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OPCW Manipulated Chemical Weapons Report On Syria’s Douma By Removing Critical Details

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OPCW Manipulated Chemical Weapons Report On Syria's Douma By Removing Critical Details


Wikileaks publsihed en internal OPCW email revealing that the chemical weapons watchdog’s leadership doctored a report on the 2018 Douma incident to bring it in line with West-promoted claim that it was an attack by the Syrian government:

Internal OPCW E-Mail

23 November, 2019

OPCW management accused of doctoring Syrian chemical weapons report

Wikileaks today publishes an e-mail, sent by a member of an OPCW fact-finding mission to Syria to his superiors, in which he expresses his gravest concern over intentional bias introduced to a redacted version of the report he co-authored.

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons sent a team of experts to investigate allegations that a chemical attack took place in the Syrian city of Douma on the 7th of April 2018. The author of the e-mail was a member of that team and claims the redacted preliminary version of the report, misrepresents the facts he and his colleagues discovered on the ground. The e-mail is dated 22nd of June. It is addressed to Robert Fairweather, Chief of Cabinet, and forwarded to his deputy Aamir Shouket and members of the fact-finding mission to Douma.

He says this misrepresentation was achieved by selective omission, introducing a bias which undermines the credibility of the report. Further it is claimed that crucial facts, that have remained in the redacted version:

“…have morphed into something quite different to what was originally drafted.”

This is said to have been done at the behest of the Office of the Director General (a post that was held by Turkish diplomat Ahmet Üzümcü at the time, he has since been replaced by Spaniard Fernando Arias).

The attack in question was widely attributed to the Syrian Army, based on reports by rebel forces that were present in Douma at the time, and this assertion was backed up by the United States, British and French governments. These three countries carried out air strikes against Syrian government targets in response, on the 14th of April 2018. This was before the fact-finding team had gained access to the site in Douma, the mission there was delayed for nearly two weeks by entrenched rebel fighters and subsequent clashes between the rebels and government forces that moved into the area.

Upon arrival the team found much of the physical evidence, including the bodies of the deceased, was no longer available. It was alleged that 49 had died and up to 650 had been seriously affected by a weaponized chemical gas released in a specific area of rebel-held Douma on that day in April. Rebels claimed the gas came from cylinders dropped from aircraft, clearly implicating Syrian government forces who had complete air superiority.

The redacted report seemed to support these conclusions but the author of the released e-mail outlines some specific aspects of it which he considers: “particularly worrisome.”

Firstly, there is a statement in the redacted report. It states that there is sufficient evidence to determine the presence of “chlorine, or another reactive chlorine-containing chemical.”

The e-mail points out that this was:

“likely one or more chemicals that contain a reactive chlorine atom. Such chemicals could include… the major ingredient of household chlorine-based bleach. Purposely singling out chlorine gas as one of the possibilities is disingenuous.”

The redacted report also removed context from a claim in the original draft, which concerned the likelihood of the gas having emanated from cylinders found at the scene in Douma. The original text is said to have purposely emphasised that there was insufficient evidence to affirm this being the case. This is “a major deviation from the original report” according to the author.

He also cites problems with paragraph in the redacted version, which states:

”based on the high levels of various chlorinated organic derivatives detected in environmental samples”.

This is said to overstate the case. According to the e-mail:

“They were, in most cases, present only in parts per billion range, as low as 1-2 ppb, which is essentially trace quantities.”

One piece of evidence, which was shown on news networks across the world, was a video said to show victims being treated in a hospital in the aftermath of the attack in Douma. The symptoms shown were, however, not consistent with what witnesses reported seeing that day. A detailed discussion of this was apparently omitted from the redacted version of the OPCW report.

The e-mail states:

“Omitting this section of the report (including the Epidemiology which has been removed in its entirety) has a serious negative impact on the report as this section is inextricably linked to the chemical agent identified… In this case, the confidence in the identity of chlorine or any other choking agent is drawn into question precisely because of the inconsistency with the reported and observed symptoms. The inconsistency was not only noted by the fact-finding mission team, but strongly supported by three toxicologists with expertise in exposure to chemical warfare agents.”

Yet another point of contention is the placement and condition of the cylinders reported to have contained the chemical agent. It has been alleged that their condition may not be consistent with having been dropped from the air, compared to damaged in the immediate surrounding area. This was discussed in an unreleased engineering report from OPCW that was leaked and Wikileaks published in October 2019 and indicates it is unlikely the cylinders were air-dropped (see previous release: OPCW Whistleblower Panel on the Douma attack of April 2018)

Sections discussing this are largely absent from the redacted report. “This information was important in assessing the likelihood of the ‘presence’ of toxic chemicals versus the ‘use’ of toxic chemicals,” states the e-mail.

The author ends his letter with an appeal to the management to allow him to attach his differing observations to the document.

The annual conference of the states parties of the OPCW that is composed of representatives of all member states of the convention starts Monday November 25th in The Hague.

Media partnership and coordination: La Repubblica (Italy), Stundin (Iceland), Der Spiegel (Germany), Mail on Sunday (U.K.)

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EVERYTHING the Zionists touch, they debase by bribery and blackmail in order to further plunder the world.

UN institutions that were once revered are now exposed as Zionist tools to contrive a perverse and fake reality. Perhaps the Zionists have always controlled them, and only the internet has enabled open debates with others on a world stage that challenge ‘ The Right Opinions ‘ of the OPCW etc that are peddled by the Zio scum.

Zionists then publish their counterfeit facts, that in the minds of the ignorant becomes ‘legitimate’ history.

Ricky Miller

I disagree. There is nothing Jewish about this, or Zionist, as you say. The Director of the OPCW was a Turkish diplomat, a NATO stooge. They seem to be everywhere in “International” organizations. WADA, check. IOC, etc. The European Court of Human Rights which issues judgement awards against any kind of Russian law enforcement action to control disorder and chaos but stays silent as French protesters are maimed and imprisoned. The OSCE, which regularly declines to report Ukrainian violations of the cease fire in Donbass. The U.N. Secretary General, another NATO placement, declines to speak out when Russian and other diplomats are denied visas to attend UN events, in violation of the host agreement. This was a CIA operation, a NATO information warfare offensive. It has corrupted International organisations into being untrustworthy, even assets. There is nothing Zionist about it, it’s just official war pig corruption.


I used the description ‘ Zionist’, without exclusivity to Jews precisely because I was including all other people from different faiths who seek advance the Jewish Zionist project of Theador Herzl. His pamphlet Der Judenstaat ( The Jewish State ), was published in 1896.

AM Hants

Even the Daily Mail is starting to wake up, although I doubt that will last.

New sexed-up dossier furore: Explosive leaked email claims that UN watchdog’s report into alleged poison gas attack by Assad was doctored – so was it to justify British and American missile strikes on Syria?… https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7718627/Sexed-dossier-furore-alleged-poison-gas-attack-Assad.html

John Wallace

Looks like an in depth objective report . I wouldn’t know one UK paper from the others . Our papers / media are pretty vanilla so nothing like this.

AM Hants

Going back in time, there were two brothers, one ran the Daily Mail and the other the Daily Mirror. Daily Mail used to cater to the right leaning public of the UK and the Daily Mirror the left leaning members of the public. Back in 1913, the Tavistock Institute was set up, in order to force ‘mind control’ on the public. Rockefeller, the two brothers of the Associated Press, Viscount Rothermere, who ran the Daily Mail and Viscount Northcliffe who ran the Daily Mirror, were founders of the Tavistock Institution.

The Daily Mirror, ended up with Robert Maxwell, the Mossad Agent, as proprieter. Murdoch took over the Times Group and then you had the Daily Mail, which carried on catering for the middle section, still leaning to the right. It used to have the largest audience out of the UK hard print media. Not sure anymore, owing to the millions that have turned away from the media, all forms.

Before the suspicious death of Maxwell, who was known for raiding the pension fund of the Mirror workers, his editor on the Daily Mirror, was Alistair Campbell, who just happened to end up as one of the Special Advisers, together with Peter Mendelson of Common Purpose Member, Scottish Labour politician, who went onto become Prime Minister Tony Blair. For some reason, so many of the UK politicians, including Prime Minister level, are also members of Common Purpose and loyal to the principles of Common Purpose, rather than serving their electorate.

Do believe the Mail has also moved forward with seeking an American audience.

Ralph London

OK AM, I’ll give you an A for that; to have gotten A+ you would have had to have added the fabian society into the mix.

AM Hants

Oooooops, despite the fact the Fabian Society came first and got the ball rolling, I keep forgetting to include them. My poor little brain is in dire need of a breather, just too much going on, to allow it.

Ralph London

Let that be a lesson to you AM, forgetfullness costs credibility.

AM Hants

OK, as I scheme how I can get off the naughty chair haha.

Ralph London

No need AM; this was very good: Dale Stewart Thesis, which provides the Treaty etc.

AM Hants

Thank you kind sir. Haha.

Ralph London

You see, AM, I can offload the ‘heavy lifting’ to you, while I just relax and pick and choose the tastiest info morsels. I let the early birds catch the worm, while later I catch the bird. :)

AM Hants

You sound like an old ‘tom cat’, casually lazing in the sun, before finding a tasty bird for supper, haha.

Ralph London

So? Dontcha know cats are kings?
Interesting video here AM, start at 4 mins 50 s:

AM Hants

Haha, do believe some of those old pussy’s are Queens.

Just going to have a look at the video, with interest.

This article from Stalker Zone, may or may not interest you. Funny how it is the same old crowd, wherever there is conflict.

I wonder what role Khodorkovsky would have taken on, when the Fabians were preparing for the Russian Revolution?

Liberal Journalists in Russia Are Working For ISIS…


Ralph London

In Russia, just like here, there are traitors and troublemakers.

AM Hants

The same everywhere, so many can be purchased for 30 pieces of silver. Watched some of the video and owing to time constraints, going to view the rest of it this morning. I was enjoying what I was viewing, owing to finding it interesting and so want the final conclusion to it all. Complete with all involved having a very public lifetime of reckoning.

John Wallace

Wow , didn’t expect that , thank you . Better than any newspaper report. Roberts daughter is of course Ghislaine Maxwell .. Were those the Murdock of Aussie fame
Fox , News of the World and phones lot. The people thinking their vote makes a difference especially when both candidates answer to the same master. Thanks AM , short of time so will delve later.

AM Hants

Yep, Ghislaine Maxwell, good friend of alleged Mossad Agent Jeffrey Epstein.

Rupert Murdoch, the Australian with a Scottish mother, ran the News of the World, which shut down, and I think it was owing to a young girl, who was taken out by a serial psychopath, and the journalists of the NOTW, got caught having copies of her telephone messages, owing to hacking into her phone account, I believe (and might be wrong). It was whilst the police were trying to find her body. Do believe Pierce Morgan, replaced Alistair Campbell and ended up resigning, at the time the public were horrified at how the family of Milly Downer were treated, plus, other bad behaviour from the media. Sorry, but, I do believe that is why you ended up with him over in the US. Murdoch also had the Times, the Sun and the local papers, that came under the Times umbrella, together with Sky. Maxwell and Murdoch, owing to time, remind me of Rothermere and Northcliffe, with one running the right leaning branch of the media and the other the left leading branch of the media, over in the UK.

There is an E Book, called ‘The Tavistock Institute of Human Behaviour’, which is well worth reading, slow time, but, flicking into it, gives you a flavour. Believe you can get access to it on ‘educate yourself org’.

What was it William Casey, the Director of the CIA said?

‘We will know our media disinformation programme has worked, when the people of America believe all we tell them’. William Casey, Director CIA.

John Wallace

Very interesting stuff. Found Tavistock on archive org . Control both sides of the story and you control the narrative and the people. Get people into groups and they can fight each other instead of seeing the common enemy. I read something awhile ago that both America and England backed Hitler into power in the belief and hope he would attack Russia and bring them back under control as well as punish them for killing or removing the Czar and family. Same Royal blood flows across many European countries and Russia was no exception. I visited the Czars winter palace Lavidia where they had wax works of the whole family and of course in another room Churchill , Roosevelt sitting and Stalin standing , he was surprisingly short , Not an overly exciting building but going through the lightly wooded area to the Palace one could imagine the place crawling with troops to protect the three leaders. There is also the story that Roosevelt forced Japan into war by providing a juicy target in Pearl Harbor to get the people of America into a war they didn’t want to know about. Now look at them . At the slightest pretext “off into the valley of death “. It appears both UK and US are joined at the hip when it comes to that which brings up stories of The New Great Game which Charles has said ” we will not lose this time . The first being when Britain failed in Afghanistan and the Russians came in but failed also I think. 1830’s can’t remember . Also brings up the question of the Brit American war where America won but there are those that say that there was an agreement that America would become a corporation of America but America would rule itself through a CEO who would be President . It doesn;t matter who is the president as the strings are pulled from behind the scenes.
Not only is it America that most believe as they are told as afterall they all know about Goebbels and propaganda so are too smart to fall for that one again.

AM Hants

I think I have been reading similar to what you have been looking at. Must admit, the last few years have been a serious learning curve and would never have believed our Governments could be so evil and premeditated.

There is another article, I came across by chance, but, if you have not seen it, you might find it interesting.

Three Corporations run the world: City of London, Washington DC and Vatican City… http://www.sinhalanet.net/three-corporations-run-the-world-city-of-london-washington-dc-and-vatican-city

What is nice, is the fact that so many are waking up to the lies, sadly the masses happy to sleep through it all.

John Wallace

Yes there is so much interesting stuff out there that the internet has allowed access too . A load of rubbish as well which my appear to be possibly true but after scrutiny starts to fall apart. Started off years ago looking into JFK and there are plenty of nut case theories there but many are plausible . That was a coup and we have been under control every since. maybe before as well but certainly ever since. Then from there it branched out until today where it is near on impossible to believe anything Politicians say on anything. We seem to have a more honest government but I know there is a lot of skulduggery going on in the background. Just prior too the US and our governments becoming real friendly gain after the years of cold shoulder for the anti nuclear stance there was a high ranking British government female visited and had a private chat with the PM . Nothing was every reported of that but shortly after the big announcement by out foreign affairs minister and Eric Holder that we are friends again. He arrived with a convoy of Hummer armored vehicles to take him and security from the airport to meetings and return. What an over the top overkill I thought. Must have thought he was going into a war zone.
When the Mosque shooting happened I was appalled that that happened here but on RT and other sites they were saying hoax , FF so I went to look at the video to see for myself. I saw a little at the beginning but didn’t have time so I thought I will watch that later. Of course it was quickly removed and banned so I couldn’t see all or most. What I did see a lot didn’t make sense but looked both real and like a computer game. To call it a hoax is madness as it would be impossible to conceal that with so many people involved , Police , ambulance , hospital staff and so on . They would have numbered in the hundreds and being a small city / country if it was a hoax many would have talked to friends / family and word would have spread very quickly. So it was real but we are not allowed to know anything other than what we are told . They say they had no knowledge of the attacker but he went to Turkey just before a bomb exploded near the German Embassy and where he was staying. He left the country. Automatically every person who left Turkey at that time would be recorded on special watch. He went back to Turkey later and disappeared for a couple of months or so. It is believed by some that he was taken into Syria and joined up with HTS and blooded. Again he would be on special on watch on arrival and departure. That information would be passed onto all other NATO countries for a start,.. Went to Israel , Pakistan and lots of other places where questions would be asked why is he going there. Sent here to do a job but of course he is held in isolation and the narrative of a lone gunman went berserk and killed all those people will remain. Anyone that questioned what happened or asked why the censorship was immediately attacked by the mob as a nut job or bloodthirsty worshiper of the incident . No one was allowed to make comments on anything in the news and they did change that setup when it was re introduced. I don’t buy the story as there is a lot more to this than we will ever be told. It is not easy to just walk in and kill civilians like that and he must have had knowledge he could do it . Believing or thinking is not the same. No one knows until they are put in the position and actually do it. Most people can’t even if they think they can.
I meant Corporation of London where I put Corp of America, my mistake. I have seen a little of that three Corporations but not in depth. I am surprised at times by the number making comments in the news that suggest they have been reading something similar but few by number still being drowned out by the sheep baaa ing the need for tin foil hats. What is better , knowing what is happening or being blissfully unaware ?. Thanks for the pointers .. Have a peaceful night.

John Wallace

My reply has been marked as ‘ SPAM ?? spam , really . That is impossible. Obviously someone is upset about something and using spam as a method of censorship. Perhaps I upset someone on another article and this is payback , Spam it was not even close but I did say a few things that may upset some people. Truth is not spam . My thoughts are not spam and no amount of censorship will change that.

AM Hants

Owing to the fact I like your comments, owing to them being informative, no doubt I have missed the opportunity of reading something that would interest me. Do not let it ruin your day. Take care.

John Wallace

Not missed , just delayed. I put it in 4 parts so if t was too long then problem solved. If one part vanishes then I know which and why. If all go then someone is upset. No it didn’t ruin my day certainly not like those on MH17

John Wallace

“Detected as spam Thanks, we’ll work on getting this corrected”

Whoever marked my comment as spam is gutless and a weak pussy afraid of the truth which never changes no matter how much you censor it. Looks like I upset you more than you upset me because I know you are afraid of words. Careful when you sleep tonight as unwanted words may enter your head and give you nightmares..

so until someone reads my reply and realises it is not spam it shall remain hidden to all.

AM Hants

Hi, I get a few of them and must admit, to wondering why, as I could not see what was wrong with the comment at thre time. Normally, when the comment had a few facts in it. So now understand why.

Sorry you ended up in the ‘spam bin’, as I bet it was a comment well worth reading an informative.

John Wallace

No it took me by surprise and scratching my head as to why. Of course there are multiple reasons why , upset someone , it was too long or contained something someone disliked . Anyway more than one way of skinning a cat. I was expecting it to be back up by now but not. So I have reloaded it in 4 parts on MH17

AM Hants

Was it GP that sent them to spam, owing to the comments being with regards the MH17? As you say, that is interesting.

John Wallace

No sorry confusion. I put them on your comments on MH17 on another site but nothing to do with MH17

AM Hants

I found the articles, apart from the 4th one, but, after the above and in the wrong order.

John Wallace

I couldn;t find them and thought they had been deleted but then got notification you had seen a couple. Looked again but still couldn’t find so ended up using firefox then control f on the article which brings up a small search box at the bottom , enter my name same as posts and everything with my name comes up 1 of 9 , because your replies to me also come up click up or down and it takes you to each comment . I think 4 was underneath 3 . If not showing may need to go to bottom of comments and load the next lot go to name and back space one letter of name and reload it . Or I can put it below here.

AM Hants

Cheers. I went to notifications, to answer any replies to my comments, which is why everything was back to front. Glad you found them.

John Wallace

change that setup when it was re introduced. I don’t buy the story as there is a lot more to this than we will ever be told. It is not easy to just walk in and kill civilians like that and he must have had knowledge he could do it . Believing or thinking is not the same. No one knows until they are put in the position and actually do it. Most people can’t even if they think they can.
I meant Corporation of London where I put Corp of America, my mistake. I have seen a little of that three Corporations but not in depth. I am surprised at times by the number making comments in the news that suggest they have been reading something similar but few by number still being drowned out by the sheep baaa ing the need for tin foil hats. What is better , knowing what is happening or being blissfully unaware ?. Thanks for the pointers .. Have a peaceful night.

As you can see no reason to remove it at all.

AM Hants

Seriously surprised, with regards how they were moved, as there was nothing offensive whatsoever in any of the comments.

The link I posted on the 3 Corporations, must admit to finding it seriously informative, when somebody pointed me in it’s direction a couple of years ago. It made a lot of sense.

I enjoyed reading Italian Renaissance fiction, together with having a soft spot for Claudius Caesar. Always, wondering whatever happened to the House of Borgia and all the dodgy Popes that came through the system. Even if I was christened into the Catholic faith. Plus, where I grew up, we were reliant on the old Icknield Way, which was built in the Roman times. Do believe, a few months prior to reading the article, I had also seen another article, with regards the Treaty of 1213, when King John of England, had signed over the territory of Great Britain and present and future colonies to The Vatican. It has never been revoked and there was also an article in the Daily Mail, with regards some young girl, who came up with a family tree, connecting all but one US Politician to a blood connection with King John. He handed over our territory, owing to a small problem of being bankrupt at the time and the Vatican helped sort out the problem. In 1760, when King George III came to the throne, he was also facing bankruptcy and was aided by the bankers, who administer the Fed Reserve, The Vatican Estate and also the Crown Estate. He handed over the Crown Estate to the private bankers, in return for an allowance, known as the Civvy List. It is now the Sovereign Grant, and used to be the Monarch of the day receives 15% of the Crown Estate, to administer the Royal Household, with the other 85% going back to the Treasury, after the Private Bankers have taken their cut. Which is why the Queen refers to the City of London, as the Firm, which she works for.

Just found the article I linked, provided a seriously good summary, that linked into my curiousity, owing to the Presidents DNA link to King John and the 1213 Treaty.

John Wallace

Well that is surprising , it is still here. :-)) I don’t know what is going on but seems pretty stupid to me. If it was because it was too long then fine I can break them down but when I gave directions to use my name and find it getting removed really is Why ?? . Anyway I am not worried about and the message got through. I was busy watching that video that is no longer there which I found on utube with the rest of .. That is real interesting and hoping that it is true as that would be a game changer. Guess I will have to go further back to try and work out how the numbers come about . I remember that car incident on the bridge and we had some coverage of it. Let me put that into context. We have 1 hr of news and weather with most being National/ local news a smattering of international , sports and weather . The last two would more often than not be more than all the international news combined. So 3 mins per day is about it for a few days on that incident so I know what happened but not really much else. That is by Big Ben isn;t it. I did a flying visit too London in 75 stood on the other side of the road near some statue on the river side by the bridge and took the obligatory Big Ben pics. That is about all I can tell you . I saw something about the Vatican London Washington sometime ago but didn’t go into it much. sinhalanet would be Ceylon from Sinhalese so I will read later .So much to do and not enough time to do it all with it being our supposed summer although mostly more like winter not finished then very hot then winter again. Must go , the doctor is waiting to push poke and do whatever docs do. .

Hasbara Hunter





the unhinged states of A is running opcw and of course the organisation can’t release something which is contrary to the interests of the unhinged states of A so a little bit of essential manipulation/falsification is in good order, or, as you recall, the family of the manager might come in harms way a la bolton.

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