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Only Next Term That Trump Could Get After Iranian Strikes Is Jail Term


Only Next Term That Trump Could Get After Iranian Strikes Is Jail Term

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At 11 a.m. ET, US President Donald Trump is set to deliver an adress on the current state of the US-Iranian conflict and how Washington is plainning to respond to the January 8 missiles strikes on its military bases in Iraq by Iran.

The initial reaction of the Pentagon and the timeframe that the Trump administration needed to prepare to an official adress demonstrates the deep crsisis within the US military political leadership.

The fact that actions of the Trump administration in the Middle East led to the situation when US military bases came under a missile attack is unprecedented itself. Even if there were no US casualties (as the Pentagon claimed), the US appeared in a very complicated situation. The US public image as the superpower is undermined.

Taking into account the difference in the historical period and the international situation, such an incident had not happened to the US forces since the attack on Pearl Harbor (1941).

The Trump administration is currently cornered by its own decisions. The assassination of Iranian general Qassem Suleimani and other Iranian and Iraqi commanders in Iraq’s Baghdad was an act of the state terror against Iran and Iraq. The Iranian leadership cannot ignore it and strike on US military facilities became a logical step in response to the US action.

Now, the Trump administration has to react and all reactions will lead to negative consequences. If Trump orders a miltiary action against Iran, he will become the President that started another war that led to multiple casualties. If Trump accepts the “slap in the face” from Iran and claims that ‘the Iranian strike delivered no damage, so we will not answer by military measures’, he will kill his political career.

This is the apparent failure of the US foreign policy towards Iran and in the Middle East in general and a notable blow to the US as the global power.




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