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OPCW Fact Finding Mission Continues Its Syria Deployment


OPCW Fact Finding Mission Continues Its Syria Deployment

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On April 14, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) announced in an official statement that its fact finding mission team will continue its deployment to Syria to investigate the alleged chemical weapon attack in the Duma district.

The OPCW added that it will not release any information about its ongoing investigation in Syria in order to “preserve the integrity of the investigatory process and its results.”

Local observers believe that the OPCW fact finding mission team will begin its work in Syria as early as April 15. The first group of OPCW’s team had arrived to Syria on April 12.

Earlier, the Pentagon justified the military strike on Syria that had been carried out by the US, the UK and France by claiming that the Damascus government had blocked the OPCW fact finding mission from accessing the alleged chemical attack site in the Duma district.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also denied the Pentagon’s claims and said that the Damascus government and Russia are doing everything they could to facilitate the deployment of the OPCW fact finding mission in Syria.

“They would have gotten visas on the border with Syria, it is officially confirmed, the OPCW knows this,” Lavrov said, according to the Russian TV network RT.

Many Syrian experts have questioned the timing of the strike on Syria as it came only hours ahead of the arrival of the OPCW inspectors. The strike also destroyed key research facilities that had possibly contained evidences which may contribute to the investigation, according to the experts.



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