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JUNE 2023

OPCW Experts Completed Their Douma Mission In Syria

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OPCW Experts Completed Their Douma Mission In Syria

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On May 4, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) announced in an official statement that its fact finding mission in Syria has been completed. In late April, OPCW experts visited two sites in Duma district where chemical weapons were allegedly used on April 7 and collected samples there.

According to the OPCW statement, the samples collected by its fact finding mission will be brought to the its main laboratory in the city of Rijswijk, where they will be split and then dispatched to the designated laboratories. The organization added that the analysis of the samples may take at least three to four weeks.

“At this time, it is not possible to give a timeframe for when the Duma report will be issued to States Parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention,” the OPCW said in its official statement.

The OPCW stressed in its statement that more than 96% of Syria’s chemical weapons had been destroyed under its verification. Despite of this, the US and its allies claimed on several occasions that Syria is still developing, producing and even using chemical weapons.

The OPCW final report is crucial to reveal what really happen in the Duma district on April 7.  However, Syrian experts doubt that it will have any real impact on the military or political attitude of the US-led coalition towards the conflict in Syria.

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Here’s my prediction: – OPCW says no chemical weapons were used, the West and MSM will ignore it, and probably some drama of the weak, there is always something, will drown it out on the news.

– OPCW cannot agree if there was something or not. The West and MSM will ignore, or say Russia and Assad tampered with the evidence.

– OPCW says there was something, but can’t prove that it was the Assad government or Jihadis, the West and MSM will spin it as proof that Assad eats babies for breakfast and is Hitler reincarnated.

Feel free to add your prediction, but I just don’t see it making much difference in favor of Russia and Syria.


OPCW will state that: No Chemical Weapons were Used will be my prediction…More & More people are able to gain the “Truth”… if them is so ignorant that they don’t know or don’t Care about it… those same people will have to pay a high price sooner or later….


I predict that the OPCW will say that the results are inconclusive as everything found will show evidence of tampering by both sides at some point or another. So yes, South Front, the results will not effect public perceptions in the US but neither will it effect Russian attitudes. Everyone will simply reaffirm their previous positions.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

My prediction is they will blame Jaysh al Islam and prepare to make them disappear through deceptive surreptitious planning, idiot policy whack jobs. The curtain has been pulled back my “Little Dorothy’s dog Toto” this will help cover the multiple blunders of the “Skripal affair” ,just my guess.

George Silversurfer

US and its stooges are trying to lie faster than facts can catch up with.

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