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Ongoing Negotiations In Idlib To Dissolve Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham – Report

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Ongoing Negotiations In Idlib To Dissolve Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham – Report

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Al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its so-called Salvation Government in Greater Idlib could be soon dissolved as a part of a Russian-Turkish agreement, the Syrian al-Watan newspaper reported on September 1, citing opposition sources.

According to the sources, HTS is now involved in talks with the National Front for Liberation (NFL) with the mediation of Turkish-backed Faylaq al-Sham.

Al-Watan claimed that the new ceasefire in Greater Idlib was a second chance given by Russia to Turkey to achieve the term of dissolving HTS, which was agreed upon before.

“Dissolving al-Nusra [HTS’ original name] is one of the main condition in the ceasefire agreements, the two parties [Russia and Turkey] agreed upon,” the newspaper’s report reads.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin met with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tyyip Erdogan on August 28, where the two leaders agreed to continue their efforts to find a solution for the situation in Greater Idlib.

Al-Watan’s report is in line with information revealed earlier this week by Salah al-Hamui, a former HTS commander who is now one of the biggest opponents of the group.

So far, HTS has not commented on the new ceasefire agreement. The terrorist group’s leader Abu Mohammad al-Julani is an infamous hardliner, who rejected similar political solutions before.

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You can call me Al

I do not get it – dissolve HTS at your peril.When it is like the organised scum they are, at least you know where they are and they are altogether to eliminate.

Zionism = EVIL

Israel’s military sources confirmed that several anti-tank missiles were fired from Lebanon, scoring direct hits causing a number of casualties, with Israeli forces responding, Reuters reported.

“A number of anti-tank missiles were fired from Lebanon towards an(Israeli military) base and military vehicles,” an Israeli army statement said, adding, “A number of hits have been confirmed. (Israel’s military) is responding with fire towards the sources of fire and targets in southern Lebanon.”


Yes, and there are spots on the moon.

Zionism = EVIL

The Americunts have told their slave Turkeys to rebrand HTS terrorists with a different name so that Russian and Syrian airstrikes would stop and another ceasefire to rearm the devastated terrorists can be put in place. This is like ground hog day!

Zionism = EVIL

Breaking News….Hezbollah has just destroyed a Zionist Merkava tank killing at least 3 Zionist scum…

JERUSALEM/BEIRUT (Reuters) – Israel’s military said on Sunday anti-tank missiles from Lebanon targeted an army base and vehicles and that it responded with fire into southern Lebanon. Lebanon’s Hezbollah group said its fighters destroyed an Israeli military vehicle, killing or wounding those inside.


So uninteresting, so boring, so irrelevant.


In northern Aleppo a guerrilla war is going on against the turkish occupier, and who will have soon the full control of Idlib will be SAA.


U don’t see the big picture

Ishyrion Av

He sees nothing just the cow which exploded in Iraq killing civilians. His pals did it.

Xoli Xoli

Why didn’t that bloody cow ran into USA base and killed many Trump mercenaries.


one thing at the time – let SAA finish the Idlib offensive and then veer east and finish the yPG and the SFA and end the unhinged states of A’s presence in Syria. turkey will follow suit (as ordered by Putin) and join the SAA in clearing the ‘safe’ zone area from the kurds. once that is done and the oil revenues are going to Syria (and not israel directly or indirectly or at least not being the beneficiary of said revenues) the attack on israel can start. pls note that israel is cornered and not a friendly face to be seen, just a bunch of war-trained neighbours with an arsenal strong enough to turn israel’s iron dome to the iron dooooomkabooom and netanyahu will be on the first available flight to washington dc and the rest begging to be rescued by helicopters from the mount sinai. what a day, a sight to behold!

Xoli Xoli

Very relevant to hear Jesus the God killers Israel Zionist Jews are dying.Even devil him myself is fed up with Israel child killers and none stop attacker on neighbouring communities. Time to dissolve Israel army.


Looks like revenge for Israeli Airstrikes that killed Hesbo Commanders in Lebanon last week…


If by dissolving you mean rebranded into yet something else I doubt Russia will be pleased. It’s still Al Nusra, just its name has gone through more name changes then Prince. I doubt that Al Nusra will call it quits, disband the organization, demobilize its troops and scuttle its weaponry. Anything else is just a sham and we would all know it.

Zionism = EVIL

Forget the HTS arseholes, Zionist scum are getting fried …..Hezbollah has destroyed one Merkava confirmed and there are more direct hits at a tank park confirmed, I will be posting photos soon…


Fully right. We have seen this scenario before. They will rebrand and remain where and what they are. They might even, for a short time, become turkish vassals until the moment they think they do not need the protection and arms anymore.


Yes, I think HTS will just reform in a new 3-letter hobby club taken out of the Turkish alphabet soup. Hopefully the Russians will see right thru it and kick off their campaign again…

Xoli Xoli

Sounds like different name same terrorist or headchoppers.


You are very right but according to the previous agreement in which Russia and Turkey promised to work within, HTS would dissolve and the jihadis would join the NFL and other Turkish backed groups. This would happen because if HTS dissolves (not change name but litterally dissolves and join under NFL or other group), the HTS leadership would not have any power or influence and Turkey would be the main party of the negotiations. However, I doubt HTS leaders would accept this.


More like a shift from Puff Diddy through P. Diddy to Diddy!


Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) doesn’t dissolve like suggar in coffee ! They will magically transform into pro-turkish militants. Another trick of Erdogan.

Icarus Tanović

Trick or not, Idlib must be part of Syria and Syrian government controled part. You think they can blackmail Syria, or Russia again and again…think twice.


Just as Free Syrian Army transforms into Al Qaeda by night and in a split second becomes the White Helmets by day!

Saddam Hussein

We cant trust Turkey in this.


In this, in that, in these and in those.


Like always.


So..…., they will do the same under different name. Exterminate all of them


what’s in a name


This was not mentioned before on the first “intelligent” Russia-Turkey agreement. Press always talked about moving out of Idlib heavy weapons ant that all. Now, they are telling us that the main objective was to dissolve Al-Qaeda (let us call them by they real name). Turkey (NATO member), instead of dissolving Al-Qaeda, gave them weapons, a tactica support to attack SAA and Russia air basis…..WOW ! Now, go back with the same “intelligent” deal with Turkey…..guess what is going to happen ? of course my friend, the same thing, Turkey will continue supporting terrorists, but maybe with small modification. Al-Qaedaa will continue its attacks to SAA and Russia air basis. Meanwhile NATO is getting more RUssia tecnology (S_400, Su-57).


This would be in line with previous deconfliction agreements. Where territory is recovered without having to clear it by force.

This will also free up Turkish resources for clearing the Zionist Kurd regime change terrorists out of northern Syria along the Turkish border. Which will provide the Kurd traitors incentive to reconcile with the Syrian government rather than deal with a Turkish invasion.

And now that the Turks have the S-400s. It’s unlikely that the US will attack Turkish forces with airstrikes. The Mossad infested US needs to be removed from both Syria and Iraq.

Winding the Syria war down frees up Syria, Turkey, Iran, Russia and Hezbollah to help form a regional coalition with other regional governments, including Israel’s neighbors. To clear the IDF and Israeli government out of the occupied territories.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

So that’s less than half the terrorists accounted for, what about all the rest. HTS,10 to 15,000, way less now I’m assuming due to constant bombardment, Al Nusra, 20,000, way less now too, But what about the other 40,000+ terrorists that make up the FSA and NFL in Idlib, as well as a few other smaller groups, they’ve been attacking both the Russians and the Syrians too, they should’ve been included in the proposal to dissolve the groups. And what about Erdogan’s other army stationed in eastern Aleppo, that’s at least another 30,000 terrorists too that should’ve also been included, they bomb SAA held territory all the time, despite the fact the Russians and Turks co-patrol the area. And they also continually threaten to invade US held territory, which is still Assad’s sovereign territory legally, so they have no right to do that either, which makes them guilty of threatening hostile actions, and because of it should’ve also been included in the dissolvement process talks. Unfortunately this is perhaps just enough to stop the refugees heading north in huge numbers, they’ll still head north but not in the numbers Assad would have been hoping for, only just enough to give Erdogan a splitting migraine. But all it’ll take is for the SAA to break the ceasefire and to continue retaking towns and that flood will recommence instantly, and from what I’ve read so far [only opposition sites], the SAA hasn’t stopped shelling the rebels at all, they claim the SAA has been sporadically shelling them since the ceasefire was imposed, as well as a few reports of SAAF airstrikes too. The deal sounds bad already, hopefully Assad takes this new agreement to the toilet next time he has to go, and uses the new agreement to wipe his butt. “what’s that president Erdogan, did you just ask us why we broke the ceasefire, oh no you’ve got it all wrong, you’re boys broke the ceasefire first, we were just responding to them breaking it first”, – “you Syrians are all liars”, – “no we’re telling you the truth honestly, don’t think for a second that just because you’re boys have broken every single ceasefire for the last 4 months that we’re about to start doing the same thing, we wouldn’t do something like that, LOL”. F–K the ceasefire, push those terrorists and their families north, keep them moving like herds of cattle right up to the Turkish slaughterhouse’s at the border, let Erdogan show them all just how much he wants to help them. I can imagine his popularity at home is plummeting even more now, shooting at desperate refugees is never a good look, but on the good side it actually shows the whole world exactly what type of leader Erdogan is, as well as all the Muslim Brotherhood followers. They’ll all be paying particular attention to the way Erdogan’s now rewarding his faithful followers, and they’ll also know just exactly what to expect when and if things go wrong in the future. But countries like Jordan, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, will all be happy about it though, this is the best news they could get, so I wonder if it was on their prompting the US delivered that death blow to Erdogan’s dreams, hitting a meeting of rebel/terrorist leaders is not a good sign to the refugees, it’s actually a sign that tells them all hope is lost, and not very helpful to Erdogan’s cause, and as I’ve said before, the best thing the US or anyone else could do to help Assad’s cause. So why isn’t the MSM or anybody else for that matter, talking about the big favour Trump just did for Assad, and the big diservice he also did to Erdogan at the same time, by bombing all those terrorist leaders I dare anyone to think of something more helpful to Assad and more harmful to Erdogan that the US could possibly do, I can’t, and don’t say just pull out of Syria, I could say that too.


How much dope did you smoke before you wrote this?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

If I rolled you up in a joint Richard I’d be more stoned than I’ve ever been, you’d give new meaning to the term smoking dope, we’d have to rename it smoking some RichardD. Go link some of your experts articles to try and convince me you know everything there is to know and no one else knows anything. And what was that last BS article you linked me from some totally biased opposition site, that you then tried to fob off as an accident when I pointed it out, or are you going to misread another article and totally misunderstand it, “Iran, new Russian navigation systems”, and then parrot it off for any poor stupid mug to believe, LOL. Leave me alone Richard, you drive me insane, you should’ve learnt your lesson by now, you lost your right to respond to my comments long ago.


You didn’t answer the question.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

because I don’t want to :]

Xoli Xoli

Erdogan will never dissolve HTS he will convert and integrate them in terrorist FSA.FSA is a biggers threat to SAA and Syrian safety and integrity just as YPG and PKK is threat to Erdogan.Time to cut off Erdogans dig and the whole terrorist will dissapear with fake news and white helmets.

Icarus Tanović

How many times they will change the names? Idlib must be part of Syria, it doesn’t matter if turks gonna like it or not.


Dissolving HTS would be a great moment. No doubt some of the hardliners will sign up with another terrorist organisation, but it will give a chance for some of the members to put down arms and terminate all “contracts” or vows or whatever they have with HTS. Even if this was just 15% of the manpower it’d be definitely worth it. We have reached a tipping point.


The next operation :cheat and renaming the Turkish terror organisations. So far they called Islamic State, Daesh, Nursa, al Qaida, al Sham , etc………. now they put the basterds on top of a moderate organisation Turkey previously forced to join Al Sham and the joke can be performed again. So Erdogan stays friendly, Putin saves his face only Syria can continiue to suffer.

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