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JUNE 2021

OPCW Claims Chlorine ‘Likely’ Used In Syria’s Saraqib

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The Fact-Finding Mission (FFM) of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), said in a May 15 report that chlorine had been “likely used as a chemical weapon” in the supposed chemical weapon attack in Saraqib, Idlib Governorate, Syria, on February 4.

According to the report published on May 16, the FFM “determined that chlorine was released from cylinders by mechanical impact in the Al Talil neighbourhood of Saraqib”.

The conclusions of the FFM were based on two cylinders, which had been allegedly containing chlorine, witness testimony and “patients at medical facilities shortly after the incident who showed signs and symptoms consistent with exposure to chlorine and other toxic chemicals”.

A former British ambassador to Syria Peter Ford described this report as “seriously misleading” and “deeply disturbing,” RT reported.

“The mission was supposed to be fact finding, but when you actually read the 34 pages of the report, you discover that there are no facts in it at all – not one fact which is supported by independent observers,” Ford said.

“You hear ridiculous claims such as, ‘we heard barrel bombs being dropped from helicopters.’ Well, I’m sorry that is a physical impossibility. And the report is full of idiotic statements like this that even a child could discard.”

Ford strongly criticized questionable sources, which had provided evidences for the OPCW. Among these ‘selected’ non-governmental organizations (NGO) Ford marked Belgium-based Same Justice/Chemical Violations Documentation Center of Syria (CVDCS), the White Helmets and the US-based Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS).

Ford pointed out that the White Helmets is a “well-known jihadi auxiliary who have assisted in beheadings and who are notorious for making propaganda,” as well as SAMS that has “a similar reputation.”

“Believe it or not the inspectors did not go to the… alleged scene of the crime. Why? Because it is in the hands of jihadists. That is why they did not go,” Ford pointed out.

“These people are totally affiliated with the jihadists, yet the inspectors accepted at face value their samples which could have come from absolutely anywhere.”

While the OPCW doesn’t determine the responsible side for the attack, the White Helmets is first to make allegations.

The White Helmets became the main source of information of the alleged chemical weapon attack in Douma on April 7. The organization claimed that the supposed attack had been carried out by the Syrian government.

On April 9, the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the Warring Sides in Syria examined Douma and found no traces of chemical weapons.

The OPCW visited 2 sites in Douma on April 21 and 25 collecting samples there. The results haven’t been provided yet.

On April 26, Moscow’s delegation to the OPCW and witnesses of the alleged chemical attack held a press briefing in Hague to debunk accusations against Syrian government.  Syrian witnesses filmed by the White Helmets for their Douma chemical attack video revealed the absence of the attack and that they had staged in the fake video for food.

On May 3, the US CBS TV channel reported that the US State Department had freezed financing the White Helmets.

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Michał Hunicz

Rinse, Lather, Repeat


Anyone knows if Syria, by the international laws, could ask the International Court of Justice (the court of the UN) to declare this report null and void?


The report don’t have to be sanctioned. No they only need to debunked them which this former ambassador already did. Even the alleged containers would likely ring alarm of fabrication.


I Think that a State can ask the opinion of the International Court about a matter that concern it. It’s a mere declaration, without force, but is a juridical appreciation anyway. And these guys are needing a juridical bloody nose.


I think we should give it up on that matter. The USA and it’s FUKUS triads have launched two strikes against Syria without evidence or UNSC approval. We don’t even have to mention it’s unilateral withdrawal from JCPOA and other weapon non proliferation treaty.
Trump, UK administration under May and Macron already is war criminals but not that it matters.


While the OPCW is a good idea in principle, in practice, the inspectors are far too vulnerable to manipulation or intimidation by the US government. It’s understandable that they would toe the line if someone from the US State Department or the UK Foreign Office reminded them about what happened to Dr David Kelly in 2003 and/or threatened them and their family members.

Luke Hemmming

‘Quo bono, who benefits? Not Assad that’s for sure. Militants? Yes they would most definatly benefit from the retaliation towards Assad falsely accused of this and other staged attacks. For Assad there is no military advantage to using these weapons. He could kill more using conventional weapons than chemical weapons and in light of the white helmets been caught out lying and filming staged event’s how can the international community take seriously the credibility of such a group that openly supports the militant opposition and has individuals that have been members of al Qaeda and HTS and participated in beheadings and other crimes against civilians. The fact that the White Helmets aren’t even recognised as a legitimate civil defence organisation in Syria because Syria already has a civil defence organisation should be a red flag. Also getting funding from the UK and US government’s whilst claiming to be an NGO should also raise suspicions. But as it doesn’t we all know that there is western intelligence influence that guides this group. The OPCW doesn’t name the culprits just that chlorine was used. The chemical weapons laboratory that was found in east ghouta by the SAA a day after it liberated the area from the militants only proves that the militants have been manufacturing chemical weapons and using them against civilians in Syria and blaming Assad for it. The western media is quick to blame Assad based on the white helmets reports but dismisses Russian, Syrian and others.’Quo bono? Not Assad because he got over 100 missiles fired at him. It would be political suicide for him. Either western politicians are very stupid or they are controlled by bribes, blackmail or hidden agendas.


I vote for hidden agenda.

A small point: I believe OPCW is not supposed to assign blame but merely to present its technical and scientific findings.


A “fact finding mission” that found zero facts that could be backed by material evidence and decided to some of the Jihadi PR outfit propaganda


Next they’ll likely hire people that only work as mouthpiece. In that regards and possible development from that the organization would soon be filled with yes man not some skilled and credible experts. Fuck science.


OPCW is dead then.

northerntruthseeker .

AND…. Of course we have multiple videos and reports about American/Israeli “rebels” having been supplied with chlorine gas…. Which means that the evidence is all there that this “gas attack” was indeed a false flag conducted by said “rebels”!


opcw is the white helmet twins.. where all BS comes through..!


It’s the long buried dubious saraqib claim.


Well, I did predict this. All the evidence has been tainted be the PR efforts of both sides meaning the best efforts of a neutral can’t conclusively say anything. It is reasonable to believe that chemical weapons were used, but it is also reasonable to say they were not. I suppose it’s down to how much you like Assad.


Give it up there’s no reason Assad forces uses CW when they have the pocket fully besieged with heavy artillery piece.

Frank Behrens

of cause there is (and besides: since when do humans behave and act always reasonable, adult and sober ?..shessh)


Hasbara troll.


Anti-Semitic. See I can do it too. Recalcitrant sycophant.






Define anti semitic ?


Someone who notices actual Jewish behavior and describes it accurately.

Frank Behrens

yeah, soooo proud….hiding behind a pseudonym . 99 % of all racists and antisemits are cowards and sissys, big mouth.

Frank Behrens

yaaaaawwwn…yes, we all know that here …eerrr…really , don´t you can do better kiddy?
Your trolling is ….poor.


When they are part of a disciplined, professional group that has been doing the same thing for years. Procedure, esp. procedure that proved to be effective in the past, does not usually involve hysterical or impulsive behavior.

Frank Behrens

sure…and now which army has never done cruel senseless things? Oh, right…not one. Humans aren´t robots who follow strictly and emotionless ever order.


You are absolutely correct. But your argument is essentially one that because people are unpredictable the [long-established] tactic described by as is irrelevant and, because there are human beings involved, one can’t rule out resort to irrational chemical weapons use. The proposition that it is possible humans can act impulsively can always be asserted to attack any proposition of regular behavior.

There’s another useful principle which is that people usually are the way they usually are. It’s absolute genius in my view and I heard it in the context of how a mental health counselor ought to approach a client in a routine way. It avoids the search for an explanation for “exceptional” (i.e., routine) behavior and the search for the “real” person” when it makes more sense to proceed on the assumption that what can be seen is what everyone else in that person’s life sees and reacts to.

So, in my view, it boils down to a choice between interpreting events as involving an impulsive/exceptional behavior that is contrary to the actor’s self interest or events being dictated by habit, routine, procedure, SOP, and rational behavior. Which one makes more sense? The latter I think as it’s difficult to approach the world on the basis that the lady with the shopping cart at the meat counter might suddenly have a psychotic meltdown.

Frank Behrens

well, war is a specific case. Humans tend to be under stress (get tired, fearfull, angry etc. = irrational…or so it seems. But in a specific case, like here, seemingly irrational behavior seems reasonable for humans). Soldiers see there comrades die or get badly hurt (mentally as well).

The chemicals attacks so far are rather singulare events and so are not part of the usual strategy/tactics . As such they could be wll interpretated as rather irrational deeds/decisions (perhaps only ordered by local commanders and without the knowledge of the HQ).

And in those cases, the use of chemicals might be even “reasonable”. Besides inflicting fear and terror to break the spirits of your enemy (why else use such devices like barrel bombs ? ). in the specific case the rebels surrendered after the attack ..so, there was kind of a reason. Disadvantages ? Provoke an attack by western states? Pish-posh…they have done little in comparison ..they could do waaaay more (Besides a full attack with ground forces). Bomb and destroy hole HQ´s , military facilities, storages , infrastructure, communication centers and houses…and what they did? Bombed for ONE day buildings which are thought of to be used to produce and store chemicals. (last time the US bombed ONE airfield…an evacuated one).
So the risk for singulare uses of chemicals is low ..and btw. the attacks are I guess a sort of kabuki/theatre…coordinated with at least the russians (who allow such singulare bombardements …they´ve done absolutely nothing to prevent those..playimg good cops/bad cops).

Bill Wilson

Those are handy for driving out fighters holed up in the concrete buildings. Chlorine is a good choice since everyone uses it for water treatments and makes their own for cheap if they have access to sea water, brine or salt deposits. It will kill a person if they breath in the concentrated gas but as it gets dispersed, the lower levels become a pulmonary irritant where they experience shortness of breath until their lungs heal up which can take several days or weeks. Can’t fight if you can’t get enough oxygen into your blood.


You read me. Heavy artillery pieces. They want them gone they’d just pound them to the grounds and chlorine gas is not a reliable means nor it’s doable to be carried over with helicopter in barrel bomb package.

The essence of modern warfare is to have your ground forces push up until it met heavy resistance then met the concentration/fortified point with barrage of artillery shelling. If a counter battery were met then airmen would be used to neutralize them.

Assad has all these essence in his hands so nope there’s no real reason to resort into some unreliable improvised weapon such as chlorine gas in a barrel.


Evidence is evidence and it isn’t changed by PR efforts. Such efforts may involve presenting honest or dishonest analysis and conclusions but the evidence remains unchanged. There’s no reason why a neutral ipso facto can’t say anything conclusive about evidence. Arguments can be made for or against usage and it is not always that analysis of them all will be inconclusive. If the evidence is that someone died who exhibited the classic signs of sarin poisoning and analysis of the victim’s blood, urine, lungs, and clothing shows the presence of sarin or its metabolites, it is not “reasonable” to conclude that sarin was not used on that person.

You can call me Al

They probably found a trace of chlorine from bleach, the vermin numpties used to clean the tanks after they carried them in, FO you traitorous lying whores and go get your pat on the head from the Satanists.

Frank Behrens

UUuuh, Peter Ford again…known for his TOTAL neutrality …now even critizicing the pre (!) report of the OPCW (next that is cause a western controlled organisation…but why bother at all and invite them). Who had ever had seen THIS come ?



The United States “Master Stroke” against Venezuela

by Stella Calloni

Stella Calloni reveals SouthCom’s secret plan to overthrow the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. This document, which we have already published, contradicts President Trump’s engagements to put an end to the régime changes which have characterised US imperial policy. It demonstrates that the international image of chaos in Venezuela is entirely fabricated and is an exclusive invention of Anglo-Saxon propaganda.

The United States and their allies are preparing in silence a brutal plan to « put an end to the dictatorship » in Venezuela. This « Master Stroke », which is already well under way, will see its first instalment become operational before the next elections, and, if they are unable to eliminate President Nicolás Maduro during the offensive, which will be accompanied by the total machinery of propaganda, the medias, and certain acts of violence « for the defence of democracy», then Plan B is ready, and will implicate several countries, in order to impose a « multilateral force » for military intervention.

Panama, Colombia, Brazil and Guyana will play a key role, with the support of Argentina and other « friends », under the control of the Pentagon. Neighbouring countries will provide bases for the combat forces, and direct support, including hospitals and stocks of supplies for the soldiers – everything is ready.

All this is set out in an 11-page document which bears the signature of Admiral Kurt Walter Tidd, the current Commander-in-Chief of US SouthCom, but has not yet been made public [1].

The document analyses the current situation and validates a war of counter-insurgency against Venezuela, supported by the paraphernalia of psychological warfare, revealing the use of persecution, harassment, belittlement, and lies used as means to get rid not only of the popular leaders, but also the People as such.

The report affirms that « the Venezuelan Chavista dictatorship staggers as a result of its frequent internal problems, there is a great shortage of foodstuffs, an exhaustion of the sources of foreign currency and a rampant corruption. The international support, won with petrodollars, becomes scarcer each time and the purchasing power of its national currency is in a constant downfall ».

They admit having created this situation out of whole cloth, with shocking impunity, and consider that it will not change. They justify their actions by claiming that the Venezuelan government will take new « populist » measures in order to stay in power.

We may be amazed at the treatment reserved for the opposition, which is manipulated, advised and paid for by the United States, because in the report we read that « Maduro’s corrupt regimen will collapse but regrettably, the divided opposing forces, legitimate defenders of democracy and the well-being of their people, do note have power enough to put an end to the Venezuelan nightmare », because of their internal quarrels, and a « corruption similar to that of their rivals; as well as the scarcity of rooting, do not grant them the opportunity to make the most of this situation and to give the necessary step to overturn the state of penury and precariousness in which the pressure group, that exercices the leftist dictatorship has submerged the country ».

They consider that we are facing « unprecedented criminal action in Latin America », although the government of Venezuela has never acted against its neighbours, but rather demonstrates intense solidarity, at both the regional and international level. The US plan claims that « democracy spreads out in America, continent in which radical populism was intended to take over ». Argentina, Ecuador and Brazil are given as examples of this. « This rebirth of democracy has the support of the most valuable determinations, and the conditions in the region run in its favour. It is the time for the Unites States to prove, with concrete actions, that they are implicated in that process, where overthrowing Venezuelan Dictatorship will surely mean a continental turning point ».

They are also pushing US President Donald Trump to act, on the grounds that « It is the first opportunity of the Trump Administration to bring forward its vision in reference to security and democracy. Showing its active commiment is crucial, not only for the administration, but also for the continent and the world. The time has come to act ».

This implies – apart from the definitive eradication of Chavism and the expulsion of his representative – working to « encourage popular dissatisfaction, by increasing scarcity and rise in price » in order to make the rejection of the current dictator irreversible.

If we should seek to understand the art of counter-insurgent perversion, it would suffice to read the part of the document which recommends « to besiege [President Maduro], ridicule him and to pose him as symbol of awkwardness and incompetence. To expose him as a puppet of Cuba ».

The document also suggests exacerbating the divisions between certain members of the group in power, by underlining the differences in the quality of life of the population compared with that of their leaders, and making sure that these differences are amplified.

The idea consists of carrying out lightning operations, in the same way that Mauricio Macri in Argentina and Michel Temer in Brazil had taken certain measures in their own countries. These two valets obey the orders of Washington, and are both corrupt, but now, by imperial grace, they are presented as « examples of transparency » – within a matter of hours, they took measures to ensure the destruction of nation states with the precision of a missile strike.

The document, signed by the head of SouthCom, demands that Maduro’s government be made unbearable, in order to force him to hesitate, negotiate or flee. This plan, which is intended to get rid of the alleged dictatorship of Venezuela in short notice, calls for an « increase the internal instability to a critical level, by intensifying the undercapitalization of the country, the leaking out of foreign currency and the deterioration of its monetary base, bringing about the application of new inflationnary measures ».

Another objective – « fully obstructing imports, and at the same time discouraging potential foreign investors in order to make more critical the situation for the population ».

We may also find in this 11-page plan « appealing to domestic alllies as well as other people inserted from abroad in the national scenario in order to generate protests, riots and insecurity, plunders, thefts, assaults and highjacking of vessels as well as other means of transportation with the intention of deserting this country in crisis through all borderlands and other possible ways, jeopardizing in such a way the National Security of neighbouring frontier nations ». It would also be useful to create « victims » and accuse the leaders for this by magnifying the dimensions of the humanitarian crisis before the eyes of the whole world – for that, it will be necessary to deal in lies, and talk of generalised corruption amongst the leaders and link the government to narco-trafficking in order to dirty its image not only on the internal level, but in the eyes of international opinion – without forgetting to « promote fatigue inside the members of the PSUV [Unified Socialist Party], inciting the annoyance and nonconformity among themselves, for them to break noisily away from the line of the Governement, for them to refuse the measures and restrictions which also affect them […] making it as weak as the opposition is. Creating frictions between the PSUV and “Somos Venezuela” ».

That’s not all. It is also necessary to structure « a plan to get the profuse desertion of the most qualified professionnals from the country, in order to “to leave it with no professionnals at all”, which will aggravate even more the internal situation and along these lines putting the blame on of Government ».

Military interference

JPEG – 13.3 kb

Just like in a suspense novel, the document calls for « using the army officers as an alternative for a definitive solution » and « continuing hardening the conditions inside the Armes Forces to carry out a coup d’état before concluding 2018, if the crisis does not make the dictatorship to collapse and the dictator does not decide to move aside ».

Considering that all of the above may not succeed, and with outright contempt for the Venezuelan opposition, the plan suggests « continuing setting fire to the common frontier with Colombia. Multiplying the traffic of fuel and other goods. The movement of paramilitaries, armed raids and drug trafficking. Provoked armed incidents with the Venezuelan frontier security forces » and besides this, to « recruit paramilitaries mainly in the campsites of refugees in Cúcuta, La Guajira and the north of Santander, areas largely populated by Colombian citizens who emigrated to Venezuela and now return, run away from the regimen to intensify the destabilizing activities in the common frontier between both countries. Making use of the empty space left by the FARC, the belligerency of the ELN and the activities in the area of the Gulf cartel ».

And here is the template for the final blow – « to prepare the involvment of allied forces in support the Venezuelan army officiers or to control the internal crisis in the event they delay too much in taking the initiative. Establishing a speedy time line that prevents the Dictator to continue winning control on the international scenario. If it is necessary, act before the elections stipulated for next April ».

In fact, these elections will be held on 20 May, and the United States and their associates refuse in advance to recognise the result. The crux of the matter is « to get the support of the cooperation of the allied authorities of friendly countries (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Panama and Guyana); to organise the provisionning, relief of troops, medical and logistic support from Panama. Making good use of the facilities of electronic surveillance and signals intelligence, the hospitals and its deployed endowments in Darien [in the Panamanian jungle], the quipped airdromes for the Colombian Plan, as well as the landing fields of the old-time military bases of Howard and Albrook [Pananma], as well as the one belonging to “Rio Hato” in addition, the Humanitarian Regional Center of the United Nations, designed for situations of catastrophes and humanitarian emergency, which has an aerial landing field and its own warehouse ».

We are faced with the setting up of an intervention which includes « the basification of combat airplanes and choppers, armored conveyances, intelligence positions and specail military and logistics units (police, and military district attorneys and prisons) ». […] It will be necessary to « develop the military operation under international flag, patronized by the Conference of American Armies, under the protection of the OAS and the supervision, in the legal and media context, of the General Secretary, Luis Almagro ». lt will also be necessary to « declare the necessity that the continental commandement be strengthened to act, using the instrument of the Inter-American Democratic Charter, in order to avoid the democratic rupture », and above all it will be necessary to « bind Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Panama to the contribution of greater number of troops, to make use of their geographic proximity and experience in operations in forest regions. Strenghtening their international condition with the presence of combat units from the United States of America and the other named countries, under the command of a Joint General Staff led by the USA ».

One is astounded by the impunity in which all this is being plotted, behind the backs of the People, in absolute illegality, revealing as it does the reasons for recent US military manoeuvres at the border between Brazil and Venezuela (Brazil, Peru, Colombia), and in the South Atlantic (United States, Chile, United Kingdom, Argentina) – in the case of Argentina, these plans have been progressing since October-November 2017 without the slightest authorisation of the National Congress.

« Use the facilities of the Panamanian territory for the rear guard and the capacities of Argentina for the securing of the ports and the maritime positions,

– Lean on Brazil and Guyana to make use of the migratory situation that we intend to encourage in the border with Guyana.

– Coordinate the support to Colombia, Brazil, Guyana, in Aruba, Curaçao, Trinidad and Tobago, and other States, in front of the flow of Venezuelan immigrants in the event of the crisis ».

It is also planned to favour international participation in this effort, as part of the multilateral operation with the contribution of states and non-governmental and international organisations, and furnish whatever is necessary in terms of logistics and intelligence – it will also be necessary to « anticipate, specialy, the most vulnerable points of Aruba, Puerto Carreño, Inirida, Maicao, Barranquilla and Sincelejo in Colombia, as well as Roraima, Manaos and Boavista in Brazil ». So here we have laid out before us the map of an announced war of intervention.

Strategic Information

As far as the strategic perspective is concerned, it will be necessary to « silence the symbolic presence of Chavez-representative of unit and popular support » while pursuing the harassing of the dictator « as the only responsible, in the first place, for the prevaling crisis due to his inability to find the way out that the Venezuelans are in need of » as well as his closest executives, who will be blamed for the crisis and the impossibility of recovery.

In another paragraph, the text calls for the intensification of « the denouncement toward Maduro’s regimem, […] high-lighting the incompetence of the mechanisms of integration created by the regimens of Cuba and Venezuela, specialy the ALBA [Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America] and Petrocaribe ».

As far as the medias are concerned, the plan drawn up by the United States calls for an increase in the broadcasting, inside the country, by local media and foreign media, of invented messages based on witness reports and publications from the country itself, making use of all means of dissemination, including the social networks, of messages « claming, though the mas media, the need to put an end to this situation because of its unsustainable essence ».

In one of the last paragraphs of the document, there is mention of claiming or showing the use of violent means by the dictatorship, in order to gain international support, by using « all the capacities of the psychological war of the US ARMY ».

In other words, this means setting up the same scenarios based on lies, news montages, falsified photos and videos, everything that was used during the colonial wars of the 16th century.

Another question, « The United States should entirely back up the OAS, strenghtening the image of the OAS and offer multilateral institutions of the inter-American system, as instruments for the solution to regional problems. Promoting the respect of the dispatch of the UNO military force for the imposition of peace, only Nicolas Maduro’s corrupt dictatorship is defeated ».

Stella Calloni


Pete Kimberley

[1] “Plan to overthrow the Venezuelan Dictatorship – “Masterstroke””, by Kurt W. Tidd, Voltaire Network, 23 February 2018.


OPCW has lost any credibility. It is US shill.


As one could expect, the given result of this group is totally confuse such that one can think whatever we want. Totally lack of oprofesisonalism. Russia must stop playing western games.

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