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JULY 2022

OPCW Intentionally Deleted ‘All Traces’ Of Dissenting Report On Douma Incident: Wikileaks’ Docs

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OPCW Intentionally Deleted 'All Traces' Of Dissenting Report On Douma Incident: Wikileaks' Docs


Wikileaks published on December 27 four new leaked documents and emails from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) revealing that top officials in the organization had conspired to delete all traces of dissenting report on the alleged chemical attack on Syria’s Douma in April 2018.

The first document, dated 27 and 28 February, contains an e-mail from Sebastien Braha, Chief of Cabinet at the OPCW, in which he instructs that an engineering report from Ian Henderson should be removed from the secure registry of the organization.

Henderson inspected the sites in Douma and two cylinders that were found on the site of the alleged attack. In the report, which has been already leaked, he says that the cylinders were more likely manually placed there than dropped from a plane or helicopter from considerable heights.

“Please get this document out of DRA [Documents Registry Archive] … And please remove all traces, if any, of its delivery/storage/whatever in DRA,” the leaked document reads.

The engineer’s findings were excluded from the official final OPCW report on the Douma incident, for no clear reason.

The second document is minutes from a meeting on 6 June 2018 between staff members of the OPCW and three Toxicologists/Clinical pharmacologists, one bioanalytical and toxicological chemist, all specialists in chemical weapons.

The OPCW team members wrote that the key “take-away message” from the meeting with the experts was:

“that the symptoms observed were inconsistent with exposure to chlorine and no other obvious candidate chemical causing the symptoms could be identified.”

This conclusion were also excluded from the OPCW’s final report on the incident, which claimed that Chlorine gas was “likely used” in the attack on Duma. A previous leak had revealed that the levels of the toxic gas were “essentially trace quantities.”

The third document is a copy of OPCW e-mail exchanges from 20 to 28 August 2018 discussing the findings of the meeting with the toxicologists.

The fourth document, an e-mail exchange from the end of July 2018, states that the eight OPCW inspectors deployed to Douma during the fact finding mission, except for a paramedic, should be excluded from discussions on the project.

The four document clearly shows that OPCW officials conspired to delete any trace from Henderson’s report, to excluded information rejecting the use of chemical weapons in Douma attack and to censor discussion on the incident within the organization.

The OPCW has not commented on the new leak, so far. The organization confirmed the authenticity of several documents, which had been leaked by WikiLeaks before. These leaks confirm that the entire ‘Douma chemical attack narrative’ was manually designed by Western sponsors of radical militant groups operating in Syria in order to accuse the Assad government of using chemical weapons.

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Ricky Miller

The OPCW, like WADA, the OAS and other so called “International” organizations are really NATO, especially the dominant American wing of NATO, intelligence operations. They really have no credibility left and cannot be trusted in their realitive missions to serve all the countries around the globe fairly. For the seventy plus percent of people around the Earth who live in countries not a part of the NATO and neo-NATO Empire these organizations are no longer trustworthy. I wouldn’t trust anyone associated with them to feed my cat, let alone engage in important matters regarding world affairs.


All this is rather like having a politically and politically correct Police Force, or Police Service as some like to call it now:)

This could never happen in Britain , I am always told.

But, but, the British police are already politically motivated, I say :) Just look at what you cannot say anymore and the restrictions on what you can do , if one is not in the Libtarded Club.

AM Hants

Our police service and legal system is now under the control of Common Purpose, and haven’t they also taken control of the military, together with other pubic funded institutions?


I do believe that the Common Purpose cabal have indeed usurped our once lauded institutions ,AM.

That is why the country is being tipped upside down and buggerall works as designed to do anymore.

Cops consider ‘ being rude’ as a greater offence than theft of a motor vehicle, the Jewdiciary is politicised, the Church is embroiled in yet another scandal, Royalty is as it always was, the Military is essentially a training club,Politicians all appear to have commitments that exclude their constituents ,the Fire Brigade is bound by procedure, the roads are full of holes, Doctors are mostly all about money, Bankers are venal,Lawyers act primarily for their own profit, Health and Safety types will not accept that many people are too stupid to employ with anything sharp or pointy, etc etc etc and its all about training.

All of this planned chaos provides non productive jobs for the unemployable and a system of tyranny that Common Purpose elite’s can profit from as we all squabble amongst ourselves. Or most of us anyway.

Like you I suspect, I cannot be bothered to argue about shite and football, AM. :)

AM Hants

You sound lacking in Christmas Cheer Florian? There again, you say it so well.

Must admit, to finding it almost impossible to have a decent conversation with anybody, that actually stimulates the mind. Shite, football and reality TV seem to be the subjects of choice.


Bah Humbug etc to Christmas Cheer. Its impossible to go to a restaurant for a couple of weeks without loud and raucous diners and even bloody kids. :)

I am often forced to listen to other peoples conversations in public as they shout all the while. The banality of their lives is certainly a sign of our time. ‘Much ado about nothing ‘ with little to show for it, except debt.

A highlight of Christmas for me was downloading Kaspersky Lab security and deleting Norton :) Kaspersky ad-blocker has killed all the irritating and mostly US ads.

How was your Christmas cheer,AM? Do you have skype?

AM Hants

With Skype, have it, but, refuse to use it.

Love your view of Christmas. Mine, surreal and don’t ask about the ‘fungus balls’. Not even mine, but, dictated Christmas, whilst nought to do with me haha. Found myself singing Qu’est Cera Cera and laughing. The good news is, that things are getting better. Went for a lovely walk, with son, grandson and puppy this afternoon. We all got absolutely filthy, but, the scenery was spectacular and the dog loves swimming, even in December.

Hope the horse enjoyed Christmas, even if Master did not haha. Nice one with Kaspersky and marvelous advert for the New Year.

Cannot remember the last time I had a normal Christmas. The weirdest was when my husband decided to leave one Christmas Eve (he so does Bah Humbug Christmas, to perfection), and I was opening the post and found that we had been gifted an acre of land on the moon. I could not stop laughing and for some reason the husband decided to return later in the day, to find my son and myself seriously cracked up laughing and he was surprised we were not missing him. Not sure what we will do with that acre of land on the moon and wonder what happens when they start building on it, or mining the natural resources of that one little acre haha.


I’m sure that I read in the Talmud that God had given the Chosen Ones the property rights of the moon several thousand years ago.

You can expect a demand for the annual leasehold charge for your acre very soon, AM. Do you own the mineral rights? If you do, it makes you a very attractive person to know :)

Trump will be opening an embassy there once his Spaceforce are potty trained.

AM Hants

Haha, not sure about the latter, despite the fact it interests me. When hubby and me did eventually split, there was no way I was giving him the deeds to that acre of land on the moon haha, besides he forgot to ask. Should go and find the paperwork as it pinpoints exactly where it is. With regards the annual leasehold charge, surprised I have not received it already, but, will forward to hubby if needed haha.

Ricky Miller

Similiar things are happening in the USA. There is a degradation in basic law and order services in many areas and growing friction between competing users of public space in society. I’m thinking that this may be an inevitable part or evolution of the ways we practice both capitalism and democracy. Growing chaos is the result of the cult of democracy being grown too big and let off the chain and growing greed and wealth inequality with all it’s ill effects is the end stage of malignant unchecked capitalism. Worrying, especially for anyone with or who loves children. Where are we all going? I’m scared.


Unless there is a massive natural disaster within the US that could unite the surviving population, the future of the US is bleak for ordinary citizens,in my opinion.

More of the same is bad enough, and there is a Libtard Police State ready to go and waiting in the wings.


I remember hammering a few bozos who constantly brought up OPCW reports which I knew were complete BS based on what they have done or should I say, not done. Now, we have proof that they are under control doing whatever the US and UK says.

The OPCW is a joke, a tool, nothing more!

John Wallace

Trouble is people are told we all live in the freest most democratic countries in the world where few realise the media lie or censor by omission so that their knowledge of the truth is controlled . Take this report of the current fighting in Syria from Channel 9 in Australia as shown in New Zealands multi newspaper online outlet. It is the only news for weeks on Syria and from this peoples idea is molded on the truth . Hope it works , if not let me know. If it doesn’t work you could try going to stuff.co.nz and using the search box look for US President issues warning to Russia, Syria and Iran

It is a video with a short ad and the sound maybe quite high.. https://play.stuff.co.nz/details/_6118341587001


Most people ‘of the free world’ are not aware on how they are completely under control. The truth is never acceptable as it demolishes what governments are attempting to sell.

John Wallace

Exactly and you are banging your head against a brick wall trying to talk about it as well as getting offers of tinfoil hats.. The vast majority drown any alternative speech through righteous ignorance..

Concrete Mike

I love my tinfoil hat!!

Ive.been rocking it for years, and as time goes on , i am proven correct again and again.

Want a good laugh?? I have a friend that beleives Petro Porochenko was the best ukrainian president ever!!! Why i asked him, because the guy in my office from ukraine said so.

I laughed so hars i fell off my chair.

I told him this is like a hitlerjugend saying hitler ws the best chancellor ever.

He didnt understand and asked me where my tinfoil hat was.

John Wallace

Nothing wrong with a tin foil hat. I have suggested going into business selling them as there appears to be a demand for them. It is just an attempt to denigrate people to draw the focus away from what is most likely true.

AM Hants

I keep going on, but, you check out who funds the White Helmets, with the 12 nations, together with the EU that funded the Joint Investigative Mechanism section of the OPCW.

Remember back in 2003, when Bolton was the US Permanent Envoy to the UN and was telling the Director of the OPCW, that he knew where his kids were, if he did not admit that Sadam had WMDs? Around the time Tony Blair was lying to Parliament, to get UK Forces helping with the UK invading Iraq, based on the lies of Blair and Bush.


Hey AM, yes we brought those points up quite often on RI. I remember a few who did not like to see the truth out but I’m sure you do not remember them, right? :-)

Bottom line is simple. They will use threats we they can or simply work within the OPCW to get them to say or hide whatever they want. Sad but true.

AM Hants

Haha, do not know who you mean? They are still boring me to sleep as Groundhog Day continues.

Just wish it would all end, but, no doubt a lot more of the same scenario to go.


What a crowd of reprobates ….Anyone interested in the wiki source, here is the link: https://wikileaks.org/opcw-douma/

AM Hants

Thank you.

Peter Jennings

This organisation has been caught with their pants down. This organisation was responsible for a barrage of US missiles fired into Syria. It’s a free-for-all clown show and needs some leadership if it is to retain its integrity. At present is is no better than cnn or the bbc. Both organistions have shredded their reputations pushing unbelievable and unsubstantiated crap.

Put some real leadership in place at the OPCW or rebrand it as a gov’t propaganda outfit so it cannot in future be used for serious investigative work.

F Gerard Lelieveld

The OPCW did not say anything on the Douma incident at the time. Their investigation came after the retaliation rocket attacks by Trump US and Macron France. In 2014 the OPCW team led by Sigrid Kaag declared that all chemical weapons capability was removed from Syria and destroyed. After that they tried to keep a low profile on the other chemical weapon allegations. But outside pressure by the US and its allies convinced them into writing reports that could be interpreted either way.

Concrete Mike

Yes, the.airstrikes.happened.before the investigation.

Its safe to assume, that the “investigation” goals were to justify the airstrikes. Nothing else and nothing more.

Funny enough, the airstrikes were as ineffective as the investigation.

F Gerard Lelieveld

French foreign office sent in their man to reach that goal yes.

AM Hants

Just been reading a similar article over on Gateway Pundit, which surprised me, owing they never report anything positive with regards NATO or US involvement in the Middle East.

Hope the story keeps growing.

AM Hants

Wonder what the crowd behind the funding of the White Helmets will end up doing next, with regards media disinformation, concerning Russia? As they try to rubbish the Russian military and politicians, with domestic audience, together with regime change script and typical actions of Integrity Initiative, Statecraft, Bill Browder and friends. Open Society Foundation, NED, Atlantic Council, etc, etc, etc.

Russian MoD Says Several Nations Preparing Information Attack to Target Russian Military Leadership… https://sputniknews.com/world/201912281077884705-russian-mod-says-several-nations-preparing-information-attack-to-target-russian-military-leadership/

Russia Defence Budget $47 billion. US Defence Budget $750 billion and rising.

I wonder if the above is the reason the same old crowd wishes to target Russia’s military and slander them?

Fog of War

This is all great to know, but what now ? What will be the repercussions ? Will the people who ordered the cover up be made public ? Their actions caused people’s deaths , shouldn’t there be ramifications ?


OPCW personnel have been threatened in the past by the likes of John Bolton.

While the US continues to claim that they are exceptional and above international Iaws I would not put it past them that Bolton or his accomplices have boldly continued with their preferred method of threatening investigators who could end up exposing yet more crimes and false narratives.

See – ‘I give you 24 hours to resign’: 1st OPCW chief on how John Bolton bullied him before Iraq War – [RT 7 Apr, 2018]

Bolton more recently threatened the ICC to drop an investigation into US warcrimes in Afghanistan.

“I got a phone call from John Bolton – it was first time I had contact with him – and he said he had instructions to tell me that I have to resign from the organization, and I asked him why,” Bustani told RT. “He said that [my] management style was not agreeable to Washington.”

He resolutely refused to resign, only to see Bolton again at OPCW headquarters in The Hague several weeks after the phone conversation. “He came to my office and said: ‘You have to resign and I give you 24 hours, this is what we want. You have to leave, you have to resign from your organization, director-general.'”

Remember when Trump was anti-Iraq War? Bolton hire just tip of iceberg in policy U-turn

Bustani said he “owed nothing” to the US, pointing out that he was appointed by all OPCW member states. Striking a more sinister tone, Bolton said: “OK, so there will be retaliation. Prepare to accept the consequences. We know where your kids are.”

According to Bustani, two of his children were in New York at the time, and his daughter was in London. He told Bolton: “My family is aware of what’s going on, so [they’re] prepared to face consequences.” The reply shocked Bolton, who then left the office.

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