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Opinion: “Open Society” in the pay of the “US Priority”


Opinion: “Open Society” in the pay of the "US Priority"

In comments to the video entitled “NGOs: Grassroots Empowerment or Tool of Information Warfare?“, SouthFront has received many questions regarding how we estimate the role of Gorge Soros in the US elites’ expansion over the world and his personal place in the so-called “New World Order”, or the global power brokers.

Many believe that Soros himself, is the key player manipulating the global events, backstage. The one who strongly believes in the world oligarchs’ exceptionalism, the one who makes an all-out effort to provide and cement the New World Order. In earlier years, global power brokers aspired to clandestinely manage global events through state institutions and bodies. Now some of them come to the fore personally, or using NGO’s, shedding all the vestiges of decorum.

A good example in recent years, is the well known goal of Soros’ operations in Europe – to realize the EU visa-free regime for Georgia, Ukraine, and Kosovo by any means, in spite of a host of legitimate European concerns. This event provides strong facilities for the global power brokers to support puppet regimes in these countries, as well as to create additional tools to put pressure on European national elites.

That is well known that Soros conducts intensive talks with leaders within the establishment of Ukraine, Georgia, Kosovo and other US satellites, to strengthen US economic and politic influence. There are a number of leaks in the web. Today Soros is particularly bothered about the compelling stand of some core European countries toward new US clients in Eastern Europe and Turkey: “MATE, NO INMATE”.

Sources close to the Georgian parliament have provided interesting information about Soros’s role in visa-free regime negotiations and meetings with the President of Georgia, Giori Margvelashvili.

The meeting’s participants discussed the visa-free regime liberalization between Georgia and its “European partners” ahead of upcoming elections, and the possible impact that could be produced by delay of the action. Soros suggested that Georgia should be more active in this issue and ask the US administration to put additional pressure on the EU to achieve the goal. In this case, Georgia & Co. would expect a quick adoption of suspension mechanisms that will allow each country to get visa-free travel as soon as it meets the conditions. In turn, Margvelashvili complained that Washington is in election mode now and Barack Obama would not be willing to make such a step. So, Georgia is focusing on work with Germany and its attitude regarding the issue.

As result the parties agreed that Ukraine and Georgia have to work together to press the EU and the US in order to achieve own goals. Soros promised to push this idea to Prime Minister of Ukraine, Volodymyr Groysman, and suggest him to coordinate with his Georgian counterpart.

So, that is good that Soros actively participates in solving Ukraine and Georgia issues, which were created by his party, but the case seems to be another piano play. Meanwhile summarizing the information, we could see Soros one more time, as an awesome global gambler.



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  • opereta

    Europe dosen’t want Georgian Heroine and White Slave traffiquers to compete with the Turquish ones allready active. The Turks are bad enough and nobody needs Ukros and Georgians to compete with each other subverting civilized nations unprepared for hordes of Mercedes Benz thiefs, etc !! Soros out to be impaled by someone !! Enough is enoug with this damned Hugarian Jew !!

  • trid2bnrml

    “Many believe that Soros himself, is the key player manipulating the global events, backstage.” — Well certainly he spends his billions funding NGOs, which are havens for CIA agents in countries where they want to implement “regime changes” and foment civil unrest. He also buys politicians and uses his money for any number of malcontent – so yes, I’d say that he is the key player manipulating the global events, backstage. Period. And he even says he’s PROUD of what he has done.

  • trid2bnrml

    “we could see Soros one more time” SWINGING FROM A ROPE.

  • George Soros is a Jewish surpremisist Zionist bigot, of the same make and model that started the First and Second World Wars. Assad and Adolf and the Royal family of Russia have all been victims of the same perpetrators. Justice must be served. I wish the very best for Russia, I hope Europe and America can be liberated from the Zionist occupiers. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1b2a06dfc3fc9846bf9002f98a3ba84264cc53a6488c20b8aa2c3b5a5d02fcf1.jpg

  • Zuzana Rehakova

    Soros sold Hungarian Jews to Himmler. And he survived. Reno Kasztner (Soros’ partner in Himmler negotiations) was killed on the street by furious survivor of KZ. He has to die.