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Open Letter on the Situation with SouthFront’s PayPal Account


Open Letter on the Situation with SouthFront's PayPal Account

SouthFront is asking all interested parties to provide legal and informational assistance in response to the unprovoked and unlawful actions undertaken by the PayPal payment system.

We, the SouthFront team, consisting of volunteers and experts from 13 countries, are casting light on the international situation and analyzing crisis situations around the world. Our point of view is in many respects at odds with that of the Western mainstream media and we believe our materials in some ways reflect the Russian Federation’s position. Which is what we are often accused of by our ill-wishers.

At no point of our existence did we ask for or receive any support from state, commercial, or civic organizations of any country, including Russia. This project exists solely thanks to its readers and volunteers.

However, now we are compelled to write this open letter and turn to you for informational and legal assistance due to the pressure that is being exerted on our independent information portal by a range of international entities and corporations, including PayPal.

We know that the pressure is being exerted by forces connected to the US government. We have so far been able to deal with all efforts to harm our project. In 2015, the project faced hostile acts by the Atlantic Council and a number of European organizations linked to NATO. We have been deprived, without any warning, of the project’s YouTube channels, Facebook pages, and the main site has been subjected to cyberattacks. There have been cases of leaks of false information aimed at discrediting us. Until recently, our team was able to deal effectively and these and other challenges, which are similar to those faced by other entities attempting to bring alternative points of view to light, such as Wikileaks.

But now, given that the project is enjoying widespread support around the world, our ill-wishers have apparently decided to use their structural power by using PayPal’s unlawful actions to deprive the project of voluntary contributions from our readers and viewers, which are the project’s sole financial support.

Unfortunately, we do not have the necessary legal infrastructure to properly resist PayPal’s actions. Therefore we would be grateful for such assistance. We also hope you can provide any possible informational support to inform the public on how PayPal is being used to exert pressure on inconvenient information outlets.

Materials further illustrating the current situation:

  1. History of SouthFront’s communication with PayPal
  2. The essence of PayPal’s requests



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