OPCW Experts Collected First Samples In Syria’s Douma


On April 21, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) announced in an official statement that its fact finding mission had  visited the Syrian district of Duma and had collected samples from one of the sites where chemical weapons were allegedly used on April 7. According to the organization, the samples will be sent to its main laboratory in the city of Rijswijk, Netherlands.

“The OPCW will evaluate the situation and consider future steps including another possible visit to Duma,” the OPCW said in an official statement.

The OPCW visit should put an end to a wave of allegations by Western officials and the mainstream media that Russia and the Damascus government are blocking the entry of the fact finding mission to the site of the alleged chemical attack.

In reality, the OPCW delayed the visit to the supposed attack site in the Duma district due to security concerns. On April 17, unknown gunmen attacked experts of the UN Department of Safety & Security (UNDSS) who were carrying out an a reconnaissance mission in one of the sites of the alleged chemical attack in Duma.

The mainstream media accused Russia of tempering the site of the alleged chemical attack in the Duma district. However, many reporters and independent journalists, like Robert Fisk, who visited the site confirmed that everything is still as seen on the original videos of the supposed attack.

Experts doubt that it is possible to hide any evdince of a chemical weapon attack, as these weapons leave long lasting traces in the attack scenes.



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