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Operation Claws Of Death: Iraqi Intelligence Foils Major ISIS Terrorist Plan

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Operation Claws Of Death: Iraqi Intelligence Foils Major ISIS Terrorist Plan

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Iraq’s counterterrorism intelligence unit, the Falcon Intelligence Cell, has foiled a major ISIS plan to re-establish a network of terrorist cells across the country in a special operation, dubbed “Operation Claws of Death.”

A source in the Iraqi intelligence told the al-Sabah newspaper that the operation, that lasted several months, was a part of a secret program to prevent ISIS terrorists from moving back from Syria to Iraq.

“The operation, dubbed Claws of Death, was carried out by the tactical and technical teams of the cell in the framework of a plan to address the ISIS terrorist elements, who entered the country in different ways to reorganize their ranks and carry out terrorist operations to destabilize security in the province of Nineveh,” the source said.

In the course of the operation, Iraqi intelligence agents managed to kill Wahid Amina, a prominent security commander of ISIS in the western region of al-Jazeera. The terrorist is reportedly responsible for several war crimes in the cities of Mosul and Tell Afar.

Amina was ambushed north of Tell Afar while he was moving with his notorious bodyguard, Abdul Ghafoor Abdullah, who below himself up after failing to save his commander.

“The details of the operation will be revealed later. We will also reveal the testimonies of detained ISIS terrorists and how terrorist elements and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi escaped from areas in Syria during the cell’s secret operation,” the Iraqi intelligence source told al-Sabah.

During the last two years, the Falcon Intelligence Cell intensified its operations against ISIS cells in Iraq and Syria. The cell managed to capture several prominent commanders of the terrorist group recently, including Saddam al-Jamal and Taha Znad Mashhadani.

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Mr Bray

A quick comment expanding on this article for those who can see all of the dots now being joined to make the bigger picture –

There seems to considerable global ‘push-back’ action now being taken to contain certain Deep-State elements and prevent the planned war with Russia and / or China (through Ukraine and through North Korea).

These actions, along with many significant but mostly under-the-radar actions in Afghanistan, in Syria, in Yemen, in Venuezuela, and now in the Persian Gulf, support the theory of coordinated global pushback.

Even Ukraine is now getting the treatment. Missed by most people, even those who should be paying attention, was the recent leak that ANTI-deep-state actors had moved to remove the dangerous puppet Gavin Williamson (and at leat x2 Royal Navy Officers in control of various Royal Marine and Special Boat Service units). They were alledgedly plotting a second British led provocation in the Kerch Strait at some point during the latest NATO excercises in the Black Sea. Clearly the few sensible people left in the British MOD moved to stop him as the risks of escalation were too great (or they were warned off by the Russians).

It was said by the leaker on ‘Live Leak’ that Williamsons Deep-State backers were to be investigated under the cover of a ‘Huawei leak’ investigation, but news today from the UK and on Irans Press TV website suggests that Deep-State have used thier power to stop any and all investigations into Williamson and this matter (or it will be conducted by MI5 in secret).

At least the planned provocation against Russia has now been stopped and several anti-Russian war mongering fools have been removed from positions of power. A major victory overlloked by most people.

Parisa Zoorgoo

slaughter them mossad isis terorrists along with the cheneys and nuttys

Tom Tom

and Obombers, same thing.

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