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Open Season: Two More US-led Coalition Supply Convoys Attacked In Iraq

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Open Season: Two More US-led Coalition Supply Convoys Attacked In Iraq

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On January 20 noon, two supply convoys of the US-led coalition were attacked in the outskirts of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

The first convoy was struck with an improvised explosive device (IED) as it was passing on the Yusufiya road, south of Baghdad. The second convoy was targeted near Abu Ghraib town, west of Baghdad, with an IED. None of the attacks resulted in any casualties. Nevertheless, the two convoy’s may have sustained material losses.

According to the Sabereen News, a Telegram channel linked to Shiite armed groups in Iraq, a new faction calling itself “Saraya Qassim al-Jabbarin” claimed responsibility for both attacks.

Pro-Iran groups have carried out dozens of attacks on US forces and diplomatic mission in Iraq since the assassination of Iran’s Quds Force Commander, Maj. Gen. Qassim Soleimani, and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Deputy-Commander of the Popular Mobilization Units more than a year ago.

Two days ago, three convoys carrying supplies and equipment for the US-led coalition were targeted with IEDs in the cities of Samawah, Nasiriyah and al-Diwaniyah.

These attacks may soon lead to a military escalation between the US-led coalition and Iranian-backed armed groups in Iraq. Washington vowed to respond to any attack that would lead to casualties among its troops.


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Assad must stay


johnny rotten

I don’t understand all this insistence on Iran, maybe that Iraqis don’t have enough reason to hate and attack the squatters who destroyed their country?


Besides the millions of murdered Iraqis and millions of displaced Iraqis as well and not forgetting that they brought the Wahhabi Terrorism over them which prior to the AmeriCunt invasion + occupation [Justified entirely on LIES] doesn’t exist in Iraq.

Kenny Jones ™

And now the real open season will begin under biden, not just material damage but casualties


attacks by the jews in palestine trying to force the disunited states of exeptional morons to stay on and confront the Iranians. anyway, they might succeed in the short term but at the end of the day, the jews will be gotten rid of anyway.

John Wallace


B’Tselem – The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories strives to end Israel’s occupation, recognizing that this is the only way to achieve a future that ensures human rights, democracy, liberty and equality to all people, Palestinian and Israeli alike, living on the bit of land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Various political routes can bring about this future, and while it is not B’Tselem’s role to choose among them, one thing is certain: continued occupation is not an option.


true but given the extremely long line of war crimes and crimes against humanity and the ethnic cleansing and concentration camp Gaza and the theft of the Golan heights and now, lately, the theft of the lng under palestine’s seabed and which the jews have no right to and never had any such right to and which they now are in the process to sell, hopefully by pipe to europe otherwise by ship from egypt makes it impossible to see them as living in palestine – they just have to find somewhere else or a grave in the desert sand. no one in the area have any reason to like them or deal with them except to see them go.

John Wallace

Those Jews are trying to do something too assist the Palestinians which has more meaning and effect than anything any outsider can achieve. Did you visit their site ?? The latest is of course that while Israel are vaccinating their own population they are denying Palistinians against all international laws that they MUST attend to their health.


They were asked to f**k off by the very same parliament they have installed… Any attack is entirely justified..


US blood and dwindling treasure is being shed for the sake of Israel, which is untenable in itself.


Syria Sends First Message to President Biden: Withdraw Troops, Stop Stealing our Oil


Frankly, the US child killers are FUCKED!


China has just imposed sanctions on Pimpeo and half the US criminal losers.


US needs to withdraw from the region and deal with the growing problems at home. The trillions lost on this quagmire has ruined the US economy and only serves the nefarious interests of Israel.

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