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JUNE 2023

OPCW Experts Collected First Samples In Syria’s Douma

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On April 21, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) announced in an official statement that its fact finding mission had  visited the Syrian district of Duma and had collected samples from one of the sites where chemical weapons were allegedly used on April 7. According to the organization, the samples will be sent to its main laboratory in the city of Rijswijk, Netherlands.

“The OPCW will evaluate the situation and consider future steps including another possible visit to Duma,” the OPCW said in an official statement.

The OPCW visit should put an end to a wave of allegations by Western officials and the mainstream media that Russia and the Damascus government are blocking the entry of the fact finding mission to the site of the alleged chemical attack.

In reality, the OPCW delayed the visit to the supposed attack site in the Duma district due to security concerns. On April 17, unknown gunmen attacked experts of the UN Department of Safety & Security (UNDSS) who were carrying out an a reconnaissance mission in one of the sites of the alleged chemical attack in Duma.

The mainstream media accused Russia of tempering the site of the alleged chemical attack in the Duma district. However, many reporters and independent journalists, like Robert Fisk, who visited the site confirmed that everything is still as seen on the original videos of the supposed attack.

Experts doubt that it is possible to hide any evdince of a chemical weapon attack, as these weapons leave long lasting traces in the attack scenes.

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Can they be trusted ?Especially the Dutch, remember their investigation into the Ukraine shooting down,to blame Russia.


Ladies and Gentlemen…I’m happy to announce that it was Putin who chemically gassed the Duma…a little fart made Lavrov leave the room


Never Trust The Dutch….They are Lying Bastards…Only Out to make a couple of Bucks here & there…Rats that Slaughtered in Indonesia & stole their Spices, to get their Golden Age….their Golden Age is Over…


That’s First Minister Rutte. Rutte ignored the rejection by 2017 referendum of the Ukraine association agreement with the EU in full public view and had the agreement ratified because of some vaguely defined “Geopolitical” interest.

Knowing how far Rutte is willing to go in public, one may assume he will go a lot further out of the public eye.

Quite intentionally the MH17 investigation mandated by the UN was split in 2 parts. One part mandatory fully transparent under the UN mandate limited itself to a technical investigation of the downing, but excluded the location from which that BUK was fired. That part was transferred to a criminal investigation outside any UN mandate by the JIT (Joint Investigation Team: Netherlands, Australia, Belgium and ‘of course’ Ukraine) That JIT has not publicized any real progress for the last 2 years, but airs rumors of being close but not there yet. Similar to the Skripal this investigation is secret and even the Terms of Reference for the JIT are secret.

Quite telling is that at no point ever has the Dutch government held the Ukraine liable for failing to close that airspace. One should be aware that a AN-24/26 was downed from 6500m 3 days before MH17. The Ukrainian air force lost quite a few aircraft before that. Still for 3 days UkSATSE continued to guide 100 civil air liners a day over that war zone. Add to that UkSATSE being a joint civil-military air traffic control military, which ought to have been fully aware of the risks. Failing to close that air space is no clerical error, but gross negligence at least and possible worse when ‘highly likely’ exploiting civil air liners as human shields for its own aircraft.


MH-17 was just another False Flag… Anyone can have brought it down… by accident or on purpose, by military planes or buk..yeah the Americans lost their Satellite images… but the fact that “my” Dutch Government has Lied to me basically my whole live, doesn’t really make things better….and that goes for a lot of fellow citizens…



Acko Manah

I had the absolute worst experience of travel visiting Holland. They were totally racist and most disgusting. I am from Iran. Of yes they hated me but I was with “white Americans”. They hated the Americans as much or more than they hated me. Dutch make me totally sick as the most f*ing racist I met in all my travels.


I always had friends from every Continent in the World…Holland is pretending to be the most Tolerant & Liberal country in the World… I never get my identity card checked, when walking on the streets with my white male privileges, my friends who are Born in Holland but don’t look like the average Caucasian White Male are checked at a regular basis…Ethnic Profiling it is called… Since they started this War against Syrians I’m completely done with the Netherlands… they are Rats… nothing more… I’m headin’ East soon… because I don’t want to be associated with this Western Culture anymore…their system is an Evil one… I always knew more or less and dissociated myself from their ways… but it turned out to be much Worse than I ever thought… I really hope that Iran will become a Free & Open society, once the Threats of those Western Criminal Psychopaths are gone.. Iranians are intelligent and good people. That they may have a beautiful future ahead..

Acko Manah

Putin has promised to not eat any more beans also Dr. Assad will not eat garlic. So any more stinky stuff will not be their fault.

Jozsef Osztronkovics

Israel is behind all this fake gas attack –uk – us france the evil puppets who doing all this for murderess zionist israel —please open your eye


more real one local warlord. chlorine gs is not so complicated to produce in large amount.


OPCW are untrusted organisation ! They stoped report from indepenent laboratory in Swiss.Swiss laboratory confirm,that it dont was Novicok but BZ toxin , produced in Britain and USA ! Britain and USA are devils of world !


put us here the original report of that swiss lab.


His excelence mr.Lavrov earn this report from Swiss laboratory ! Justice people are everywhere , they cant watching unjustice to weak states.West counries are silence , nobody protest or spear about fake. This is big scandal for wanker Johnson a witch May,similar for all EU ,who imediately to judge Russians.


lavrov lied several thousands time. i want to see the report. signature, stamp. otherwise fake news.

Monte George Jr

Swiss state Spiez lab. Lavrov has an excellent record and reputation for accuracy. It is the western leaders and MSM who have lied “thousands of times”. And what they can’t lie about they try to keep secret (like the whereabouts of the kidnapped and incommunicado Skripal father and daughter). You are the fake news.


at least the name and location of lab. i will get the material, if exists.


Here… I found a bottle of the material… are you Happy now? Just Sniff It…Macroni fixed me a couple of’m bottles…potent stuff https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9fdc0f2d1ed6c5d49652c8a3a7d9944120362e93ce2374a0bfa5569000aba1f7.jpg


You dont read only west surce news , they are liars ! If you want to know enemy , you read and listen opposite side , it mean Russian , politically analyst Pjakin , what explanatory position of Russian . Another fake news from west countries are only fable uncle Trumo or stupide UK cabinet.


name of lab!


My friend where are you come from ? Are you from Mars ?


here with the name of lab!

Monte George Jr

Swiss state Spiez lab (information clearing house)


You need to search harder raptor head. Don’t ask Peter to do your homework! :D


no, he told something. if no sorce, he lied. i am pretty sure, there is no such result ;)




There you Go Harry Velocipotter..

jerry hamilton

It’s not so much about the OPCW being dishonest. Bolton had a run in with them over the gulf war. The OPCW had arranged to go in and conduct tests and Bolton stopped them. Bolton was recently brought back into the government.


Was the reason the chemical facility that was struck in Syria during the last missile strike, to prevent the OPCW from analyzing the sample there and allowing the sample to be tainted once it arrived in the Netherlands by allies of the US? Kind of reminds me of the Skripal kidnapping case in the UK, whereby governments have contributed so much to their false flags that there is no possible way they can ever allow the truth to prevail.


The Dutch Government will be in Deep Shit if they try to Manipulate….you Bet that the Russians are Waitin’ to catch them Cheating…


They will cheat, Russia will catch them, but they just don’t care. The Dutch Government lied about MH17, even though dutch citizens were killed. They will lie about this for sure. But in the long run, Russia Iran and China will win this war, and the countries that actively worked to promote war, like the Netherlands will be punished.


That is how I see it too… that is why these are beautiful times… Put an end to Western Imperialism, their Arrogance should change in Modesty… or they will soon become Irrelevant and can do business among themselves… and become a bunch of Sheppards & Farmers again, just like the Mongols


Actually I might be wrong, I hope I’m wrong. The OPCW has made a statement that refutes the allegations that Russia and Syria have been preventing access to the sight, saying it was the UN that delayed them. On another front some German MP’s have said Russia should be brought back into the G7-G8 and that peace in Europe can only be guaranteed by including Russia. Maybe the tide is starting to turn?


I always felt they had too.. sooner or later…as long as Russia stood Strong against those AngloZioNazis…and Russia Did..no backing down…GooOD!


What white helmets say how many died from а chemical attack, 70? Where are all those bodies? Buried? Dig them up and check! Burned down? Hardly. Muslims don’t burn their dead. They don’t exist, because there was no chemical attack? YES!


I’m sure that some OPCW members have smuggled some chlorine with them. It will be one more testament to the Russian unlimited stupidity. Let’s wait and see.


The Dutch were responsible for the questionable investigation of MH17, so their impartiality is in doubt in my opinion.


I switched the samples hehehehehe….


Most Presidents can hide their Satanic Wickedness…Mister Macroni likes to show off that he is the Son of Satan himself….


The Dutch Suck Big Time!! Lying Bastards… Hey Mister President Rutte…get your F-16s out of Syria you little U.S.asssucker….


Can the OPCW also visit the nearby rebel chemical factory discovered in March in Eastern Ghouta, probably about 5 miles from Dhouma?

Here is the story from just last month.

https://www.rt.com/op-ed/421515-ghouta-syria-chemical-weapons/ …

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The OPCW won’t they have limited themselves to few witnesses and sites blame that on western interference into anything they do at OPCW.


They will make on the end we found some small portion of some chemicals blah blah you can’t trust this bastards. They are supposed to do full investigation not just collect samples and go. How can we believe them, cuz they are OPCW. I mean they can say that there were chlorine for sake of the american attack, justifying.

Acko Manah

I’ve traveled all over and the Dutch are the single most vile racist sh* I ever met.


Another reputable reporter exposing the western propaganda. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-21/germanys-largest-public-tv-news-broadcaster-syria-chemical-attack-most-likely


OPCW are the same guys that this time last year concluded that SAA attacked Khan Sheykun with Sarin basing it only on White helmets info taken at face value. They didn’t send any teams to do inspection on the ground and chain of custody of “physical evidence” that presumably reached OPCW labs was – questionable – to say the least. Remember that that particular false flag was debunked by dozen of western CW specialists – like Dr Postol – and is considered to be one of more crudely staged operations – with WH “treating Sarin victims” without HASMAT eqp and splashing them with water…If I were a betting man I wouldn’t put any money on these people clearing Syrians this time around…


The problem is the truth is irrelevant. The western media will continue to spread the lies, just like they did in the lead up to the Iraq invasion. The journalists know they are spreading lies, but just don’t care. One day the American terror will be defeated, when that day comes, I think quite a few journalists should be charged with aiding war crimes, and face the hangman.

chris chuba

Lies being told on FOX, ‘the OPCW was blocked from entering Douma so that the Russians could tamper with the site because chlorine is easy to conceal’.

And what noxious lies they are, both the U.S. and France claim that Sarin was used at Douma which does not decay that quickly in the soil. Neither the U.S. or France were bothered by the fact that the OPCW never had access to Khan Shaykhun even to this day, let alone ‘two weeks’ after the attack and we know that the Russians and Syrians did not block access to the site.

Yes indeed, it will be a cold day in hell before the western MSM does anything but echo what the State Dept or Pentagon tells them to say and they dare lecture us about ‘bots’.

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