their borders it will completely restrict Russia China navigation. India and Pakistan plan works it about to close all its shipping lines then USA,Britain, France and Israel plan of controlling Persian gulf will realize.Complete disruption for Russia and China navy navigation and Engl8sh channels will be close for Russia.Bhophorus strait will be bomb by unknown drones constantly and this strait will be totally unsafe.Insecurity will force Erdogan to quickly turn against Russia and Iran and open Incirlick base and territory for USANATO reinforcements.Not only for this alone but due to economic desperation because of stall trade and starvation and regular attack by Israel forces under false accusations affected countries will go on full military war.


Instead of drooling about whom is doing what, and so on, I will just show you an video, and I guess most of you have never thought about Yemen other than an back ward heep of rocks and sand, witch is just an part of it, the rest is completely missing, Yemen, is old, much older than most of you can imagine. Yemen, yeah what do you know, watch this video, and I can shure you, since this is about Yemen land and citys, your jaws will drop.


I have repeatedly said it, and I say it again, they lie about everything, and when I say everything, I mean every f…. thing imaginable. Its like talking about Finnish people, the lies, faked history witch the “norDicks” invented in the 1800s, to have something, anything, to write about as been Norwegian history witch is flat out bollocks, since the Artic region was Finnish since the dawn of man, I could list issues an mile long, from 10 000 year old ruins in the North, by the Varangian Fjord, 6000 years old rockcarvings of sea farin ships, etc, etc, to 7000 year old Boat found in the mires of Finnland, and Finnish Runes witch are much older than the scam called Viking era, and the word Normen/Norsmen, is due to an prince, youngest son of an Finnish King, whom was named Norri, whom was given south western parts of prsent Norway, but tell that to “norse” and He will go bananas. And then we have the Skolts, some people stil dont get it, the Genetics tells the tale, our language is what created the Finnish, we are an part of the native europeans, the same blood as the Basque, the Barbers, the various tribes left in europa as Sicily, etc to Merovingians, and so on, you dont read about that because they hide ot or simply ignore it, but uses our past to justify an democraphic scam, along like the ISISraeli khazars,like the Turko-Mongols witch they originally are, even the present Truks/Kurds are just some centurys old, they replaced and slaughtere then original inhabitans, like the Bulgars, whom where Blue eyes and whats defines as White. Just to give you an ex. see an image of the llast Russian Tzar, an spitting image of what I define as Finnish, and another word uses instead of Finns, are Quens, different word for the same people, just depending on where you read it. The Lord of the Rings is basically an Copy if Kalevala. Yeah, my fathers name is Seppo, may he rest in peace.

Finnish is one of the oldest languages in the world still in use, Russian lang. comes from Finnish, the same for the Noordicks. listen to an Icelander and comapre it to Finnish and Norwegian, what do it sound like, huh, “norse”. Then the Mongol lie, we never came from anywhere, the Finno-urgic is already debunked to oblivion. The Hungairans have neither comed from anywhere, etc. This scam is because of the so called historical nonsense the PC-infested rats have made, where we all came from Africa, etc, and denies or ignores that the word changed draticly 2000 years ago due to dropping global temp, see the Ice core sampling etc. and Finns occupyed most of the Artics, incl all the way to Ural, but gradualy lost it and intermingled with what came, to the people we have to day. And then we have their main argument, slanted eyes, well, huh, ask an Mongol or an Chines, do we look like them, huh, just look at the Finnish icehokey team, yeah, looks like Chines dont they, acording to the present inbreed Khazars aka central europeans, and that incl Norwegians whom have comed here just the last 400 years, after the last of 4 main crusades against the North, did you know that, I bet you didnnt. I end it here, and goes back to the Yemens, ancient people, and Yemen is where the Original Bible is situated, not in the new fake one where its placed in the Levante, 100% bullshit, period. Yemen is one of the few places I always have wanted to travel to, I hope I can one day, since as an historical intrested, Yemen is “Porn”, like Syria and so on to Iran. My hart bleed for them, and just watch the despecable corrupt and rotten lying scums in the MSM and the Polticians whom just for an fist full of Shekles is bombing them, whines about terror while the say nothing about the cross artocitys they all are an part of when it comes to the genocide in Yemen, the worst part of this is also the UN, whom is legitimaisng it all, an whore for the impperial scumbags MIC powers and of course control of recourses, Somalia/Sudan is also an wrecked by the same scums and run their land and people to the ground.

May the lord continue to enlighten their path and bless their fight for their land and people, you can be cartain that I will always, unconditionaly suport you, never doubt that, and never ever give up and never give in.


Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Well done Houthis!

Does “Shaybah” mean something in arabic? Im asking because there is an area in southern Iraq called Shaybah too


the crown prince’s head is close to the chopping block since siblings and cousins ain’t likely to give him a free pass if the costly Yemeni-adventure turns into a flop or disaster. the squatters advisers to the crown prince, courtesy of jared kushner, are probably on their way home now that things turn serious and that the siblings and cousins might no be so forgiving towards the squatters that the more than crazy mohammed bin salman has proved to be. on the other hand, jared kushner’s promise to provide nuke technology to mbs might still save his head, if jared delivers that is.

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